Check out the latest putters from TaylorMade and see which one might be best for your game

Best TaylorMade Putters

Given some of the world’s best players, like Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy and Collin Morikawa, use TaylorMade putters, it should come as no surprise how successful the brand has been.

Those players are not ones to take their equipment setups lightly so we think this shows clear as day that the brand makes some of the best putters in the business

What might surprise you is the variety in the family, with all manner of shapes, styles and colours to suit both your eye and your putting strokes. There is most definitely something for everyone in the range.

As such we have looked at the best TaylorMade putters currently on the market below.

Alternatively if TaylorMade is not for you, then we have also created guides on other brands, such as the best Ping putters, the best Scotty Cameron putters, and even the best Odyssey putters currently on sale.

Best TaylorMade Putters

TaylorMade Spider EX Putter

+ Sounds and feels great and should be a big help on those longer putts
– Slightly more curved shape might not suit all

This is TaylorMade’s best putter in terms of tour preference and sales. The TaylorMade Spider EX is another great addition to the incredibly popular Spider family of putters and there are some key inclusions that make it stand out.

The new True Path system on the top of the head makes it much easier to aim thanks to the reflective white dots that dominate the eye-line. These three dots between the dual rail also make lining up the ball super simple and also helps keep the face square at impact.

Away from alignment, the Spider EX is also a remarkably forgiving putter when you don’t strike it out of the centre. This is thanks to the aluminium frame and carbon composite head that increase the MOI for a more consistent roll and that all important forgiveness across the face.

The adjusted Pure Roll insert has a softer feel and the new Fluted Feel shaft made in conjunction with KBS has added to the altogether lovely and comfortable feel of this putter. It is slightly less angular than last year’s Spider X and if this suits you eye this is a very forgiving and easy to align mallet putter.

TaylorMade Truss TM 2 Putter

+ Great outside-the-box thinking and should see you picking it off the shelf
– A lot of us go by purely looks so this won’t be for everyone

The Truss range is a two-strong collective and is quite polarising with the different look with the hosel. It’s not there to look weird, rather the idea has been borrowed from bridge makers and, through triangular shapes, added to the neck section of the putters. So there’s a larger area of supported mass and, when you fail to locate sweet spot, the club will stay more square. The longer the putt, the more likely your dispersion will go up and the more help you’ll get.

But when you look down on this putter all you see is a regular fang-shaped mallet and nothing of what’s going on around the neck line. Martin Kaymer uses the other version – the Truss TM1 – which he says he really loves the concept.

TaylorMade Truss Putters Review

TaylorMade Truss TB1 Putter

+ A blade with mallet-like assistance, what’s not to like?
– A lot has gone into this and it’s fairly pricey

Dustin Johnson is renowned for mixing things up at the putter end of the bag and he first tried the Truss mallet before putting the TB1 into play and winning at the Travelers. He has grown up using a blade but enjoys the benefits of a mallet so this was ideal and it offered him more stability.

To enhance the quality of the roll all the Truss putters have the same Surlyn insert found in the Spider putters while the grooves are designed to get the ball rolling rather than skidding.

According to TaylorMade’s data this Truss TB1 blade deflects 61.5% less than a standard heel-toe blade while the centre-shafted TB2 is up at 80.3%. As such we also included the Truss in our most forgiving putters guide.

TaylorMade Truss Putters Review

TaylorMade Spider SR Putter

+ Incredibly stable and creates a consistent roll off the face
– If you do like to rotate the putter then there might be more suitable options

Another member of the TaylorMade’s popular Spider family, the Spider SR is designed to be one of the most stable putters in the Spider range.

SR stands for Stability Refined and the stability comes from the Tour-inspired winged shape which features two back weights for the highest MOI performance.

The Spider SR has the same TPU Pure Roll face insert that is used in the Spider EX, making for a soft feel with consistent roll allowing golfers to maximise their pace control on the greens.

