The 2021 Titleist Pro V1 golf balls have had a major redesign. Neil Tappin tested the performance to see how the latest iteration stacks up.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls


  • Provides superb all-round performance with impressive distance in the long game, excellent control into the greens and high levels of consistency throughout with a soft feel.


  • Despite the performance and a slight price reduction, the premium price-tag will be a stumbling block for many golfers.


2021 Titleist Pro V1 Ball


Price as reviewed:

£50.00 (per dozen RRP)

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2021 Titleist Pro V1 Ball Review

One of golf’s most well known equipment franchises has received a major overhaul in 2021. From core to cover, Titliest has reworked its Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls in a bid to offer players more of what has made this product one of the best golf ball franchises over the years. 

We wanted to see for ourselves so we tested the Pro V1 on the course and on a launch monitor, hitting shots with a driver, 7-iron and also a series of 50-yard pitches. We compared the performance with the Pro V1x golf ball and with the previous generation versions and also hit some shots with Titleist’s other current premium golf ball offering, the AVX.

With the driver, we noticed that both golf balls created less spin than the previous generation. Whilst that difference was fairly minimal in the Pro V1, the Pro V1x averaged just over 300rpm less spin than the 2019 version. However, this was coupled with a launch angle that was 1˚ higher in the new ball, delivering a consistently long and strong ball flight. 

New Titleist golf balls for 2021

This also provided one of the most noticeable performance differences between the 2021 Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls. In our testing, the Pro V1 launched 0.6˚ lower and spun 200 rpm less. This led to a flight in the Pro V1 that was significantly lower – something that really stood out during our on-course testing.

With the 7-iron, we were pleased to see both golf balls offering plenty of flight and good control into the greens. 

2021 Titleist Pro V1

By contrast, the current Titleist AVX delivered just over 1000 rpm less spin with the 7-iron. This low spin performance could really help those players who generate too much through impact and as such, have a tendency to lose distance when hitting into the wind. If you fall into this category and haven’t thought about switching into the AVX, it might be worth considering.

From 50 yards, both new balls provided impressive levels of spin, albeit comparable to what we were getting with the previous generation. The Pro V1x delivered an average of 5736 rpm while the Pro V1 averaged 5016 rpm. 

Titleist says that one of the main developments for 2021 Pro V1 has been the introduction of new and distinct dimple patterns in both models to help maximise consistency and distance. 

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Despite the major redesign, golfers can expect a familiar combination of performance benefits from the 2021 Pro V1 balls. It provides excellent distance in the long game and offer superb levels of spin control and feel in the short game.

The Pro V1 launching lower and spinning less is certainly noticeable and means that every golfer will benefit from choosing the correct one for them.


With the launch of the 2021 Pro V1 ball, Titleist continues to raise the bar in the premium golf ball category. From tee-to-green, it offers superb, but distinct, all round performance. We were seriously impressed with the strength and consistency of the flight, particularly in the wind.