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Best Mid Price Golf Balls

What are the best mid price golf balls? To answer that, we should first categorise things a little more.

In broad terms, golf balls will either be ‘value’, ‘mid price’ or ‘premium’. You can find our guides to the best value golf balls and best premium golf balls elsewhere on our website.

In terms of price, ‘value’ would typically be sub-£20 a dozen, and ‘premium’ from perhaps £40 to £50 a dozen. What we are broadly looking at here, then, are the balls that sit somewhere between £20 and £40 a dozen, depending on the brand.

The ball is the one bit of kit with which you hit every shot, so it’s important you get the best golf balls for you. You may feel you’re at a stage where you want more all-round performance than a value ball can offer, but aren’t quite ready for the more significant investment required to stock up with premium balls.

The good news for you is that a number of the balls in today’s mid-price sector are offering performance that is closer to premium ball performance than ever before.

We hope that our guide to the best mid price golf balls will steer you to just the right model for your game and budget.

Alternatively if you are after more distance, or soft feel, then have a read of our guides on the best distance golf balls or best soft feel golf balls.

Best Mid Price Golf Balls

Titleist Tour Speed golf ball

Best Mid Price Golf Balls+ Excellent all-round performer at a sub-premium price point
+ May give you a little more distance on iron shots
– Perhaps a little too soft-feeling for some tastes

Titleist says its new Tour Speed model is the fastest, best-performing ball in its category. That category is really towards the upper end of the mid-price ball market.

It’s a three-piece design with a new high-speed core formulation, plus a fast ionomer casing layer. These combine to generate increased ball speed and low long-game spin to optimise distance.

A new proprietary urethane cover then provides excellent greenside spin for short-game scoring control with soft feel. The end result is a ball that gets close to tour-level performance at a slightly lower price.

Additionally for more Titleist models, have a read of our guide on the best Titleist golf balls.

Titleist Tour Speed Ball Review

Callaway Supersoft Magna golf ball

Best Mid Price Golf Balls

+ An ideal all-round performer particularly at average swing speeds
+ More potential forgiveness via a higher centre of gravity and MOI
– You may struggle to adjust to the ball’s larger-than-standard size

Callaway’s popular Supersoft ball is available in a standard size plus this larger Supersoft Magna version. Remember the TopFlite Magna from the 1990s?

It’s engineered to generate low spin on full shots for a longer, straighter flight. A very low-compression core makes it a particularly good option at average swing speeds.

Callaway says the Magna can offer extra forgiveness as a result of its slightly higher centre of gravity and MOI, which could provide the confidence to both launch it higher and make better contact.

Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball

Best Mid Price Golf Balls

+ Ideal for those seeking tour-calibre performance with a softer feel
+ New stamping design provides a strong alignment aid on putts or even off the tee
– Inevitably, its very soft feel won’t feel quite right to some

The beauty of the Srixon Q-Star is that it promises tour-calibre performance with a very soft feel and and at a much friendlier price!

That soft feel comes primarily via its low 72-compression core FastLayer Core. This gradually transitions from a soft inner core to a firmer outer edge, delivering high levels of both distance and feel.

Q-Star also boasts Srixon’s Slide-Ring Material (SeRM) coating, helping the ball to dig deep into the grooves of wedges and irons. This boosts friction and therefore spin and control.

Wilson Staff Duo Professional golf ball

Best Mid Price Golf Balls

+ One of the softest-feeling urethane-covered balls on the market
+ Good scuff-resistance for enhanced durability
– May feel a little too soft to some on certain shots

The Wilson Duo Professional ball’s low 60 compression rating helps make it one of the softest-feeling urethane-covered balls around.

That combination provides excellent feel and spin without sacrificing distance. Despite its softness the cover is also admirably scuff-resistant for enhance durability,

Available in white plus matter yellow, orange and green versions

TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball

Best Mid Price Golf Balls

+ Strong ball flight even in windy conditions
+ Not far short of tour ball spin control closer to the greens
– Little long-game difference between this and the much cheaper Soft Response ball

The three-piece Tour Response ball features a high-spring, 40-compression core that maximises energy transfer for added distance.

A firmer second layer around the soft inner core helps to increase speed while keeping spin low off the tee.

Up at the green, its cast urethane cover helps wedge grooves grip the ball better for more greenside spin. But it also boasts excellent shear-resistant properties so the added feel doesn’t compromise durability.