The biggest difference between the Spider SR and the rest of the Spider range is of course the looks and the SR’s arrow alignment tool is very helpful at keeping the blade square through impact. If you’re after a forgiving mallet and like the shape of the Spider SR its an ideal putter.

TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter

+ This will suit plenty of players and is really helpful to start the ball online
– The heavier copper insert offers a firmer stroke, more like a blade

This stands for forward centre of gravity and much of the weight here, 70 per cent of it, is in the front as opposed to only 43 per cent in the Spider EX. So this is aimed at those players who might have struggled with a mallet in the past and there are three hosel configurations – small slant, L neck and a single bend – to suit different strokes.

This is easy to aim the face up square thanks to the T-shape alignment and, while it will feel different to the rear-weighted Spider EX, the performance is right up there when you get used to it.

There is also plenty of premium appeal with the Super Stroke Pistol 1.0 grip and the all-black shaft. We think all of this feel, performance and technology will particularly help beginners to the game so it was a no-brainer inclusion in our guide on the best putters for high handicappers.

Collin Morikawa put the Spider FCG in his bag when he won his first World Golf Championship earlier this year.

TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter Review

TaylorMade Spider X Hydroblast Putter 

+ A lovely new finish to one of the most popular putters out there
– Not much has changed from the 2020 Spider X

TaylorMade has refreshed its incredibly successful Spider X putter with a new colourway and a new finishing process.

The Hydro Blast has a smoother and very premium-looking finish thanks to the high-pressure application of water to the aluminium body.

And TaylorMade says a by-product of this process is added durability as the risk of blemishes and scratches is minimised due to the absence of paint.

It is certainly a very clean and more durable finish than we saw in 2020 and the putter itself is one of TaylorMade’s most popular clubs of all time.

TaylorMade Spider X Putter Review

TaylorMade TP Patina Collection Juno Putter

Best TaylorMade Putters

+ It’s a classic and will catch the eye of any blade devotee
– May not be the easiest to align

This is one of the most traditional and clean-looking putters in TaylorMade’s line-up and was in the bag of Collin Morikawa when he landed the PGA Championship earlier this year. The American has been searching high and low for the right putter and he’d been through the range when he settled upon the Juno.

“I like messing around with different shapes but I’ve come to realise that I need a putter that just sits nicely in my hands. So when I put it down I don’t have to adjust my body, it just sits where I want my hands to be, where I want my body and eye-line to be.”

With his particular putter they flattened the lie angle a touch and off he went.

The TP Patina Collection comprises a mix of classic blades and modern mallets to suit a variety of strokes and preferences.

TaylorMade TP Patina Collection Putters Review

TaylorMade Spider S Putter

+ Lovely new alignment option on the crown
– Not a whole lot different to last year’s Spider S

Not much has changed versus last year’s Spider S, but the 2021 refresh has brought with it a new alignment tool on the top of the crown and a new, slightly softer face insert.

The new TruPath alignment, which can also be found on the Spider SR, is the exact width of the golf ball and give golfers a great focal point on the putter head in which to consistently line the ball up and strike it out of the centre of the face.

Being a mallet, this a very stable and forgiving putter and the new alignment only helps in striking the ball consistently on the greens.

TaylorMade Spider S Putter Review

TaylorMade TP Patina Collection Ardmore 3 Putter

Best TaylorMade Putters

+ Little effort has to be made to produce a strike to get the ball to the hole
– There isn’t loads of help when it comes to alignment

This might be best known after getting a spell in Tiger Woods’ bag after his Scotty Cameron was benched for a while. Tiger said that it helped him to start his ball online again after a poor spell on the greens. This is one of three Ardmore mallets and has a small curve hosel at address and these and the Dupage mallet provide greater stability on off-centre hits while all seven models produce a fantastic roll thanks to the thicker grooved insert. As such we also included the Ardmore 3 in our best mallet putters guide.

TaylorMade TP Patina Collection Putters Review