Best Valentine’s Gifts For Golfers

We choose the best Valentine’s gifts for golfers if you're struggling for ideas on this special day

Best Valentine’s Gifts For Golfers
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Best Valentine’s Gifts For Golfers

What are the best Valentine’s gifts for golfers – are they something that says boldly 'I Love You' or something that the recipient would really use and like yet would be reluctant to justify buying for themselves? Well, whichever it is, we have some suggestions for you.

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If you are not a golfer yourself, buying for a golfer can be sometimes a bit daunting, we realise that, That is why we have put together a guide, What To Consider When Buying A Golf Present to help.

Personalized Golf Ball Marker

(Image credit: Sierra Metal Design )

Personalized Golf Ball Marker

This Stainless Steel Golf Ball Marker and Magnetic Hat Clip set is handmade in the USA by Sierra Metal Design from hypoallergenic stainless steel. The name on the front of the ball marker can be personalised (just in case the love of your life is not called Ashley); and, even better, on the back of the ball marker is space for a personal message.

Valentines Day Golf Lover Gifts Coffee Sampler Set

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Valentines Day Golf Lover Gifts Coffee Sampler Set

This gift box set comes with five different Arabica Ground Coffees. Each 1.5 oz pouch of ground coffee makes 8-10 cups of coffee. The coffees all have golf-inspired names: Best by Par (Highlander Grog); Kiss My Putt (Kentucky Bourbon); Talk Birdie to Me (Dark Roast) Life is Rough (Costa Rican) and Par Tee Time (Jamaican Me Loco).

PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer

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Quite simply one of the best and most enjoyable putting aids out there right now. Its best use is to help with pace control and finding the 'perfect putt' is a great way to focus your practice and keep it entertaining. It uses the exact same scientifically shaped parabolic ramp as the old trainer, but is made of a sturdier matte plastic and feels together more premium than the old version.

This parabolic ramp means that the each putt made is returned to the player at the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it missed. It's the same principle as the original trainer and it is fantastic for working on your pace. Far too many golfers leave putts short and never give the chance for the ball to drop. Regularly using the PuttOut Premium Trainer should give you the confidence to start knocking the ball past the hole more often. Alternatively, read our reviews on the PuttOut Mirror Trainer With Gate or the PuttOut Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set.

Chocolate Golf Balls

(Image credit: Martin’s Chocolatier )

Martins Chocolatier Chocolate Golf Balls

Chocolates are a traditional and ever-popular gift to give. They also seem a particularly appropriate gift when celebrating the Christian feast day honouring Saint Valentine. We have chosen these ones over some other excellent golf-themed chocolates out there, simply because these chocolates themselves have been made to look like the golf ball; other makes are often chocolate rounds in a golf-ball wrapper. These smooth creamy chocolates with a hazelnut filling are made by Martin's Chocolatier.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

(Image credit: Future)

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a well-made training aid, cleverly designed with lines and checkpoints for honing both the consistency of your stroke and your start lines. With the February weather often not that inviting to venture out into, this mat is a simple way to practise golf indoors.

Titleist Trufeel 2022 Golf Ball

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The Titlest TruFeel 2022 golf ball is ideal for casual golfers who want a soft, value for money golf ball with decent level of control around the greens. The control around the green was decent with chips and probably better than most in the soft ball sector.

You can get the Titleist TruFeel 2022 golf ball in white and high optic yellow now, with a matte red version due in store from October 2022. The 2022 version also features the red line alignment aid in the sidestamp which carries over from the 2020 ball. It has been one of the most popular sidestamp designs on Titleist’s custom ball service and is one of the better ones out there for keeping you lined up.

I Love You More Than You Love Golf Keychain

(Image credit: DiiZii )

DiiZii I Love You More Than You Love Golf Keychain

This is a simple, clear message to send to a fanatical golfer who holds the key to your heart. Made from stainless steel, the pendant is 3cm in diameter. It is lead free and nickel free and is presented in its own velvet bag.

Ping Ladies Colette Vest

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This makes an ideal present as the cut of the Ping Ladies Colette vest is feminine and flattering: it comes in slightly at the waist and sits nicely over the hips. The garment is also extremely comfortable. Its reversible pattern – blue paisley on one side, a bold firebrick colour on t’other – gives it a happy flexibility when looking to coordinate an outfit.

Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch

(Image credit: Garmin)

The Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch is one of the most comprehensive, cutting-edge GPS watches around. Not only does it help to navigate around a course, it also offers a Virtual Caddie. If you tell the watch what club you hit after each shot, then after only five rounds the Virtual Caddie will start suggesting which club to play for upcoming shots. This may be a bit gimmicky, and is not allowed in competition play, but one feature which does appeal to us, is the Pin Pointer feature whereby the an arrow on the watch face points to the centre of the green – handy on unfamiliar courses and blind shots.

Adidas Go-To Crewneck Sweater

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The Go-To Crewneck Sweatshirt is soft and quick-drying, and is made with a soft knit. This jumper is comfortable and is equally at home worn on or off the golf course, making it one of the best golf jumpers on the market.

Valentine Variety Golf Ball Gift Set

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EnjoyLife Inc Valentine Variety Golf Ball Gift Set

This is a fun and different way to ask someone to be your valentine. One could even say its a ballsy way to do it. But if you prefer something a bit more low key, maybe check out the TaylorMade TP5x Personalised Golf Balls which allow you to have your own message printed on them. 

galvin green maddox polo

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The Galvin Green Maddox polo shirt impressed me in terms of the premium construction and overall performance. It’s breathable, comfortable and provides total swing freedom thanks to the stretch fabric. While I wasn’t sold on the design of this particular garment, there’s no doubt Galvin Green is still right at the top of its game when it comes to quality golf attire.