Most Compact Golf Trolleys

In this guide we take a look at some of the most compact golf trolleys currently on the market.


In this guide we take a look at some of the most compact golf trolleys currently on the market.

Most Compact Golf Trolleys

A recent trend in golf is that golf trolley manufacturers have sought to make the most compact golf trolleys on the market.

These models can be folded up and down quickly and efficiently, whilst making sure they produce the smallest footprint possible to save space in the car, garage or wherever you keep your golf equipment. What is incredible is technology has come so far that even the best electric golf trolleys can be folded down to next to nothing.

As such, compactness, along other factors like durability, features and ease of use, has become a crucial component to think about when buying a golf trolley of any kind, whether it be electric, a push model or one with a remote.

Below we have taken a look at some of the most compact trolleys out right now so that if space is at a premium in your house or car, you can still get a powerful, user-friendly trolley with lots of features.

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Most Compact Golf Trolleys - Lightweight Golf Trolley

Motocaddy M5 GPS Trolley

Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Trolley Review

+ Folds down compactly and quickly + Distances displayed on a crystal clear touch screen + Ability to move the pin position enhances strategy - Some hazard acronyms are confusing - Folding latches are quite stiff

A model that is unquestionably one of the best golf carts out there, the M5 GPS folds down very compactly, assisted by the ability to invert the wheels and the front wheel automatically folding underneath.

The assembly process requires two latches to be undone, and while they are quite stiff, with practice the trolley can be erected in under five seconds. To go along with this the trolley has a host of other features to it including large touch screen screen and a long battery life. On the large colour touch screen, you can access front, middle and back distances, the hole par, a list of hazards and move the pin position for greater accuracy.

All of the M-Series models share the same compact folding frame design, so you get the same benefits on the M1 and M3 GPS too.

PowaKaddy CT6 GPS Trolley


+ Stylish and folds down easily and compactly, leaving plenty of room for your clubs in your car + Features soon become easy to navigate - Doesn't accommodate stand bags overly well.

For golfers short on space but who still want in-built GPS functionality, the CT6 GPS provides an ideal solution. The simplicity of the folding process will surprise you. It uses one-click mechanism used to collapse the frame but with the added step of folding the front wheel under to make it take up less space.

The screen is more readable and graphics have been freshened up to make them more cutting edge and create a more premium feel overall, although some might have preferred the middle distance to have remained larger in the display.

The space that the CT6 GPS saves, with its ability to invert the wheels, is truly game changing if your car boot lacks storage room. We’ve found it provides ample space for your clubs, shoes and other bits and pieces with room to spare while also being quick and simple to erect when you arrive at the course.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Trolley

Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Trolley Unveiled

+ Genuine hands-free functionality unique to the market + Easy to assemble and operate + Battery lasts for 36 holes, even on hilly courses - Still quite heavy to lift.

The Q Follow can follow you around the course at your walking pace from a safe distance thanks to the unique functionality built into the Bluetooth handset.

A completely new frame design, which has a unique marble-effect finish, allows it to fold down much more compactly while an integrated carry handle makes it easier to lift into your car.

There’s also a new retractable stabiliser comprising two wheels, which automatically deploys as the trolley is unfolded.

PowaKaddy CT6 Trolley


+ Stylish and folds down easily and compactly + Simple to get from point A to B with no fuss - No GPS functionality included

This electric trolley might not offer the GPS functionality of the sister model CT6 GPS, but it still offers the compact folding frame essential for golfers short on space in their car boot or place of storage at home.

The trolley is so simple to erect, using the yellow buttons in two swift movements, and the colour display has information like your speed and battery level.

Inverting the wheels means the footprint of this trolley is tiny for an electric option, making it one of the best value compact folding electric trolleys around.

Big Max Ti Lite Push Cart

Big Max Ti Lite Push Cart - Best Golf Push Carts

+ Lightweight yet surprisingly sturdy and robust + Glides around the course requiring minimal effort – Doesn’t fold down overly flat or compactly

The clue is in the name here; Ti Lite. This compact, lightweight construction weighs just over 11 pounds which means any person could use it with ease. It has good usability too thanks to the premium organiser panel with ample storage net for accessories, foot brake and height adjustable handle.

