We highlight some of the best golf shoes for walking out there right now

Best Golf Shoes For Walking

There are several factors to consider when trying to find the best golf shoes for walking currently on the market.

First, when it comes to the best golf shoes in this aspect of the game, comfort is key. A shoe that is comfortable to walk in feels great and makes it less likely that we get painful blisters on our feet which can ruin the entire golfing experience.

Adding to that, breathability and lightness are also two important factors especially if you are the type of golfer who walks more than one round in a day, or wants a pair of golf shoes that are versatile enough to use both on and off the golf course.

You should also consider what waterproofing a shoe has, and from a fashion sense point of view, what they look like. After all, if you are going to be wearing them all day, you want something that looks good when you look down, and not distract you from your next golf shot.

Bearing these factors in mind, we have taken a look at some of our favourite golf shoes to walk in below.

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Best Golf Shoes For Walking

Under Armour HOVR Forge RC SL Shoes

+ Excellent HOVR cushioning
+ Sole provides good grip
– Only a couple of colours to choose from

Sizes: 6.5-13
Colours: 2 (Black and Grey)

Another in Under Armour’s line of HOVR shoes, the Forge RC SL unquestionably fits into the comfortable category of golf shoe thanks to the HOVR cushioning, which supports the natural motion of the foot and provides a soft underfoot feel.

Additionally, the HOVR foam, which moulds to your foot thanks to a compression mesh, delivers explosive energy return during the swing. We love the low profile feel and the soft feeling underfoot stays the same, round after round. It provides a spring in your step when walking while also helping you stay grounded for longer during the swing.

As far as grip and stability goes, the shoe coped well with uneven lies primarily because of the Rotational Resistance outsole.

We also really like the modern and cutting-edge aesthetics.

Under Armour HOVR Forge RC SL Shoe Review

FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoes

+ All-day comfort
+ Extremely versatile shoe
– Textured upper so difficult to clean

Sizes: 6-12
Colours: 2 BOA (Black, Grey/Red); 2 laced (Grey/Blue, Blue/White)

The new HyperFlex shoe has quickly become not just one of the best FootJoy golf shoes out there, but one of the best on the market in any category.

Underfoot it feels really soft, making it a very pleasant shoe for walking 18 holes and beyond and there’s more than enough grip on offer thanks to seven specifically placed spikes. The Wrapid fastening system in the BOA model completely eliminates pressure points for excellent fit, while there is also a laced model for those who take a more traditional approach.

We tested the BOA option and FootJoy has done a pretty good job at concealing the mechanism and the laces.

When we turned the dial we noticed the feeling of even pressure across the foot instantly. In other shoe tests we found when laces are tied the top of the shoe remains tight but the front of the shoe is loose, but with the HyperFlex it felt pleasantly spread out.

Finally the looks are very modern and almost trainer-like which we definitely are a fan of.

FootJoy HyperFlex Shoe Review

Adidas CodeChaos Shoes

+ Super comfy
+ Lots of performance for the price
– Some sections are difficult to clean

Sizes: 6.5-11
Colours: 5 (Black, Cloud White/Green, Cloud White/Grey, Grey, Cloud White/Orange)

With a set of colours and a design that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd, the CodeChaos shoe from adidas caused quite the stir when it was unveiled. And yet despite the outlandish design, it is one of the best adidas golf shoes you can buy because the performance really does stack up to other premium golf shoes.

Golfers will really enjoy the soft, spongy feeling underfoot when you first slip the shoe on and whilst walking because it definitely has a trainer-like fit and feel to it. During testing we couldn’t fault the grip on offer either – it provided a slip-free platform from which to swing on a variety of different lies and the wet ground conditions didn’t seem to make a difference.

adidas CodeChaos Shoes Review

Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes

+ Stylish and supremely comfortable
+ Grippy and waterproof
– Softer feeling models underfoot

Sizes: 6.5-12.5
Colours: 4 (Black, White, Grey, White/Concrete)

Ecco is well known for producing comfortable golf shoes, and the Biom Hybrid 4 is no different. In fact, since its release, it’s quickly becoming one of our favourites and is definitely among the best spikeless golf shoes available right not.

The comfort comes from the Fluidform Technology which promotes a process by where specialised fluid materials form around the foot to deliver an unparalleled balance of cushioning and rebound. There is plenty of rom upfront which aids comfort by giving your toes plenty of manoeuvrability, whilst the back section feels locked in. This is important for grip and stability.

