Best Golf Socks 2023

Our selection of the best golf socks to wear on the course this season

Best Golf Socks
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Best Golf Socks

Admit it, you throw on any old pair of golf socks when you are picking your outfit for the next round of golf. Well that should not be the case because brands specifically design socks to keep your feet dry, warm and above everything else, comfortable when you're playing. The best golf shoes will of course help with these things too but you should be thinking about your golf socks too!

Thankfully, many brands make excellent models and to help you out we have set out some of the best golf socks that money can buy in the list below. Also if you are in the market for any other golf apparel, check out some of our other guides on the best golf tops, best golf polos or best golf pants. Whatever you are after, we've got you covered. But without further ado, let's check out our top picks for the best golf socks. 

Best Golf Socks

Why you can trust Golf Monthly Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

How we test golf socks

When it comes to golf apparel, we take the testing process very seriously. Whether we are sent a product or buy it ourselves, we put everything through its paces to ensure we can provide thorough and reliable advice on each product. Our writer Sam Tremlett heads up the apparel sections of our website while every member of the Golf Monthly team is an avid golfer and as such, knows what does and doesn't make for a good piece of golf equipment.

As far as our methodology goes, we review all golf socks properly, which means we have used each pair across multiple rounds and in practice to assess every aspect of its performance. For example, if a manufacturer claims to have produced the most durable sock in golf, we will put that claim to the test to see whether the sock does last for multiple rounds of golf. Specifically for golf socks, we test each one to assess how its design features can benefit you on the course. We put each pair of socks to the test in both sunny and in rainy conditions to assess how they comfortable they are, how much traction they give you to your shoes and how cool they keep your feet. This comprehensive testing style is not just exclusive to golf socks as we test with the same level of thoroughness across all gear categories. 

How to choose golf socks

While you might think picking up a pair of golf socks isn't that big of a deal, but if you're not paying attention to what each sock can offer you, you might be missing out on some performance and comfort enhancing features. For that reason, we've set out a list of considerations below that you need to bear in mind that'll help you buy the correct pair of socks for your needs as a golfer.


First things first, how long do you want your golf socks to be? Are you a longer sock kind of person, or just want some kind of ankle sock to wear during the summer months? Knowing this will narrow down your search immediately. If you're playing golf regularly in hotter climates you should also think about the perils of getting a golfer's tan! If you're one of these people, then maybe go for a trainer liner or a low ankle sock.


Have a think about what fabric you would like the socks to be made from. For example, there are loads of materials used these days such as polyester, spandex, lycra, nylon and cotton. Often socks are made with a combination of these so have a think about what material you like, and also when you would be wearing these socks because you don't want to get spandex ones for the winter months and warm cotton ones for summer.


Most brands make socks that offer technology to help in a variety of ways. For example, many help with moisture management and sweat wicking which keeps the feet dry and comfortable. Some also offer padding for key areas of the foot as well. Of course, several of the models above have been designed with all of these facets in mind.


Striped? Bright colors? Understated? Whatever kind of design you are after, most brands offer various models for anyone to use. The sheer array of socks we picked out above shows this clearly. Whatever fashion sense you have, there will be a sock polo for you.


Of course the price is always something people should think about. There is great value to be had with the models above but there are also more premium models for those wanting to spend a little more. Put simply, there is something for everyone.


What socks are best for golf?

There are lots of great socks on the market right now from top-notch brands like adidas, Nike, FootJoy and more. Regarding the best, this will differ for every person and what they like from a golf sock, especially in terms of length, color and material. 

How are golf socks different?

Golf socks tend to be a little different than normal socks because of what how they have to perform for golfers. Many models come with some degree of breathability to help golfers not sweat too much in golf shoes, and they usually tend to be padded in key areas around the forefoot, and heel. Golf socks tend to be very soft and aim to be as comfortable as possible as well because golfers spend so much time walking in them throughout the round. 

Do I need to wear long socks when I play golf?

That depends on the type of course you're playing at. There are some courses that will not allow players to wear ankle socks with their shorts, they tend to be the more traditional courses. Yet, if you're playing socially, many courses across the UK and US are fine with players wearing ankle socks. 



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Working with golf gear and equipment over the last six years, Sam has quickly built outstanding knowledge and expertise on golf products ranging from drivers, to balls, to shoes. 

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