These 2022 Golf Products Are About To Be Replaced...Grab A Bargain

With plenty of new equipment launching in 2023, the 2022 products they are replacing can be found at great prices...

These 2022 Golf Products Are About To Be Replaced...Grab A Bargain
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These 2022 Golf Products Are About To Be Replaced...Grab A Bargain

We've seen some very exciting equipment launches so far in 2023. From the long-awaited launches of the likes of the Ping G430 driver or the 2023 Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x to the more surprising announcements like the new Rapsodo Launch Monitor and Flightscope Mevo+ replacement, there is a lot of new golf equipment to try in 2023. 

With all these new products arriving online and in stores over the next few weeks, it's only natural that we're seeing some of the 2022 products being reduced in price by some of the major online retailers. Here, I've picked out some of the best 'older' golf equipment that is being replaced this year and is currently discounted, offering some excellent value for money on 2022's best. With drivers, shoes, golf balls, and golf tech all having been reduced, there is plenty of product to get excited about here with the 2023 golf season tantalizingly close. 

Golf Balls

2021 Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x

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Titleist Pro V1 vs Pro V1x golf balls

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With the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x having a refresh for 2023, now is one of the best opportunities in two years to pick up a dozen of these balls at a discount. Now into its 23rd year as a franchise, the ProV1 and ProV1x are still regarded as one - if not the - best golf balls in the game. While the 2023 Pro V1 and 2023 Pro V1x both enjoy a brand-new high-gradient core to reduce overall spin in the long game, the same cover from the 2021 has been used on the 2023, such was its success. 

Srixon Z Star & Z Star XV

Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Ball 2023

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Much like with Titleist, Srixon has also refreshed its flagship golf ball for 2023 with the Z Star and Z Star XV seeing new releases. As such, the 2021 versions of both of these balls are low in stock but at a very good price for one of the best premium golf balls of recent years. The 2021 Z Star XV is the slightly lower spinning of the two golf balls and is best for golfers with faster swing speeds and the standard 2021 Z Star has a slightly softer cover. 

Mizuno RB Tour & RB Tour X

Mizuno RB Tour X ball review

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While the Mizuno RB Tour and Tour X had a significant update for the start of 2023, the 2021 ball still offers plenty of performance at a good price. The new Mizuno Tour RB has a slightly more durable cover, but we found the performance very similar in our testing and have always been impressed by the value for money on offer from a dozen of the 2021 Mizuno RB Tour and Tour X golf balls. 

Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Ball

Bridgestone e12 Contact Ball

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One of the best value golf balls out there has had a few discounts now it's being replaced for 2023. The Bridgestone e12 Contact has very unique, wide, hexagonal, deep dimples with raised circles set into them to allow the ball to stay in contact with the face for longer. It has a reasonably soft feeling at impact and the dimple pattern undoubtedly kept our ball flight a little straighter during our testing. 


TaylorMade Stealth Driver


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With the TaylorMade Stealth 2 driver now available after its announcement in January 2023, the original Stealth driver has been given a significant reduction and can be found for under $450/£400 at many retailers. The original Stealth was the first driver from the brand to feature a face made of carbon fiber and that tech has carried over into the new models.

One thing to bear in mind when investing in drivers that aren't from 2023 is the lack of custom fitting options available. If you know your specs, you should be able to find the appropriate shaft for your game but if you don't know your specs, it might be better to invest in a custom fitting for one of the 2023 drivers first. 

Ping G425 Drivers

Ping G425 Max driver

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Ping released its long-awaited G430 range of drivers in January, two years after the G425 drivers hit the market. Ping has worked hard on improving the acoustics of the G430 over the G425 and this is probably the biggest difference between the new models. Thanks to the two-year release cycle, Ping drivers tend to hold their value more than other drivers do, so the G425 still represents an excellent investment even two years after its launch given how accurately it projects the ball down the fairway. 

Cobra King LTDx Drivers

Cobra LTDx Driver

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Cobra has been making some of the game's best drivers since the 2019 launch of the F9. Each year, the brand has been steadily improving its offerings and the LTDx from 2022 felt like a near-culmination of this journey. The LTDx and LTDx LS are harder to come by in 2023, but the availability of the more forgiving, draw-bias LTDx Max is more favorable. As good as the new Aerojet driver is, the LTDx Max was one of our favorite drivers for slicers from 2022 and is now readily available for under $350/£300 and represents excellent value for money. 


Adidas ZG21 Shoes


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The adidas ZG21 golf shoe is being replaced this year by - you guessed it - the adidas ZG23 golf shoe. Back in 2021, the ZG21 was one of our favorite spiked golf shoes thanks to its styling, lightweight design, and overall stability it offered through the golf swing. While the ZG23 promises to improve even more on the ZG21 by getting lighter and using a new material in the insole, the older model can be found now in a number of colors for under $90 - great value in my opinion.