In this Mizuno RB Tour X ball review, Kit Alexander outlines what you can expect from this premium category offering in terms of feel and performance.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Mizuno RB Tour X Golf Balls


  • Good distance for faster swingers thanks to lower spin. Strong ball flight, excellent durability.


  • Noticeably firm sound and feel, even for an x version of a premium ball


Mizuno RB Tour X Ball


Price as reviewed:

£39.99 (per dozen)

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Mizuno RB Tour X Ball Review

Mizuno isn’t a name that jumps to mind when you think of golf balls – 99.9% of people rightly associate the brand with world-class forged irons like the MP-20 MB – but it’s a category they’ve in which it has significantly increased its presence in recent years.

The RB Tour X ball is designed to offer something that not too many other balls do, low launch and high spin with higher compression.


The difference in compression is in line with where most other manufacturers with a regular and an X model position theirs. The firmer compression of the RB Tour X versus the sister RB Tour produces more ball speed, but at the cost of more spin with the driver. In simple terms, if you’re a low spin, high speed player who can hit up with driver, you should opt for this X model.


It’s a four-piece ball and there are 360 Cone Dimples on the cover that are designed to reduce drag and create a lower and more piercing flight without giving up any distance.

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This certainly seemed to ring true during testing as it flew very true, even in windier conditions, and the distance was comparable to other premium balls.

That being said, it wouldn’t suit a golfer who ordinarily struggles to get the ball high enough and generate enough spin.


The urethane cover itself was one of the most durable we’ve ever tested, but that did seem to come at the expense of a little feel and finesse on and around the greens. It performed pretty well in the short game, but just didn’t have quite as much spin as some other top premium balls.

This was a consistent performer that will serve the low handicapper well, despite not being a household name in the world of premium golf balls.


The Mizuno RB Tour X ball is an excellent option for a relatively small group of golfers. If you can swing fast enough and launch the ball high with the driver, then you could really see some gains. The ball flight is strong and the cover is very durable, but you might be sacrificing a little in terms of short game feel and finesse.