Best Golf Windbreaker 2023

When the weather turns and wind is howling, these windbreakers will help keep out the cold.

Best Golf Windbreaker
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Best Golf Windbreaker

Comfort on the golf course is key to playing your best. When you are out in the elements for four hours, it’s crucial that you maintain a consistent body temperature, feel protected from the weather yet are able to swing freely, no matter what the conditions throw at you. That makes having the best golf waterproofs (opens in new tab) for you vitally important.

When the wind gusts hard, as it often does on the course, you need something to protect you from the squalls. Of course the best golf rain jackets (opens in new tab) can deliver here but you don’t necessarily need, or want, to don full waterproofs in windy conditions, rather to find a garment designed specifically to counter the breezes. As such here we look at some of the best golf windbreakers that are on the market. These will protect you from the breeze but still help you maintain a consistent core temperature and swing with freedom. How is this achieved? Well most brands use fabrics and materials, as well as clever bits of technology, to keep the wind and cold out. Additionally the best models seem to offer different looks and designs as well so every fashion sense is catered for. 

 Let's get to the list and if you want more garments to deal with the cold, check out our guides on the best golf sweaters (opens in new tab) and best golf hoodies (opens in new tab) as well.

Best Golf Windbreaker - Best Golf Wind Jackets

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How we test golf apparel

We test golf apparel in the same way we test all golf equipment (opens in new tab), by using products properly. The best way to test windbreakers is by doing so out on the golf course to gauge how they deal with the wind, and how warm they keep the wearer. This testing often takes place over a few rounds so we can then see how the jacket has performed over time, in different conditions and how it performs when we have to play varying shots. 

We would also wear the tops off the golf course as well because versatility to use a garment anywhere is a great way to get value for money. The final point we wanted to mention here is no manufacturer can pay for a good review because our thorough testing team tells it how it is. 

What to consider when buying a golf windbreaker


This is the most important factor to consider really because a good wind jacket has to protect the wearer from the wind and the cold. The best models stop the wind penetrating the fabric and making your core cold, and also have nice features like fleece lined pockets to give you some respite from the poor conditions.


Do you want the jacket to offer waterproof protection as well? Many of the models in this guide offer some kind of water repellent protection but if you want something for greater downpours, then we would recommend taking a look at the models in our best waterproof golf jackets (opens in new tab) guide, or maybe try investing in one of the best golf umbrellas (opens in new tab) as well! 

Freedom of movement

With all this protection, occasionally jackets can be large and cumbersome but in modern golf design this is no longer the case. Most really good models stretch and move with the body freely so that your swing isn't hindered despite having a few layers on. Here we would recommend trying on models and making practice swings to see if you like the movement on offer. 


If you are wearing it, you have to like what it looks like. No longer are golf windbreakers drab and boring to look at because now there are designs for all fashion senses. It is just a case of picking a design and color you like.


Do you want to be able to use the jacket anywhere from the golf course to the pub to at home? This is an important factor if you want to get more for your money and thankfully there are lots of model above that we feel can be used on and off the course. 


Finally be aware of your budget so you can find a jacket that fits into it nicely. Importantly there are models above which come with premium, and value price points so there is something for everyone.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best golf windbreakers. For more buying advice, such as the best golf rainwear (opens in new tab) or best waterproof golf shoes (opens in new tab), see the Golf Monthly website.

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