In this 2021 Titleist Pro V1x Ball Review, Neil Tappin tests it up against the new Pro V1 to see how the performance compares

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Titleist Pro V1x Ball 2021


  • Strong ball flights in the long game, especially noticeable when playing in the wind. Good spin control and feel around greens.


  • The premium price point will be too much of a stretch for some. 


Titleist Pro V1x Ball 2021


Price as reviewed:

£50.00 (per dozen)

Clubhouse Golf

2021 Titleist Pro V1x Ball Review

The 2021 Titleist Pro V1x builds on what was already a top-performing product in the 2019 version. For those golfers not fighting spin in the long game, this model provides excellent consistency and a ball flight that couples distance with control.

The 2021 Pro V1X promises golfers a combination of distance in the long game with high levels control and feel in the short game by building on previous versions of the ball. We wanted to see for ourselves how the performance compared so we tested the 2021 Titleist Pro V1x golf balls on a SkyTrak launch monitor at West Hill Golf Club.

The first thing to note about the latest version of the Pro V1x is the long game spin. In our driver testing, it was spinning 300rpm less on average than the 2019 version. The ball flight however was very similar, probably because the 2021 Pro V1x had a 1˚ higher launch angle. Off the tee, we felt that any distance gains over the previous generation were fairly minimal but that the ball flight was stronger and this was particularly noticeable during our on-course testing.

That the Pro V1x spins more than the 2021 Pro V1 was noticeable off the tee but less so when hitting into the greens. During our 7-iron testing, both models provided consistent flights (the peak height of the Pro V1x was 1 yard higher than the Pro V1) and offered excellent stopping power into the greens.

The Pro V1x has a firmer feel than the Pro V1. However, in our testing we often struggle to pick up on these differences especially on chip and putt shots when the clubhead is moving slowly. Both balls feel good around the greens and for us, the other performance elements were more noticeable.  

One of the standout performance benefits of the new Titleist Pro V1x was evident as we tested the balls on a very windy day on the golf course. The strength of the ball flight that we noticed during the launch monitor testing translated into superb performance here.  It was clear how much distance we were able to retain when hitting into and in cross winds. 


The latest version of the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball is an excellent all-rounder, as you would expect. We were particularly impressed by the improved ball flight in the long game which didn’t come at the cost of any short game control or feel.