Ahh, what gift to get Mum poses a problem every year. Check out our guide to the best golf gifts for Mums 2020.

Best Golf Gifts For Mums 2020

Take a look at some of the Best Golf Gifts for Mums in 2020.

We’ve been busy searching for the best golf gifts out there so you have your mum’s birthday, mothers day, or any other day covered for her.

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Best Golf Gifts For Mums 2020

Srixon Soft Feel Ladies Golf Balls

You won’t go far wrong in helping to top up your mum’s golf ball reserve. This 2-piece ball provides both feel and greater distance.

Nike Golf Roshe G Tour Shoes

These shoes look fantastic and are comfortable on and off the course.

Cobra F-Max Airpseed Ladies Fairway

It has a lighter airspeed shaft and a lighter clubbed to help you swing faster. The offset also helps with consistent contact.

Drysure Shoe Dryers

How good would it be if we could dry our golf shoes with minimal fuss and without using electricity or heat? Now you can with these clever shoe dryers, thanks to silica gel beads that absorb moisture quickly. A gift that will be warmly received.

Galvin Green Dina Ladies Pullover

It is a soft and stretchy garment with excellent thermal insulation properties thanks to Galvin Green’s Insula material.

adidas Codechaos

Designed for those looking to differentiate themselves on the golf course, the new Codechaos range has three designs to choose from, the standard shoe (pictured), the BOA and the Sport.

TaylorMade Kalea Irons

Designed with the clear focus of maximising club speed for those that struggle to do so.

PRG Original Headcovers

These high-quality accessories will certainly brighten up your bag. Whether it’s a set of Las Vegas headcovers, or the ‘Sweet Wood’ design, there are plenty of standout options in the range.

Puma Women’s Pounce Bermuda Shorts

Perfect for warmer days on the course, these shorts are very stretch and provide comfort throughout your round.

BIG MAX Aqua Style 2 Sport Cart Bag

All you have to do is make sure your mum has a need for a cart bag and that she doesn’t mind the colour (not all female golfers like pink you know!). The cart bag itself is a winner from BIG MAX; it has ample room for all golf’s necessary accessories, and it’s waterproof – a feature more golfers are turning to as they play throughout the year.

Ping Snood Neck Warmer

You were warned about how cold it would be this winter. Well, it’s not too late to take advantage of Ping’s SensorWarm technology. This soft fleece can also be worn as a face mask and sun guard.

BIG MAX Traveller

A sturdy, robust and highly functional travel cover for that golf trip you have planned in the New Year. The Traveller features a convenient upright loading system and two large compartments for all your accessories.

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