Best Gifts For Golfers

Don't know what to buy the golfer in your life? We have hunted out some of the best gifts for golfers

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Best Gifts For Golfers

We round up some of the best gifts for golfers below. Don't worry if golf is not your thing - well perhaps just a bit, what's wrong with you? t - and you feel a tad daunted about picking something in a sport you do not play, we have we have put together this guide on what to consider when buying a golf present just for you. Well you and a few others.

If you seek further inspiration, we have several other golf gift guides that you can check out.  Maybe our Best Golf Gifts For Men selection might give you that light bulb moment - actually if it is light bulb moments you are after do check out one of the suggestions in our Funny Golf Gifts article, or Best Golf Gifts For Women may be more appropriate for the person you are looking for a gift for.

Garmin S60 GPS Watch

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This feature-packed and stylish offering provides detailed full colour maps for over 40,000 courses on its large sunlight-readable colour touchscreen face. You can use its drag-and-drop functionality to measure lay-up distances and to move pin positions for added accuracy. It can also be used to monitor runs, swims and bike rides for great additional value.

Golf Club Groove Sharpener

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Golf Club Groove Sharpener

This is the ideal gift for those who want to get into the groove and look sharp. Well, technically make sharp. Six sharpening heads mean whatever the make of club and style of groove, whether U-shaped or V-shaped, the sharpener should get into the groove to keep it clean and sharp. This in turn will means that the grooves can work better for what they are designed for – to aid spin and ball control.


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Made from super soft fabric this makes for a very warm mid-layer. It has a drawstring at the bottom to enhance its sleek, athletic look. It’s available in sizes S-XXL and three colours. It is one of the best golf tops around.


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The biennial upgrade these balls receive has improved them even further and they are out best on test for golf balls. With greater longevity than any other premium golf ball they offer superb all-round performance and excellent control into the greens. They balls come in a choice of white or yellow.

adidas Go-To Polo Shirt

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The Go-To polo is made from Primegreen recycled material so you can feel good and your recipient can look good. Everyone’s a winner. (On the subject of which, can I just mention our best golf trophies to buy article?) Other than a small adidas logo on the left sleeve, it is a clean look, so eminently suitable to wear in non-sporting settings, too.

Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Ball packs

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This is a ball for people with fast swings who like to boom their drives. It provides a strong ball flight and excellent feel and short game control. It also offers value for money. However only faster swing players will reap maximum benefits. Hideki Matsuyama played the Srixon Z-Star XV when winning The Masters in 2021.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Standard Edition

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This practice putting mat comes with two holes. One of them is of regulation size but the other is smaller, so as to improve accuracy. Get out on to the course and the standard hole will also seem like a crater in comparison. Well, that’s the theory. The ‘green’ is 9' 6" long and 15" wide and has an automatic ball return.


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Inesis Golf 900 Laser Rangefinder

Pound for pound, the Inesis Golf 900 Laser Rangefinder is undoubtedly one of the best golf rangefinders that is out there. It has a superb range of features for the price and is easy to be use and proven to be accurate. It is compact and light - 105mm x 73mm x 39mm and 175g.


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This jumper’s blend of luxury combed cotton and cashmere gives it a gloriously soft feel and the medium gauge knit also has a comforting weight and warmth. The sweater is fully machine washable and holds its shape after washing. 

Golf Monthky Magazine cover

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Annual Golf Monthly Subscription

A gift which keeps on giving is a subscription, as it is in effect 13 gifts given every four weeks. Subscriptions are available for both print and digital editions through Magazines Direct and all postage and delivery costs are included. Golf Monthly was established in 1911 and is the world's oldest golf publication still in production. 

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