Best Gifts For A Golf Day 2022

We round up the best gifts for a golf day, whether it's a big corporate do for clients or just a meeting of a golf society

Best Gifts For A Golf Day
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We have below some suggestion for gifts for a golf day to make your guests feel welcomed and valued. If you wish some ideas for trophies to present at a golf day, whether this is a big grand corporate do, simply a gathering of mates or a golf society day, check out our round up of the best golf trophies to buy for your golf day. Also, if you are looking for some daft novelty items have a look at our recommendation for best funny golf gifts.

Best Gifts For A Golf Day

Personalised Golf Set

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Duncan Stewart Personalised Golf Set

As a way to make people feel welcome and important, how about some personalised golf equipment? This personalised golf set from Duncan Stewart Textiles comprises a bag for your golf shoes and a golf towel with the player’s initials on either side of the golf club design on both the bag and towel in a way that is elegant and discreet. The velour cotton golf towel has a clip so it can be easily attached to a golf bag. The polyester shoe bag can be easily wiped clean.

Personalised Golf Travel Mug

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Personalised Golf Travel Mug

The participants for your golf day may have travelled some distance to get there, so what better way to thank them for this than by giving them a personalised golf travel mug? The thermal lining of this mug ensures that the drink will keep warm throughout the round, or they can take away a hot drink in it from the clubhouse to drink on their journey home. The mug, which is 15.5cm by 12.5cm (including handle), can be personalised with a message of up to 255 characters.

Personalised Microfiber Golf Towel

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Duncan Stewart Personalised Microfiber Golf Towel

If you are having a golf day, what better way to help people remember strangers’ names than give everyone when they arrive golf towels with their name on them? No-one wants to play golf wearing a name badge, but a towel clipped onto someone’s golf bag helps with the sorry-what-is-your-name-again situation. As these towels comes in four different colours, three different fonts and there are six different font colours, you could even use them to group the teams or playing partners by colour coding.

Personalised Engraved Sports Award Golf Trophy, 10oz Icon Tankard

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Personalised Engraved Sports Award Golf Trophy

Rather than give a trophy which is simply a trophy, and which will gather dust on some shelf somewhere, how about choosing something that is clearly an award but is also practical? This tankard could be given as a prize or simply a thank-you-for-coming gift. If the latter, how about organising with the bar that the pints are served in these glasses and then people can take the tankards away with them as a memento of the day? There is a choice of eight different fonts and there is space for a team or competition name of up to 25 characters, and there are an additional two lines of text of up to 20 characters.

iThoughtful Golf Bag Shaped Glass Beer Mug with Handle

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iThoughtful Golf Bag Shaped Glass Beer Mug

These rather charming pint glasses are designed to look like a golf bag. They would make for a quirky but practical gift to give to those who attend your golf day. Or perhaps you could use them to serve your guests drinks on the day? They are dishwasher safe.

Golf Ball Pen Holder with Clock

(Image credit: Accessories for Club Car by 10L0L)

Gifts for golf days don’t have to be used on the course or even on the day itself. They could be things to take away to remind participants of the day when your guests or clients are back at their day job. So how about something for their work desk? This desk clock with a pen holder comes with a zinc-alloy golf club ballpoint pen with blue ink and a silent quartz clock. The base is 9cm in diameter.

TP5x Personalised Golf Balls

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TaylorMade TP5x Personalised Golf Balls

In our review of the TaylorMade TP5x golf ball we found that this golf ball “does a good job of blending tour performance and feel in a low spinning golf ball with firmer feel.” You can order these balls with a two-line message of your own devising – maybe perhaps the name of the competition and its date. For the text, there is a choice of two fonts (Helvetica and Times) and four colours.

24 Pack Golf Party Candy Favor Bags with Stickers

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SamPartyShop 24 Pack Golf Party Candy Favor Bags

What do you give the golfer who has everything? Well a bag to stick in it of course. Or more prosaically what is an elegant and on-message way to gather together gifts, tees, balls, scorecards etc that you wish to present to the participants of your golf day? Made of craft paper, these bags are 5.2" by 3.2" by 8.3".

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