Best Putter Grips 2024

We round up the best putter grips on the market to help you find the right one for your stroke

Best Putter Grips

Best Putter Grips

Golf grips are often neglected. But the putter grip is the sole point of contact between you and your flatstick, therefore it's critical you find the right one to create the best connection with the golf ball.

The putter grip is considered one of the best golf accessories as there are now models that can help your stroke and alignment—there's even armlock and wristlock options, too.

With an abundance of putter grip styles available, it can be difficult to navigate the market and find the right match for your individual playing style and needs. We've considered all types of styles, from thin pistol-type grips to straighter and thicker models, and curated our own list of the best putter grips.

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Best Putter Grips 2024

Why you can trust Golf Monthly Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

How we test putting grips

When it comes to product testing, our reviews and buyers' guides are built upon a rigorous testing procedure as well as the knowledge and experience of the test team. The putter section is headed up by David Usher, a golf equipment reviewer with many years experience.

Other members of the Golf Monthly team contribute to the putter tests as well, and all writers are able to efficiently test the vast majority of the biggest product releases and convey the pros and cons eloquently. Getting into specifics, we test the putters outdoors on real greens with premium golf balls to get a thorough understanding of design features, feel, sound and looks. 

Ultimately, we aim to be as insightful and honest as possible in our reviews so it is important to acknowledge that no manufacturer can buy a good review. This is because our team tells it how it is. To learn more about our methodology, see how Golf Monthly tests products in our guide. 

How to choose a putting grip

The putter is perhaps one of the most important clubs in your bag. As most golfers will know, the amount of shots you can gain or lose on the greens can make or break your round. For that reason, having the right putter with the right grip for your putting stroke in your bag can seriously help you shave shots off your round.

The grip is one of the most important features on your flatstick and there are many different types of grip available to you. For that reason, when purchasing a new putter grip, there are several factors you should consider, which are set out below.

The shape

Putting grips come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Those generally include circles, ovals, flat ovals, pistols and flat wides. Each provide a different feel and offers golfers with different swing types a variety of benefits. Circle shapes are the traditional style of putting grip and typically have a thinner grip than most other putters. They are great for players with more rotation in their swing.

Pistol grip putters are another popular grip style and, conversely to the oval shape, are better for players who have a slight arc in their putting stroke. The ergonomic shape means they are wider at the top and are designed to deliver a closed face angle at impact, which helps to improve the connection you get on the golf ball. 

Wider grips and flatter putter grips help to quiet wrist movement and that makes them a great tool to use if you’re a golfer who suffers from the yips. The thickness helps to produce a fluid pendulum motion from your shoulder and allows you to strike through the ball with greater confidence and control. This ultimately means picking a grip can be a very subjective thing for different golfers. Where one player might prefer a circular grip, another player might want to play with a pistol grip. It depends on what works for you and provides you with the best feel. For that reason, we recommend you head down to your local club shop to try a variety of different putters with different grips.


Having a tacky grip on your putter is another important factor that all players should consider when buying any flatstick. The better the grip, the more you can relax your hands when holding the club. That can allow golfers to use their shoulders and arms more to create a pendulum motion through the ball and produce a more controlled, fluid stroke. Some putter grips also provide aids that help you place your hands on the club in the same position each time. Look out for these as this can improve the consistency of your strokes and help you sync more putts.


Similar to when picking the best putter, iron or driver that is right for you, you’re going to want to factor in how that club feels on impact. The same goes for when you’re trialing different grips. You’ll want to pick the grip that gives you the best responsivity, control and overall feel as you strike through the ball. Again that is something that is subjective from golfer to golfer. For example, some players like to feel more vibrations coming up the club, while others would prefer that sensation to be dampened. Depending on what works best for you, trying out different types of grip can seriously help you discover the best one for your needs as a golfer. Head down to your local club shop to try out more.


Style might interestingly be one of the most crucial things to consider when purchasing a new putter grip. As golf is primarily a mental game, looking good on the course means feeling good. And if you’re feeling good, then you are inevitably going to be higher in confidence. For example, standing over the ball while holding a putter that looks the part, and makes you feel confident, can go a long way in helping you shave putts of your round. For that reason, pick a putter grip that not only feels good but looks good too. 

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Are thicker golf grips better?

Oversized golf grips can be better for golfers who struggle with the yips or more hand movement through the stroke. Thicker golf grips allow players to wrap their hands more around the club and provide more stability, enabling you to swing through with a pendulum motion. 

Is a pistol putter grip or a circular putter grip better to use?

Each are suited to golfers with different swing styles. A pistol grip is perhaps better for golfers who have a straighter swing or a small arc in their putting stroke. A circular grip might be better for golfers who putt with a more curved arc. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong here, it depends on what works best for each golfer.

How wide can a putting grip leagally be in golf?

Per USGA rules, the maximum width of grip a golfer can have on their putter is 1.75" in diameter. 

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