It isn’t the softest feeling spikeless shoe underfoot, but sometimes you don’t want your golf shoes to feel overly squishy when on the course – there’s enough give there not to feel cumbersome when walking, while still providing a solid base from which to swing.

Furthermore, the entire shoe is breathable and waterproof, while the stylish design means it’s suitable for wear on and off the course.

Ecco Biom H4 Shoes Review

Puma Ignite NXT Shoes

+ Versatile and easy to clean
+ Excellent support
– Not waterproof

Sizes: 7-11
Colours: 3 (Grey, White, Peacoat)

When we tested the Ignite NXT golf shoes from Puma there were lots of things we liked. For starters we found it to be supremely comfortable, the grip and stability were both excellent despite being such a lightweight shoe and the price tag offered good value.

These shoes are built from the ground up using Puma’s Pro-Form TPU outsole with an organically-altered traction pattern, featuring over 100 strategically placed directional hexagon lugs for maximum stability and traction.

The contemporary and sporty look really jumps off the shelf and thanks to the Soleshield, they are extremely easy to clean as well.

Finally, we think the looks are a big plus point because they can be used both on and off the golf course.

Overall it is an excellent, versatile, lightweight summer shoe that will suit those seeking comfort and a street/sporty look.

Nike Golf Roshe G Tour Shoes

+ Perfect shoe when it comes to versatility
+ Great looking shoe
– Sole wear will limit stability over time

Sizes: 7-14
Colours: 5 (Black, White, Light Grey, Dark Grey/Volt, Dark Grey/Black) 

The Nike Roshe shoe in general is fames for its comfort and walkability so it stands to reason that the golf shoe version pictured above continues that trend.

Constructed with a light, breathable mesh and a thick sole, it has a snug fit for your feet without feeling claustrophobic. The shoes are also incredibly comfortable and because they look so good you can transition from the course to the concrete flawlessly.

It is arguably the top model when it comes to discussing the best Nike golf shoes in the current range.

Under Armour HOVR Fade SL Shoes

+ Very lightweight and comfortable
+ Fully waterproof
– Not as suitable for off-course wear as others

Best Golf Shoes For Walking

Sizes: 7-12
Colours: 4 (Black, Grey, White, Navy)

Under Armour’s HOVR Fade SL shoe has several pieces of technology to ensure a serene walking experience.

First of all, the microfibre upper is breathable and lightweight, while also fully waterproof, meaning golfers will be equipped for any conditions.

Inside, the HOVR technology supports the natural movement of your swing, while providing soft underfoot cushioning and a compression mesh energy web that moulds HOVR foam to your foot. If you enjoy the walk just as much as the golf, or possibly more, don’t overlook this option on our list.

FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon Shoes

+ Exceptional all-round performance
+ Leads the way when it comes to spikeless grip and stability
– Carbon model makes the standard Pro/SL a little redundant

Sizes: 6-14
Colours: 2 (White, Black)

While the Pro/SL Carbon looks the same as the regular Pro/SL, inside they are very different.

The name itself comes from a carbon fibre inlay integrated into the midsole that runs along the entire length of the shoe for more stability. And not only is it a more stable shoe but it’s also more comfortable thanks to the extra padding around the ankle that makes it one of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market.

It’s a feature that arguably could have been added to the normal Pro/SL, which does lack that soft sensation other shoes on the market offer. But this, along with the two-tone laces on the Carbon shoe, provides a point of difference and justifies the higher price point to a degree.

FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon Review

G/FORE MG4+ Shoes

+ Use all day
+ Modern, stylish design with good colour/size choice
– Can feel slightly heavy after a day on the course

Sizes: 7-15
Colours: 6 (Twilight, Nimbus, Onyx, Snow, Snow Camo, Charcoal)

Whilst G/FORE are synonymous with outlandish designs and colour ways, the MG4+ has a more understated, and yet modern look and appeal.

Lightweight and completely waterproof, the shoe does not compromise in terms of comfort either thanks to ForeFoam cushioning and a triple density footbed which is “the ultimate massage for your soles.”

When we put the shoes through their paces, they were comfortable from start to finish, and performed about as well as is possible on a debut outing and beyond.

A common thing with spikeless shoes can be less stability and grip than spiked models but there was never a situation in which this came to fruition in these shoes. This is thanks to the non-slip outsole and the stability comes from the heel cup at the back of the shoe that really locks the foot in place without sacrificing any comfort.

