Check out our guide to the best soft feel golf balls on the market designed for control and feel around the green plus extra distance for some golfers

Best Soft Feel Golf Balls

The golf ball companies know that we have all come to expect the best of all worlds from the golf ball we play, whether we are beginners seeking inexpensive ammunition, improvers wanting to move on to the best mid price golf balls, or those prepared to invest in the very best premium golf balls.

Most balls will reference a blend of distance, feel, control and softness among their attributes as it really is now possible to mix distance with softness thanks to advances in golf ball design.

Indeed, softness is seen as such a desirable quality that many balls reference it directly in their names, including nearly all of those we highlight here.

Premium balls will all feel relatively soft around the greens because of their urethane covers, but here we’re looking at the best soft feel golf balls which slot in a little further down the price pyramid.

On chips and putts, it is primarily the cover material that will dictate how soft a ball feels, but on fuller shots, other elements of the ball’s design – the core and any mid-layers – come into the equation.

Balls with low-compression soft cores will feel softer off the face on full shots, with the added rebound properties of those soft cores also potentially helping those with low to average swing speeds hit it a little bit further compared to firmer-compression balls.

So, if you like a soft feel on chips and putts or could do with a few extra yards courtesy of a low-compression core, our guide to the best soft feel golf balls could be just the ticket.

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Best Soft Feel Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft golf ball


Best Golf Balls for Seniors

+ An ideal soft-feeling golf ball for those with average swing speeds
+ New hybrid cover boosts distance and durability without sacrificing feel
– Faster swingers won’t get the most out of the low-compression core

Callaway’s low-compression Supersoft ball, aimed at those with average swing speeds seeking a soft feel, has undergone several improvements for 2021.

Principle among these is a new hybrid cover featuring what Callaway has christened a Paraloid Impact Modifier.

The benefits are improved distance and durability without sacrificing the feel and short-game control for which Supersoft is renowned.

Callaway’s famous HEX Aerodynamics cover pattern reduces drag and increases lift to help you launch the ball better. The Soft Compression Core then enhances energy transfer for more ball speed and a high-launch, low-spin combo in your longer clubs.

Available in six colours! White and yellow plus matte orange, green, pink and red.

Srixon Soft Feel golf ball

Soft Feel Golf Balls+ The longest Srixon Soft Feel model to date
+ Its thin cover improves greenside feel and spin.
– May feel a little too soft off the face for some

This is the 12th generation of Srixon’s Soft Feel model, a ball which should help those with moderate swing speeds maximise distance without compromising feel.

The FastLayer Core gradually transitions from a soft centre to a firmer outer edge.

Srixon says that this core will snap back into shape more quickly after impact for added ball speed, while reducing long-game sidespin for increased accuracy.

The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern gets the ball cutting through the wind better by reducing drag at launch and increasing lift during descent.

To take a look at the current Srixon ball range, check out our guide on the best Srixon golf balls.

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Titleist Tour Soft golf ball

Soft Feel Golf Balls+ This ball offers impressive hang time even in windy conditions
+ Some may find that its stand-out brighter finish inspires a little more confidence
– Non-urethane-covered so not quite up with the flagship Pro V1 for short-game spin

The key to performance in the latest Tour Soft is Titleist’s largest-ever core and an ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover. These combine to deliver added distance and more short-game spin than the previous Tour Soft model.

It offers a penetrating ball flight with added stability in the wind.

Tour Soft ranks among the very best non urethane-covered balls for feel, so you’re not giving too much away here in the scoring zone compared to premium balls.

Titleist Tour Soft Ball Review

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TaylorMade Soft Response golf ball

Soft Feel Golf Balls+ A very good performer in the wind
+ Shallower U-shaped dimples decrease drag and increase lift for longer carries
– Not quite as much spin control as the sister Tour Response model

The Soft Response, along with the Tour Response model, is one of two TaylorMade balls sitting beneath the premium TP5 product.

Soft Response is significantly less expensive than Tour Response and has been designed with moderate swing speeds in mind

It is one of the best soft feel golf balls around thanks to the all-round performance with a softer feel, courtesy of a soft but durable ionomer cover.

The ball’s Extended Flight Dimple pattern encourages decreased drag and increased lift to keep the ball up in the air longer at lower spin rates.

TaylorMade Soft Response Ball Review

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Wilson Duo Soft+ golf ball

Soft Feel Golf Balls+ Ultra-low 36 compression is perfect for more modest swing speeds
+ New core design promotes added distance
– Surlyn cover may feel too hard to some around the greens

A model that also featured in our best golf balls for seniors guide, the VelocitiCOR is the powerhouse behind the performance of the Duo Soft+ ball, which Wilson claims to be the softest and longest premium two-piece ball on the market.

Its low-spin credentials may also soften hook and slice spin a little for straighter shots.

A higher launch off irons paves the way for a steeper descent and added stopping power on approach shots.

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Srixon UltiSoft golf ball

Soft Feel Golf Balls+ Good feel off the face on and around the greens
+ Designed for low to mid swing speeds but performs pretty well at faster speeds too
– Likely to roll out a little more than urethane-covered balls around the green

The Srixon UltiSoft is the brand’s lowest-compression and softest golf ball ever courtesy of an innovative new core. This produces a softer feel while still maximising energy transfer at impact for more long-game distance.

The 324 Speed Dimple pattern reduces drag in flight for a penetrating trajectory.

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Honma TW-S golf ball

Soft Feel Golf Balls+ Specifically aimed at swing speeds of around 85mph
+ A particularly good performer when the wind gets up
– May launch a little too low for some golfers

Honma’s new TW-S is a sister product to the TW-X, targeting those with slightly slower swings speeds (around 85mph rather than 90mph+ for the TW-X).

Its fast core promises faster ball speeds off the clubface.

The TW-S feels softer than TW-X, which many golfers prefer closer to the green. It also offers higher spin with a lower launch – ideal for golfers who often battle the wind around their home track.

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Inesis Soft 500 golf ball

+ Low compression helps slower swinger create better energy transfer
+ Very competitively priced
– Only claims to offer moderate grip around the greens

This Inesis Soft 500 two-piece ball from Decathlon has a low compression, so those not blessed with the fastest of swings can optimise their distances

The low compression allows them to generate better energy transfer at impact, which then translates into those added yards.

Perhaps the biggest attraction, though, is its price – less per dozen than some lake balls! This makes it a good option for those who prefer to play with new balls but don’t have a limitless budget.

Available in white, orange, yellow and a very vivid pink in both standard and matte finishes.

UK Buy Now at Decathlon for £12.99

Volvik Power Soft golf ball

+ Designed for a mid-high launch with the driver
+ Some golfers may find the vibrant colour options easier to follow and find
– Cover may feel too firm to some on and around the greens

The Volvik Power Soft is an inexpensive ball available in a wide palette of colour options.

Its oversized Power Core promises high ball speeds off the face for strong performance with the driver thanks to low spin and a mid-high launch.

A super soft ionomer cover adds in a suitable degree of greenside control too.

We think this is such a good ball that we also included it in our guide on the best golf balls for beginners too.

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Pinnacle Soft golf ball

+ Designed for added distance off both driver and irons
+ Now has an even softer feel than previous generations
– Faster swingers may reap greater benefits from the sister Pinnacle Rush model

The high-energy core drives performance, generating faster ball speeds with every club.

An icosahedral dimple design, with 332 dimples in a soft, durable ionomer cover, promises a consistent, powerful ball flight.

Slower swingers may eke a little more distance out of this Soft model than the Rush, while also enjoying its softer feel around the greens.

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