Nike Golf shoes are some of the coolest on the market. Here's our guide to the best ones you can buy...

Best Nike Golf Shoes

Nike may not make any golf clubs, bags and balls anymore, they stopped doing that back in 2016.

But the brand, as you would expect, still continues to make some of the finest golf apparel, and best golf shoes in the game though.

Its apparel and footwear is seen on some of the world’s best players including Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, Jason Day and Tommy Fleetwood.

The brand has plenty of styles including many inspired by its legendary street shoes including the Air Max. It has also shown a clear willingness to bring designs and technologies over from other aspects of the business, such as running shoes and basketball shoes. That way Nike continues to remain at the cutting-edge of golf shoe design not just in terms of looks, but in terms of performance.

To help you choose which particular models are the right ones for you, here are the best Nike golf shoes on the market.

Alternatively if Nike is not for you, we have also created guides on other brands too. For example we have scoured the current golf shoe market to create buyers advice on the best FootJoy golf shoes.

Best Nike Golf Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Golf Shoes

+ Sophisticated, subtle styling
+ Used By Rory McIlroy
– Can take a bit of time to wear in

Best Nike Golf Shoes, Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Golf Shoes

Sizes: 3.5-16
Colours: 4 (plus special editions models too)

Nike are never a brand to shy away from a unique and outlandish design but the designers have kept things sophisticated and subtle with the Air Zoom Victory 2’s. We definitely approve.

As used by Rory McIlroy and other Nike staff players, the premium leather gives a refined look with some cool modern touches like the stitching, Nike swoosh effect, and of course the Air Zoom unit.

Speaking of Air Zoom, this technology makes these shoes incredibly comfortable because of the cushioning on offer, and Fitsole sock liner adds a plush, premium feel too. It really wraps around and underneath the foot well.

Two more features we liked were the waterproof protection and the grip performance thanks to the 7-spikes and additional traction lugs.

Additionally as we mentioned above the traditional look is great but if you want to step outside the box Nike often do special edition models for Majors too which always look great.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Shoes

+ Slick, modern looks
+ Lightweight and good stability
– Loose tongue

Best Nike Golf Shoes, Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Shoes

Sizes: 3.5-16
Colours: 8 (plus special edition models too)

A model of shoe you will definitely have seen on the feet of Brooks Koepka, the Infinity Tour shoes were built with his help. The shoes were inspired by his habit of chipping and putting in Nike running shoes and as such they are designed to provide speed and comfort to golfers, leveraging maximum energy return from the ground up.

A model which also made our guide on the best golf shoes for wide feet, the outsole is certainly very stable and the cleats along with the other traction elements surrounding them certainly provide excellent grip in a variety of ground conditions.

In testing we found them to be extremely comfortable but there are two things to look out for when you yourself try them on. First the shoes can be tight around the Achilles which is by design to stabilise the heel, and the loose tongue section can take a bit of time to get used to as well.

We personally didn’t think either of those things were deal breakers because there is no doubt though that they feel more like a performance golf shoe rather than a trainer that’s been adapted for golf. They are comfortable, but the more important take away is that you know the technology is there to help you swing with confidence.

From a looks perspective, we think they look great and there are lots of different colours to choose from, along with some special editions too like the PGA Championship edition pictured above.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Shoe Review

Nike Air Max 270 G Golf Shoes

+ Classic Nike design brought into golf
+ Versatile
– Large Air Max design takes time to get used to

Best Nike Golf Shoes, Nike Air Max 270 G Golf Shoe

Sizes: 3-15
Colours: 5

The Air Max 270 G is Nike’s homage to the original Big Air icon shoe. It’s made with breathable mesh and features an innovative traction system to offer up comfort and grip on the course. The perimeter of the outsole is specially designed to enhance grip during rotational movements.

Flexible and breathable, a sleeve-like mesh upper has a flexible design that helps keep out water and makes it easier to clean your shoes. We have all slaved away trying to clean golf shoes so this feature is a welcome design addition.

In terms of comfort, the midsole has a large Air Max design which provides a very soft and plush cushioning effect. Whilst walking it almost seemed to bounce our feet along which made them very easy to wear all day.

