Which of these TaylorMade drivers will best suit your game? We take a closer look

Best TaylorMade Drivers

TaylorMade, a brand synonymous with the best golf drivers, has been at the forefront of developing driver technology for over four decades and it continues to produce equipment delivering excellent performance.

Rarely does a TaylorMade driver launch pass quietly, such is its presence on Tour as well as the eye-catching visual technology which often figures.

Be it the JetSpeed, AeroBurner or Rocketballz – to name but a few models – TaylorMade can never be accused of bringing product to the market that lacks innovation.

With the SIM2 designs, which replaced the SIM drivers, it is no different.

We take a look at the best TaylorMade drivers and offer our advice on which model will suit your game and skill level. Be sure to follow the links for our full video reviews where you can read more about the latest technology and find out how each driver performed during testing.

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Best TaylorMade Drivers

TaylorMade SIM2 Driver

+ Improved alignment
+ Impressive distance at a lower price point than SIM
– Performance gains over SIM very marginal (player dependent)

Hoping to become one of the best TaylorMade drivers ever made, SIM2 carries over the Asymmetric Inertia generator and Speed Injected Twist Face from last year’s SIM drivers, but the head of SIM2 is now created using a Forged Ring construction made from aluminium, which saves nine grams of weight.

This means there is now no moveable weight on the sole to adjust shot shape but TaylorMade say this was redundant for the majority of players at all different skill levels.

We found that the SIM driver set a very high bar but the SIM2 models provide significant improvements around launch and also forgiveness while keeping spin low. From a looks standpoint there is also clear improvement, especially with the darker crown which contrasts more sharply with the white front section to better assist with alignment.

It is the lowest-launching, lowest-spinning option of the three SIM2 designs. As such, it is aimed at the faster swinging golfer who tends to naturally create more spin through impact and it should help those players gain maximum control over their ball flight.

TaylorMade SIM2 Driver Review

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver

+ Larger face increases margin for error
+ Easy to align
 No moveable sole weight

If the standard SIM2 is not for you then the next model in the range might be. The SIM2 Max is one of the most forgiving drivers out right now thanks to a couple of clear improvements.

The SIM2 Max has a 24g back weight for even more forgiveness and a five per cent larger face than the SIM Max. We found it to be noticeably straight and consistent on slight mishits, helping us find more fairways than the SIM2 driver.

It also launches the ball higher with a touch more spin, which for slower swingers should increase carry distance.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver Review

TaylorMade SIM2 Max D Driver

+ Designed to
+ Stunning looks
– Won’t suit players with a draw

The SIM2 Max D is aimed at the highest handicap profile, and is definitely worth considering if you have a consistent fade, are battling a destructive slice or if you are a mid or slow swing speed player looking to launch the ball with ease.

By moving the entire Inertia Generator and 22g weight towards the heel, TaylorMade has been able to maintain forgiveness while enhancing draw bias.

If you play with a consistent fade, this draw bias should deliver more distance. Alternatively for any golfer battling a slice, the set up of the SIM2 Max D will guard against the shot that’s preventing you from shooting lower scores.

TaylorMade SIM Driver

Best TaylorMade Drivers

+ Modern, functional looks
+ Solid feel through impact
– Performance gains over M5 and M6 appear marginal (player dependent)

When the SIM driver was released, it was quickly put into use by many of TaylorMade’s tour players – and it’s easy to understand why once you’ve had a hit.

It replaced the M5, and despite getting replaced by the models above, it will still give excellent performance.

SIM stands for Shape In Motion and this comes from the asymmetric sole design, which is said to reduce drag in the final few feet of the downswing.

With clubhead speed maximised, it delivers a powerful punch.

In testing, it felt strong and stable through the ball, and with the adjustability allowing you to create up to 20 yards of draw or fade bias, it ticks a lot of boxes.

The standard SIM has broad appeal with generous forgiveness, although golfers with faster swing speeds may discover more joy with this model.

TaylorMade SIM Driver Review

TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

Best TaylorMade Drivers

+ Modern, functional looks
+ Launch and spin profile will suit a wide audience
– Not adjustable for shot shape

The SIM Max offers that extra forgiveness for those players who don’t consistently find the centre of the clubface.

The main reason for this is the eight per cent larger face and a heavier Inertia Generator in the rear of the clubhead.

If your strike pattern is out of the heel or the toe then that extra forgiveness and higher MOI that you get from the SIM Max is going to help.

It’s a driver that will appeal to single figures players, as well as those in the high teens.

TaylorMade SIM Max Driver Review

TaylorMade SIM Max D Driver

Best TaylorMade Drivers

+ Modern, functional looks
+ Light feel, easy to swing
– Won’t suit hookers of the ball seeking forgiveness

The TaylorMade SIM Max D driver features a larger clubface and from the SIM range is one of the best golf drivers for beginners to try.

For golfers who tend to struggle more with a slice, then draw-bias model is definitely one to test out.

What you’ll hopefully develop is a more penetrating ball flight, which is also made easier with a large Inertia Generator shifting weight back to aid a higher flight and longer carry.

We found the SIM Max to be light and easy to swing, too, which is something that will appeal to higher handicappers, as will the confidence-inspiring clubhead.

We hope you liked this guide on the best TaylorMade drivers. For more guides be sure to check out the Golf Monthly website.