Best Golf Quarter Zips 2023

Check out some of our favorite quarter zip golf tops that you can buy right now!

Best Golf Quarter Zips
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Best Golf Quarter Zips

The golf quarter zip should be a staple clothing item in any golfer's wardrobe. Delivering warmth, comfort and style, quarter zips can be worn all-year-round for any kind of temperatures. From those sub-zero days on the course, for that chilly twilight round in the spring; having a good quarter zip can help you both look good and feel good on the golf course. Akin to some of the best golf tops (opens in new tab) or best golf sweaters (opens in new tab) most quarter zips are also versatile enough that they can be worn off the golf course in social settings, adding either a sporty or a smart look to any outfit. 

Particularly in colder conditions though, these mid layers can deliver a very handy extra layer of warmth that'll keep you feeling comfortable on the course. Additionally they also work well on those days when it is too hot for a thicker sweater, and too cold to just wear a polo. 

Here at Golf Monthly, we've been lucky enough to test out a few of the best quarter zips on the market and in this guide we'll be bringing you a list of some of the top models you can buy right now. If you're in the market for some new warm golf gear though, you should also be sure to take a look at our guides on the best golf beanies (opens in new tab) and best golf base layers (opens in new tab).

Best Golf Quarter Zips

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How we test

We test golf quarter zips (opens in new tab) in the same manner as we do all other pieces of golf apparel and equipment - comprehensively. In relation to the apparel, we put products to the test out on the golf course to see if the design works as it should when having to play in different conditions and play different shots. This is a good way of seeing if a model interferes with the swing at any point too. We then try and use the top off the course as well to see if they are versatile enough to be worn in a social setting. The final point we wanted to mention here is no manufacturer can pay for a good review because our thorough testing team tells it how it is. 

How to choose a golf top

What are some of the things to consider when buying a golf quarter zip? Let's take a look.


Depending on your style preferences, there are a range of different kinds of quarter zips available to you! Perhaps you might want a sporty option that will expand and stretch as you play, or why not get yourself a smarter option, that you may also want to wear in social situations. There are a variety of kinds of mid layers available, each offering different attributes - so pick the right one for you! 


Linking with the above point, knowing what you are after will help you decide what material to go for. The fleece models above will keep the cold at bay whilst ones with more spandex in them will help you move easier and won't restrict the golf swing in any way. Additionally we have found the models with cotton in them are often the best for wearing out and about as well, and they are very easy to wash. 


Ultimately this comes down to making sure you get the right size because you don't want something that is too baggy which could catch your hands during the swing, and you don't want something too tight either because that will restrict the swing. As such, we would recommend trying on models and taking swings in them to see if you still offer the same range of movement.


This is an important factor to consider. Do you want to stand out or just have a more understated look? We think there is something for everyone above. 


This is another important thing to consider. Do you want to use the quarter zip just on the golf course, or be able to use it anywhere? Many of the models above can do both which is a good way of getting more for your money. 


Finally be aware of your budget so you can find a top that fits into it nicely. Importantly there are models above which come with premium, and value price points so there is something for everyone.


What makes a good golf quarter zip?

Quarter zips need to offer warmth and mobility by not being too constricting on your golf swing. The best mid layers will act as a great layer that you can pack under a lightweight golf jacket for example and add an extra level of warmth for those colder days on the course. 

Should mid-layers be tight?

That depends on the fit you're looking for. Ideally, a golf mid-layer should offer ample stretch to allow you to comfortably swing the golf club. Most manufacturers build their mid-layers out of a stretchy polyester material that can offer a tight fitting look. 

Should I buy a cotton or synthetic quarter zip?

That comes down to your preference as a golfer and there are positives and negatives to each. Cotton is a much warmer material than most and offers a very smart style - yet when it gets wet it can be hard to dry again and will leave you feeling cold on the course. Synthetic materials do the opposite, more often than not they come with moisture wicking technology that will dry quickly, and can be a little more comfortable than cotton. 

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