TaylorMade Tour Response Ball Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $34.99

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £34.99

Titleist Tour Soft golf ball

Best Mid Price Golf Balls

+ Impressive hang time even in windy conditions
+ Brighter finish makes this ball stand out more for added confidence
– Won’t quite match the short-game spin of the flagship Pro V1

The key to performance in the latest Tour Soft is Titleist’s largest-ever core and an ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover. These combine to deliver added distance and more short-game spin than the previous Tour Soft model.

It offers a penetrating ball flight with added stability in the wind.

Tour Soft ranks among the very best non urethane-covered balls for feel, so you’re not giving too much away in the scoring zone compared to premium-priced balls.

During testing we liked the Tour Soft a lot and found it to be one of the best golf balls for seniors because of the ability to provide distance and spin when needed.

Titleist Tour Soft Ball Review

Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track golf ball

Best Mid Price Golf Balls

+ The Triple Track Technology markings really help with alignment
+ Offers Callaway’s ultimate blend of distance and softness
– Alignment markings won’t suit those who prefer something less fussy at address

The ERC Soft Triple Track ball features Callaway’s largest ever Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core, with the larger inner core maximising compression energy at impact. This keeps driver spin down and helps generate a high launch for more yards.

A new multi-material cover cleverly allows both faster ball speeds on full shots and an extremely soft feel around the greens.

The blue and red Triple Track Technology markings offer maximum visual alignment assistance.

Volvik Vivid golf ball


Best Mid Price Golf Balls+ Designed for a high-launch, low-spin driver flight
+ Vibrant colour options can improve visibility
– Matte finish may not be to everyone’s taste

Volvik’s Nano Bi high-energy, resilient core paves the way to the low-spin, high-launch recipe that leads to more distance off the tee at low to mid swing speeds.

Available in a whole rainbow of vibrant colours developed to improve visibility in flight and on the ground, so you will hopefully follow your ball better and find it more easily.

Pearl Golf Pure Pro & Pro X golf ball

+ Impressive durability especially on short-game shots
+ A good all-round performer that feels particularly soft and controllable
– Not as long as other models in the mid price sector for some

Pearl may be a new name to you, but the Pure Pro and Pure Pro X offer very good all-round performance at an eye-catching price.

The Pure Pro is a three-piece ball with a soft polybutadiene core, an outer mantle layer and a cast urethane cover. The Pure Pro X is a four-piece ball that boasts an extra inner surlyn mantle to provide lower driver spin.

Short-game feel and control are among this alternative’s mid-price offering’s strongest suits.

Bridgestone e6 golf balls

+ Low-compression core is designed to facilitate high ball speeds
+ New version is now easier to compress at moderate swing speeds
– Not the softest-feeling ball on those more delicate greenside shots

The Bridgestone e6 is engineered to provide the best of both worlds to those with moderate swings speeds – the extra distance they crave but with plenty of feel.

It achieves this via a reformulated two-piece construction that makes the ball easier to compress to help more modest swing speeds reap maximum benefit.

Available in white and optic yellow.

Mizuno RB566 golf ball

+ Extra hang time keeps the ball in the air for longer
+ An ideal ball choice for mid to low swing speeds in warm conditions
– The cover is highly durable but not among the very softest

Mizuno’s soft-compression RB566 ball promises superb distance and a prolonged ball flight thanks to a large, high-energy, soft-compression core that promotes a straighter, more stable flight.

The unique cover features no fewer than 566 dimples. It is these micro-dimples that help to delay the rate of the ball’s descent to eke out more yards

The RB566V model may help golfers with slower swings to launch it a little higher.

Available in white, yellow or orange.

Inesis Tour 900 golf balls

+ Very good spin control on iron shots and around the green
+ One of the best-priced urethane-covered balls on the market
– Will spin too much for some players off the tee, especially into the wind

The appeal of Decathlon’s Inesis Tour 900 ball is 1) a great price for a three-piece urethane-covered ball and 2) excellent spin control and performance on approach shots and chips.

The ball has a slightly duller, darker finish than Titleist’s Pro V1, for example, and features a handy alignment side stamp. In essence, it is one of the best mid price golf balls out there because it somehow offers mid-price performance at more of a budget price.

It feels suitably soft for an all-round performance ball, yet doesn’t scuff up too much offering plenty of durability.

Inesis Tour 900 Ball Review

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