The wheels are incredibly smooth too, which means that even when you’re pushing it up hills it really doesn’t feel stressful at all. The folding system takes a while to get used to, but it folds down compactly for easy storage and the wheels are easy to remove from the frame if you need to.

It’s the perfect push cart if you want a minimalist, reliable option that will turn heads for the right reasons.

Jucad Drive SL Travel 2.0 Ex Trolley

Jucad Electric Trolley Review

+ Elegant, minimalist styling and clever, robust frame design + Fairly easy to assemble, transport and store in small spaces - Expensive. Lacks stability in remote mode.

In terms of the rest of the trolleys on this list, where this trolley sets itself apart is the design of the frame – both in terms of how it is assembled and where the electronics are housed.

The trolley frame and component parts break down into multiple parts, which means it takes up less space in transit than most other trolleys and the pieces can be moved around to cater for the space available. It also gives golfers the option to pack the various parts in a golf travel bag to be taken abroad to use as the trolley and battery together weighs just 7.2kg.

During testing we found the remote function worked very well indeed which meant we had to include it in our guide on the best remote control golf trolleys as well.

Go Kart Mark 2

+ Cutting edge aesthetic + Convenient folding system - Manoeuvrability not as good as other models

Featuring a unique and 'outside the box' design, the Go Kart Mark 2 is a worthy inclusion on this list of the most compact golf trolleys because it can be folded into a very small size which makes it very convenient indeed. The auto-lock is also a nice feature as the mechanism just clicks into place without any faff whatsoever.

Big Max Blade IP Push Trolley

+ A very well made, sturdy and lightweight push trolley + The compact size when folded down makes it incredibly easy to store and transport - The front wheel can be fiddly to unlock

Given the image above, we think this model deserves inclusion on the most compact golf trolleys. The first thing you notice about the Blade IP is how small it is when folded down – it really can slide into the smallest of spaces. When fully assembled, it doesn’t disappoint either. It is lightweight and surprisingly smooth and sturdy with its user-friendly handle, making it easy to push up gentle hills without excessive strain.

We also like the fact it can easily cater for different types of bags and the foot brake keeps it stationary on the steepest of slopes when playing a shot.

MGI Zip Navigator Remote Electric Trolley

MGI Zip Navigator Remote Electric Trolley Review

(Image credit: MGI)

+ Folds down relatively compactly + Stable and easy to navigate – Size and weight makes it awkward getting it in and out of the car.

The Zip Navigator is very stable across all terrain and we quickly grew confident that, whatever part of the golf course we sent it scurrying across, we’d arrive next to our ball with our trolley and bag waiting.

The excellent stability is in part thanks to the rear 4th wheel which keeps the trolley from tipping backwards if it goes up a steep incline. It also features downhill speed control – a feature that stops it going too quickly down steep hills – which adds to the confident stability of the trolley.

The remote has a ‘lock’ button that stops any buttons being unwillingly pressed while in your pocket and you can invert the wheels when folding it down to save on storage space. All in all, it’s a very well rounded offering at a competitive price.

CaddyTek CaddyCruiser One Tour

Compact Golf Trolleys

+ Incredible folding mechanism + Feature packed - Not the most stylish trolley on this list

Featuring CaddyTek's revolutionary one-click folding mechanism, this 4-wheel model collapses down to a beautifully flat finish which makes it perfect for those needing a trolley that doesn't take up a lot of space. Not only that but it has a nifty umbrella holder and a built-in cooler too so in terms of features this model is right up there.

Cube Golf 3.0 Push Trolley

+ Small folded footprint + Robust and light construction - May struggle to accomodate a large cart bag

This trolley ticks a lot of boxes. Of course it's inclusion on this list means it folds away easily and in a compact manner, but not only that it is lightweight with robustness as shown by the strong parking brake which keeps the trolley and bag well in place.

Motocaddy Cube Push Trolley

Compact Golf Trolleys

+ Compact and light while folded and simple to unfold + Easy to push even on hilly courses and provides ample storage - Lightweight design means you have to be a little careful on side slopes

During testing the first thing we noticed about the Motocaddy Cube was how compact it is when folded up. It’s also very light at just 6.8kg and has a well-placed carry handle that makes it easy for anyone to carry when it’s folded up.

From there, it is quick and easy to unfold. It is a process that only requires a couple of button clicks and movements, and once you've done it once, it becomes second nature to the point you'll be unfolding and folding it in seconds.

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