Best Mid Price Golf Balls 2022

Check out our guide to the best mid price balls on the market at the moment and find just the right one for your game

Best Mid Price Golf Balls
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Best Mid Price Golf Balls

In broad terms, golf balls these days come with a variety of price points. The best of the best usually have the word 'premium' affixed to them whilst at the other end of the spectrum the word 'value' tends to be used. Everything in between can be described as 'mid-price' and it is these balls that we are focusing on here. 

There is loads of choice in this sector because every brand makes one or two golf balls at this price point, and importantly, we have found these golf balls to offer performance that is as close to the top premium models as ever before. Now we all know how important it is for you to get the best golf balls (opens in new tab) for you. You may feel you’re at a stage where you want more all-round performance than even the best value golf balls can offer but aren’t quite ready for the more significant investment required to stock up with premium balls. The good news for you is that we have tested a lot of mid price golf balls and we think our selections below symbolize everything that is good in this sector.

We hope our guide to the best mid price golf balls, as well as the video below, will steer you to just the right model for your game and budget. And if you’re after more distance or a soft-feeling golf ball, don’t forget to check out our guides to the best distance golf balls and best soft feel golf balls on the market.

Best Mid Price Golf Balls

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Titleist Tour Speed 2022 Golf Ball Review

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Construction: Three-piece
Colors: 2 (white, yellow)

Reasons to buy

Excellent all-round performer 
Sub-premium price point
Similar feel to tour-quality balls
Excellent distance from drivers and irons

Reasons to avoid

Doesn't provide as much spin as Tour quality models

Titleist’s second-generation Tour Speed golf ball is an impressive update to an already high-performing mid-priced golf ball. The Tour Speed delivers in all areas of the bag, but in the long game, it can really help improve performance for those looking to gain more distance. It costs around $10 to $15 less per dozen than Titleist’s Pro V1 golf ball (opens in new tab) and provides very similar levels of performance and feel to the Tour models. 

The Tour Speed features a high flex casing layer and reformulated core that gives high speed and low spin on longer shots. We gained an extra 2 mph of ball speed over the previous Tour Speed model, with the ball also launching a lot higher than its previous model. The difference was even more noticeable when we tested it with our 7-iron, with the ball speed going to 7 mph faster while spinning around 1000 rpm more than the 2020 model. Well-struck shots were rewarded with strong ball flights that hung in the air and the ball didn’t feel too soft off the clubface in comparison to other mid-priced urethane golf balls. 

The only drawback this ball has compared to some of the best premium golf balls (opens in new tab) is the amount of spin on offer. Short pitch shots will grab but don’t check quite as much compared to Titleist’s Pro V1 or Pro V1x (opens in new tab) offerings. But it did offer greater levels of spin compared to the slightly less expensive Tour Soft (opens in new tab)model. Overall, it is a high-performing golf ball that is a great year-round golf ball that can help golfers looking to improve their performance without stretching to a more premium price. For that reason, the Titleist Tour Speed is one of the best value golf balls (opens in new tab) on the market.