We take a look at the golf grips that are put into play by the top male players in the world.

What Golf Grips Do Pros Use?

The grip is arguably the most important accessory in golf because it is the only part of you that is in contact with the club throughout the golf swing.

Therefore it stands to reason that if you have bad grips which are poorly fitted or incredibly slippery, then your chances of hitting a good golf shot are significantly less. Additionally if your mind is too busy thinking about making sure your hands don’t slip off the golf club, then you aren’t focusing enough on the shot you have to play either.

Tour professionals understand this and regularly get their clubs re-gripped because of how often they practice and use them during competition. They also make sure they use models that feel comfortable for their hands and allow them to prouce their best golf.

So what models do the top male players in the world use? Below we have taken a look and as you would expect, Golf Pride dominates here.

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What Golf Grips Do Pros Use?

Golf Pride MCC Grip

Used by – Jon Rahm (red), Xander Schauffele (white), Abraham Ancer (black), Viktor Hovland (white), Rory McIlroy (black), Patrick Reed (black)

Golf Pride’s Multi Compound is one of the best golf grips, and most popular models in golf right now because of the combination of performance and aesthetics.

Performance comes from the split design which blends Brushed Cotton Technology in the top half of the grip, to help with better traction with the glove hand, with rubber in the lower half to add more feel and forgiveness.

Of course the grips come in lots of different colors and as you can see above several top players use a variety of designs. You can also get the grip with the cool MCC Teams designs as well.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip

Used by – Dustin Johnson, Patrick Cantlay, Webb Simpson, Scottie Scheffler

This all-rubber grip is the No.1 in the game and is arguably the most classic looking.

It combines a rubber-blend compound with a computer-generated non-slip surface that makes it as playable and comfortable as possible.

The plus-sign texture also helps pull moisture away from surface to allow for consistent traction.

In short it keeps things simple and classy.

Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord Grip

Used by – Collin Morikawa

Two-time Major winner Collin Morikawa is one of very few players to opt for the Z-Grip model from Golf Pride.

One of the firmest grips from the brand, it has two layers of texturing for feedback and control, and the midsize has a deep ‘Z’ shaped pattern that winds around the grip while the heavy cord texture channels any moisture away.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Grip

Used by – Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka

Used by Major winners Thomas and Koepka, the Tour Velvet Cord is also a top performer from Golf Pride.

It has all of the exceptional traction and all-weather performance that has made the Tour Velvet the winningest cord grip on Tour but now comes in a new white material comprised of tightly woven black cotton fibre.

JumboMax UltraLight XL Grip

Used by – Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau does things his way and his grips are the same, as he opts for a huge model from JumboMax.

The JumboMax premise is that they have designed grips to fit your hands better to improve your ball striking by eliminating the tension. They use something called Finger-Palm technology so you don’t feel the need to squeeze, and Bryson was actually involved in the latest design. 

In 2019 the US Open champ got rid of 75g from his JumboMax grip and this proved to be a prototype of this, the UltraLite. The substantial taper profile is designed to keep the face square longer through impact and the larger profile means that you will grip it more evenly and feel more of the weight in the clubhead.

SwitchGrips ER Grip

Used by – Louis Oosthuizen

A less well-known brand compared to others on this list is SwitchGrips, a company that is used by South Africans Oosthuizen and Ernie Els.

The 2010 Open champion uses the ER grip which is made from a proprietary rubber compound that has a non-slip texture on it for comfort and playability.

What is interesting is that SwitchGrips actually have weights in them in the butt of the club and these can range from 4g to 20g, dependent on a players feel and need. We are unsure which weight Oosthuizen has in, but because the butt of his club is black we can assume it is the standard design.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN Grip

Used by – Harris English

Featuring much of the performance of the Tour Velvet model above, the Align design features Align technology and is used by American Harris English.

This takes the form of a dedicated raised ridge which encourages more consistent hand placement and better clubface awareness so the days of shifting your hands around and wondering if you’re too weak or strong will be over.

It also has the most up-to-date rubber blend and non-slip surface pattern to get rid of any unwanted moisture. 

SuperStroke S-Tech Grip

Used by – Jordan Spieth

SuperStroke may be best known for putting grips but three-time Major winner Jordan Spieth also uses club grips from the brand too, the S-Tech’s.

This grip is particularly good in all weather and there is minimal taper here, which helps with being able to have more even hand pressure on the grip and square the club more naturally.

It has a soft, tacky feel, hence its ability to deal with inclement weather, and it’s another that looks great; whether that is if you go for the blue, grey or red. It also comes in black naturally.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grip

Used by – Tyrrell Hatton (orange/purple)

What Golf Grips Do Pros Use

Tyrrell Hatton turned many heads when he showed up with purple grips in 2021. The exact model he uses is the MCC Plus4 grip and whilst the purple model is not on sale, there are still several colors for you to choose from.

The design is also worth mentioning here as it differs from most on this list.

The larger outside diameter of the grip simulates the feel of building up the grip with four extra wraps. This reduced taper encourages lighter grip pressure, promoting less tension in the hands and creating more fluidity and power throughout the swing

Golf Pride Tour Wrap Grip

Used by – Daniel Berger

What Golf Grips Do Pros Use

American Daniel Berger opts for the Tour Wrap Grip from Golf Pride which is not commonly seen out on Tour. It features a wrap design that combines the look and feel of leather but has the durability and performance of soft rubber.

Not only that but the wrap design allows your fingers to nestle nicely between each section of the wrap.

Berger may use the black option but with the 2G model you can get it in white, blue and red as well.

Iomic X Grip

Used by – Hideki Matsuyama

What Golf Grips Do Pros Use

Japanese Masters champion Hideki Matsuyama uses Iomic X grips at the moment.

Available in several different colors they feature a more rounded profile to enable the grip to fit into the palms correctly, reducing grip pressure.

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