Most Comfortable Golf Shoes 2024

Looking for an easy walk on the course? Here's a list of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market right now

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes
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It sounds like an obvious thing to say that golf shoes have to be comfortable. You want your shoes to offer a nicely cushioned wear and, thankfully, there's a huge focus on comfort in the golf market as you do an awful lot of walking during a typical 18 hole round. Sometimes you might even stretch to 36 and the best golf shoes out there will feel as if you could wear them literally all day. Some will also be as comfortable off the course as they are on it, and all of the best spikeless shoes in this list offer comfort and versatility. 

Brands spend a lot of money and research time to make the most comfortable golf shoes possible. Shoes that provide a soft, yet stable, feel on all different terrains, and make sure they are a joy to wear as well. Some of the shoes in this list offer comfort by creating a 'locked-in' feeling around the ankle and heel, while some will use soft, full-grain leathers and padded midsoles to create comfort - the choice is yours as to how you'd like to experience the comfort.

To help you choose your optimum pair of golf shoes, we've picked out the most comfortable offerings on the market, given you some insight into how we test golf equipment and gear, and taken a look at some factors you should consider when buying golf shoes. At least one member of the Golf Monthly team has personally tested these golf shoes, on and off course, to give you a first hand report of how comfortable they are. Be sure to read our full reviews of each shoe for even more information. 

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On a final note, there are lots of other variables to think about too, and we have created guides to suit the needs of every player. Check out the best golf shoes for wide feet, the best waterproof golf shoes and best golf shoes for walking.

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