Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat

We test out this home practice putting mat endorsed by Dustin Johnson

Perfect practice perfect putting mat
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Golf Monthly Verdict

If you have space for it at home at home - and the floorboards aren’t too wonkey - the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a great training aid that will help hone your stroke. The various lines do a great job of providing clear visual feedback and the wooden sections are well made and look good.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Lots of lines and checkpoints for honing both the consistency of your stroke and your start lines. Nicely made

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    You will need to make sure you have a flat floor with enough space to lay the mat

The Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat promises to help improve your stroke but does it work and is it worth the investment? Neil Tappin takes a look

Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat Review

Having seen adverts for the Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat online we decided to buy one direct from the vendors website for £129.99. The version we bought is 9ft long but there are also shorter and longer ones to choose from depending on your needs. 

The putting mat essentially comes in three main parts. There is the mat itself which is attached to the raised, wooden end part with two holes, of different sizes in it, a wooden backstop and four wooden slats that fit together to create a channel for the ball to roll back to back the player (which worked really well). Assembly was straight forward, only taking a couple of minutes in total and the end result looked good.

US Buy Now at Amazon for $169.99

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £132.85

We tested the Perfect Practice Perfect Putting mat on two different surfaces, a tiled floor (kitchen) and a carpeted floor, to see how consistent and true the roll of the ball was. The good news is, the mat worked very well on both - as long as you are careful with how you store it and take care when unfurling it you should be able to get a smooth roll. 

There are various different lines on the mat to help with both the path of your stroke and the start line of your putts. These are the elements that really matter when it comes to consistency on the greens and finding the best putter for your stroke. Clear visual aids like these (which also help with alignment) are a great way to practice golf indoors and making any putting stroke improvements improvements you need.

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Two different holes sizes on mat

We also loved that there are two different hole sizes to aim for and the far end of the mat is raised to promote a more positive stroke. The pace of the mat is on the fast side without being too lively - think the height of summer in the UK, not the middle of winter. The 9ft version we tested does require a reasonable amount of space at home so we would highly recommend measuring the are you are intending to use it in at home!