New Scotty Cameron Teryllium Putters Revealed

New Scotty Cameron Teryllium Putters Revealed - Scotty Cameron has unveiled new Teryllium-inserted, limited-edition putters 22 years after the originals were launched

New Scotty Cameron Teryllium Putters Revealed

Twenty-two years the original Teryllium-inserted, Major-winning TeI3 designs, Scotty Cameron has announced the limited release of three new putter models built under the “T22” moniker.

Available from August 16th, the Teryllium T22 Newport and Teryllium T22 Newport 2 offer modernised versions of the TeI3 models first introduced in 1997, while the Teryllium T22 Fastback 1.5 becomes the first Fastback 1.5 designed with a Teryllium insert.


Precision milled from 303 stainless steel and given a tactical matte black finish that brings out Scotty’s “domino pattern” in the back cavity, the new T22 putters are designed to the modern specifications demanded by today’s dedicated golfers.


An updated Teryllium inlay construction with an improved elastomer vibration dampening membrane combines with Scotty’s removable sole weight technology and increased head weight to enhance performance.


Upgrades to the new Teryllium T22 Newport include a stainless steel construction, flat topline, adjustable sole weight, lightly-milled Teryllium insert and new durable tactical matte black finish.

The Teryllium T22 Newport 2 offers the soft feel of his Teryllium alloy inlay, but with the modern shape and sole balancing precision of a modern Newport 2 Tour model milled from 303 stainless steel with interchangeable sole weights and a flatter topline.

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Finally, the new Teryllium T22 Fastback 1.5 incorporates a Tour-preferred mini-slant neck, improved four-way sole balancing for a square setup and a thinner topline similar to the Select line’s Fastback model.


“There’s nothing quite like the feel of Teryllium - it’s the number one material request I get from players," Scotty Cameron told GM. "As we’ve seen multiple Majors won over the past few seasons with a Teryllium-inserted putter, it’s a great time to celebrate this legendary design."

With a precision milled Teryllium insert expertly designed into the 303 stainless steel putter head, Scotty’s early execution of this concept has been improved upon using modern milling and manufacturing techniques, while preserving the incomparable feel of Teryllium.


Each Teryllium T22 putter features advanced stability weighting with two customizable stainless steel heel-toe sole weights, stepless steel shafts and a custom Limited Release Teryllium headcover and shaft band.

A new black Pistolini Plus grip with copper paintfill was designed especially for the T22 release and features a thicker, less tapered low hand.

Inspired by the early Teryllium models, the new Teryllium T22 putters feature a tactical matte black finish with a unique bead blast for a radiant yet glare resistant appearance, with metallic gold and white paintfill.

The limited release Teryllium T22 putters will be available from August 16th with an RRP of £599.