Brooks Koepka What’s In The Bag?

Here we look at the equipment Brooks Koepka carries.

brooks koepka what's in the bag
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Brooks Koepka What's In The Bag?

For a very long time Brooks Koepka was one of very few top players to not have an equipment contract. As such his bag was often a mixture of clubs from different brands ranging from Titleist, to Mizuno to TaylorMade. This has all changed in 2021 as the four-time Major winner has officially signed with Srixon (opens in new tab) and he put a Srixon driver, Srixon irons, Cleveland wedges, and Srixon ball into play as well as carry a Srixon Staff Bag. However in 2022 a couple of things have changed to that setup and below, we look at the specific equipment he now uses...

Brooks Koepka What's In The Bag?


TaylorMade M5

brooks koepka driver

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After using several TaylorMade drivers through the years, and testing models like the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Triple Diamond, with the new contract Koepka did put the Srixon ZX5 into play with 9.5 degrees of loft. Koepka said in December 2021 that the ZX5 is as good as anything he has hit before.

However, as we mentioned above this has changed as we spotted an older model go into his bag at the 2022 US Open. He was spotted with a TaylorMade M5 driver (opens in new tab) and Srixon put out a statement on the change. 

“In this early stage of our partnership, Brooks Koepka has validated the performance of the Srixon driver and golf ball,” a Srixon representative told (opens in new tab) in a statement. “Though performance has been promising, the characteristics are not a perfect fit, yet.”

“To work through this adjustment period most efficiently, we decided to focus our energy on fitting Brooks into the next generation Srixon driver and golf ball prototypes that will debut on tour in the near future — products developed with Brooks’ input and needs in mind,” the statement continued. “While we get this organized in the next couple months, Srixon is temporarily allowing Brooks to use his previous driver and ball. Of course, he will continue playing Srixon irons and Cleveland Golf wedges. Both parties are fully committed to the partnership, and we are confident Brooks will be back in a Srixon driver and golf ball soon.”

Fairway Wood

TaylorMade M2 Tour HL

It has not been confirmed whether Koepka will use a Srixon three-wood at the moment so we can speculate that he will continue to use the 16.5 degree TaylorMade M2 Tour HL which he has had for several years. Given how much success he has had, and how many Tour professionals find it hard to get the fairway wood slot in the bag right, it would not be surprising to see the M2 HL remain. 


Nike Vapor Fly Pro, Srixon ZX7

Brooks kopeka hitting an iron

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We believe he then has his Nike Vapor Fly Pro iron, before transitioing down into a set of Srixon ZX7 (opens in new tab)'s. He previously used Mizuno JPX 900 and JPX919 Tours (opens in new tab). The announcement of Brooks signing with Srixon took place in November 2021 and at the time Brooks said of the iron; "I put the ZX7 Irons in play in January and it is the best iron I have played on Tour. I look forward to kicking off our new partnership this week in Las Vegas!” Koepka has been using the ZX7 irons all year and had them in the bag for his 8th PGA Tour victory at the Waste Management Phoenix Open in February.


Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Rack

brooks koepka wedges

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With the signing his wedge situation has completely changed. Having used Titleist Vokey SM8's and SM5's before, he now has three Cleveland RTX ZipCore (opens in new tab) Tour Rack wedges in the bag. They have 52, 56 and 60 degrees of loft. The 52 and 56 degree models have MID grinds whilst the 60 has a LOW grind. 


Scotty Cameron Teryllium Tour Newport 2

brooks koepka putter

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Koepka continues to use his Scotty Cameron Teryllium Tour Newport 2 putter. Having previously used a Scotty Cameron T10 Newport 2 putter, Koepka changed at the start of 2020 and hasn't really moved away from the Teryllium model since. 

According to Koepka, the change in grip was a big factor as to why. He added a new SuperStroke Traxion PistolGT 2.0 grip that replaced the standard Scotty Cameron pistol grip found on his T10 Newport 2. “We just changed the grip, but technically it is a new putter,” Koepka told Sky Sports. “Pretty much the same thing as the old one, just for the grip change.”

Technically the T10 and newer model are the same thing, the main difference is the silicone dots found in the cavity of the Teryllium model, whilst the T10 features three visible screws in the back cavity that secure the insert.


Titleist Pro V1x

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball

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His ball was a Srixon Z-Star Diamond and it had been reported that it was a big factor in him signing with the brand. Speaking to Koepka said; “To be honest with you, that ball is what I practiced with on the range. I used to practice with that ball all the time. I think back in ’16 we were doing a bunch of testing and with the Srixon ball, it was tied with the ball I was playing and the only reason I chose the other one was just because I played it for longer. I just knew from a little kid that’s what I had played, so it was more out of comfort than it was anything.”

However this changed in 2022 as he went back to the Titleist Pro V1x ball at the US Open. 



brooks koepka nike shoes

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Koepka wears the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NEXT% shoes which are the next generation of Infinity Tour shoes. These shoes were actually inspired by the American's habit of chipping and putting in Nike running shoes, and as such, they're designed to provide speed and comfort in abundance. He also got involved in the design because Nike Golf summoned Koepka along very early in the design process.

Full Specs

Driver: TaylorMade M5 (10.5 degrees) with Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 70 TX shaft

3 wood: TaylorMade M2 Tour HL (16.5 degrees), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 80 TX shaft

3 iron: Nike Vapor Fly Pro, Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 95 X shaft

Irons: Srixon ZX7 (4-PW) all with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts

Wedges: Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Rack 52° MID, 56° MID, 60° LOW all with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shafts

Putter:  Scotty Cameron Teryllium Tour Newport 2

Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NEXT%

Apparel: Nike