Finally the shoes are also 100% waterproof which is vital in

Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes

+ Lightweight
+ Excellently comfortable
– There are models that offer more grip

Best Nike Golf Shoes, Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes

Sizes: 4-15
Colours: 6

Another model to be based on a running shoe is the Nike React Infinity Pro. It has a slightly lower profile than the Infinity Tour model above which we think is a slight improvement.

The breathable textured material has been blended with what Nike call NIKESKIN technology not only to help make these as waterproof as possible, but also to help make them easier to clean.

Nike React technology is also present, which is a durable foam along the entire length of the shoe, which gives a bouncy, springy, and most importantly, a comfortable feel. The sock liner also adds a bit of extra cushioning.

The Piston spikes and traction pattern offer solid grip and are designed to boost energy return during the golf swing and whilst walking, but we do think there are models out there which offer slightly better grip and traction.

Regardless these are still one of the best Nike golf shoes currently on the market.

Nike Air Max 90 G Shoes

+ Tour validated performance
+ Each colour is unique
– Design may put some off

Best Nike Golf Shoes, Nike Air Max 90 G Shoes

Sizes: 3.5-15
Colours: 7

A shoe often worn by the likes of Tony Finau, Tommy Fleetwood and Jason Day, the 90 G has found a way of bringing an iconic Nike creation into the world of golf.

A model hat featured in our guide on the best spikeless golf shoes, the new design draws its inspiration from the iconic Waffle outsole on the original Nike Air Max 90. This integrated traction pattern gives what we describe as exceptional grip in a variety of stances, which we must admit, surprised us.

Featuring a visible Max Air unit in the heel that cushions each step, and the phylon foam midsole that runs the length of the shoe, we felt comfortable and stable.

So the performance stacks up but the main stumbling block for many may be the styling. This should not be the case though because some of the colours, like the white version above, have a classy look without being too over the top. Given how there are lots of colours to choose from, there should be a design for most.

Nike Victory G Lite Golf Shoes

+ Lightweight
+ Sustainable materials used
– Only for the summer really

Nike Victory G Lite Golf Shoes, Best Nike Golf Shoes

Sizes: 3.5-16
Colours: 3

New for 2021 is the Victory G Lite. As the name suggests, the shoe is incredibly light thanks to the minimal mesh upper, and the traction pattern on the sole is also very lightweight too.

The soft sock liner and foam midsole work together to cushion every step providing comfort.

One last thing to mention is Nike is also going down the route of sustainable construction and materials, and this Victory G Lite carries this on as it is made from at least 20% recycled materials.

If you are looking for a trendy golf shoe that offers a degree of on-off course versatility, look no further than the new Victory G Lite Shoes.

Nike Roshe G Tour Shoes

+ Use all year round
+ Soft feel
– More breathable models out there

Best Nike Golf Shoes, Nike Roshe G Tour Shoes

Sizes: 3.5-16
Colours: 8

The Roche G Tour has been used by many Tour professionals so who are we to leave it off this list of the best Nike golf shoes?

Nike has used a waterproof microfiber, synthetic leather upper and incorporated a spiked sole into these shoes so you can use them all year round

To provide the comfort Nike has then implemented the Lunarlon midsole technology, which provides cushioning and a soft feel for the feet.

While there are some questions over the stability of the spikeless version (see below), we found the heel counter and rigidity of the sole helped keep our feet nice and stable throughout the swing.

Nike Roshe G Shoes

+ Comfortable
+ Can be used anywhere
– Grip may diminish over time

Best Nike Golf Shoes, Nike Roshe G Shoe

Sizes: 3.5-16
Colours: 4

The Nike Roshe shoe in general is fames for its comfort and walkability so it stands to reason that the golf shoe version pictured above continues that trend.

Constructed with a light, breathable mesh and a thick sole, it has a snug fit for your feet without feeling claustrophobic. As such they are definitely one of the best golf shoes for walking available right now.

One thing that really sets the Roshe G apart is the ability to use them off the golf course too. The iconic Roshe design by Nike is all the rage at the moment because they work from the pub to most social events.

Now the one thing to be wary of here, if you do decide to use them off the golf course too, is the grip which may diminish over time as the traction pattern on the bottom gets eroded away a bit from constant use. That being said, they will still perform on the golf course especially in the summer.

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