G/FORE MG4+ Shoe Review

Mizuno G-Style Shoes

+ Extremely light
+ Top-notch comfort
– Not much diversity in colour

Best Golf Shoes For Walking

Sizes: 6.5-12
Colours: 2 (Navy, White)

Take a more relaxed approach to the game with Mizuno’s G-Style golf shoes. At just 320g per shoe, they take the strain off your feet and joints and make walking 18 holes and beyond a breeze. Additionally, the Kuraray upper is waterproof and soft while the fit is enhanced by the Derby profile, adding to the comfort on offer.

A minor complaint is we would like more colours because we think a black or a grey version would make these usable off the golf course with a variety of different outfits too.

We also included the G-Style in our guide on the best golf sneakers so if you want more models like this, be sure to check that piece out too.

Stuburt Urban Flow Shoes

+ Modern, outside-the-box look
+ Value
– Not waterproof

Best Golf Shoes For Walking 2020

Sizes: 7-11
Colours: 3 (Navy, Grey and Black)

Another model on this list with almost ridiculous value is the Stuburt Urban Flow spikeless shoe. Stuburt has really attempted to make a modern, stylish design that looks a bit different here and whilst many won’t like it, we would guess many more will.

In terms of performance, the shoe has been constructed with a breathable micro-fibre upper, along with a padded collar and tongue to give extra comfort to your feet when walking. We also found the midsole and insole cushioning to be solid, giving enough comfort that these shoes could be worn all day.

Duca Del Cosma Flyer Shoes

+ Foam and waterproofing create comfort
+ Something a little different
– Only one colour to choose from

Best Golf Shoes For Walking

Sizes: 7-11
Colours: 1 (Navy/Kobalt)

Fashion and style underpin Duca del Cosma’s brand ethos, but there’s plenty of technology packed into the Flyer shoe that makes it a delight to take a walk in.

Chief among this is the waterproof but breathable internal bootie membrane, meaning external water is kept at bay while internal moisture created can escape.

Not only this, but the memory foam Arneflex insole, which is also covered in cow leather, offers incredible comfort underfoot. If you’re looking for something a little bit different this year, we would recommend that you take a closer look at the Flyer.

Skechers Go Golf Elite V.4 Shoes

+ Immediately comfortable and ready to wear on the course out of the box.
+ Relatively stylish.
– Not that much wow factor

Best Golf Shoes For Walking 2020

Sizes: 6.5-12.5
Colours: 5 (White, Navy, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black)

The Skechers Elite V.4 boasts a sporty, low profile design which helps keep your foot low to the ground enhancing your confidence when it comes to stability, traction and grip.

We tested the white/navy pair over a number of rounds and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Soft is the feeling you get everywhere – be it around your ankle, under your feet and even in your hands as you tie the laces that have a silk-like touch.

They are also lightweight, waterproof and easy to clean making the V.4’s definitely a model to consider when it comes to picking a good pair of walking golf shoes.

Skechers Go Gole Elite V.4 Shoes Review

Inesis Summer Golf Shoes

+ Four unique colours
+ Awesome value
– Sole can get scuffed easily

Best Golf Shoes For Walking 2020

Sizes: 5.5-12.5
Colours: 4 (Navy, White, Red, Grey)

Much like a lot of the current Inesis range of golf products, this Summer shoe fits into the bracket of good performance with excellent value.

The EVA sole gives cushioning which is vital when you’re doing 7 or 8 km on the course. Importantly this material is then spread over the entire foot, especially on the heel, for maximum comfort.

They are breathable and well ventilated too thanks to the mesh material.

Duca Del Cosma Tomcat Golf Shoes

+ Outstanding comfort
+ Grip and stability in variety of lies
– Unique styling and quite heavy

Another shoe from Duca Del Cosma to make this list is the Tomcat.

The first thing to acknowledge is the unique styling. There is no denying it may put some off especially the ‘C’ logo which appears on the shoe, but we think they look great in each of the three colours. The spikeless design has a sporty profile and has a couple of design flourishes we like such as the outsole effect and lines on the heel.

But this guide is about the best shoes for walking and that is where these truly shine because of the comfort on offer.

Thanks to a couple of foam technologies – Arneflex and OnSteam – your feet will remain comfortable and content, regardless of how many holes you are playing. We all know blisters can be an issue when playing golf all day, but the material here ie so soft and moulds to different feet excellently. 

They are also waterproof, give good grip and Duca Del Cosma should also be commended because the Tomcat is constructed with recycled materials.

Duca Del Cosma Tomcat Golf Shoe Review

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best golf shoes for walking.