Best Golf Shorts 2024 - The Best Models To Wear When The Sun Is Out

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Best Golf Shorts
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From vibrant colors to traditional styles, the golf apparel market is booming at the moment, with hundreds of brands around the world innovating to produce new golf gear. And there really is something for every golfer, with the best golf tops, best golf socks and best golf jackets all offering up a range of modern and classic styles that really have us spoiled for choice. Golf shorts unquestionably fit into that bracket too. Depending on whether you like wearing knee-length shorts or three-quarter lengths, there are plenty of options available to you. But whatever your style, it pays to get a pair of shorts that are specifically designed with golf in mind. That way you can get the performance and style you need to feel comfortable and shoot low scores on the course. 

Modern golf shorts don't just need to look good, they also need to have performance benefits too. Some are stretchy, some have plenty of pockets and others have moisture-wicking capabilities. As such, in this guide we have put together a list of our favorite models based upon thorough testing. This will hopefully inform your decision a little better when it comes to making a purchase. Additionally, if you want something for the top half too, take a look at our guides on the best golf polos, and best golf jumpers as well.

Best Golf Shorts

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The List

How we test golf products

When it comes to golf products, we have a thorough testing procedure that revolves around our ethos of trying to give insightful and honest reviews of golf gear so you are well informed if you want to make a buying decision. When it comes to reviewing golf apparel, we get sent clothing and put it to the test on some of the world's best golf courses. We look to test all golf equipment over a number of rounds to gain an accurate picture of how that product performs for your needs as a golfer. 

Specifically, with golf shorts, we look to use these shorts in a number of different conditions to see how they perform in different climates. From rain to sunshine, we will endeavour to see how each pair of shorts can protect or keep you cool in the elements, while also testing out the different features you'll find on each piece of clothing. We look to rate each pair of shorts based on their comfort, ergonomic features and how much storage they offer too. Despite brands sending us gear though, that does not mean manufacturers can buy a good review though, because our testers all tell it how it is.

How to choose golf shorts

If you're planning on playing in warmer climates, you absolutely should make sure you have a pair in your wardrobe. But as you might be aware, there are a ton of golf shorts out there each with a variety of different features that you should be aware of before you buy them. For that reason, here are several things you'll want to keep in mind when buying your next pair of golf shorts. 

1. Comfort 

This is the most important factor when looking at golf shorts because if something is uncomfortable then chances are you aren't going to wear them very often. The best way to find out what is comfortable for you is to try different models on.

2. Stretch 

Linking with the above point, good golf shorts need to be able to stretch comfortably because they need to be able to flex with your movements out on the course. Some can be very awkward and this is when stretch comes in handy so that the fabric doesn't restrict a player during their swing.

3. Protection

In case the weather gets a bit poor, another design feature many good golf shorts have is their moisture-wicking technology. Some also come with a degree of protection from rain and dirt with many shorts coming with stain-resistant fabrics. That way, if you're sweating a lot, get caught in a shower or even get some dirt on your shorts, their protective material will continue to function and perform as new. 

4. Size 

It sounds like an obvious thing to say but make sure you know what size you are, and also try different sizes on too because this will aid your comfort. Some brands and styles of short also come in different sizes on occasion so it is worth knowing your size and trying some models on before buying.

5. Budget

Finally budget is another factor to think about because there are models at every price point these days. Whether you want a super premium short, or a model with good value, then you can get either dependent on how much you want to spend.

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Is it better to wear golf shorts or trousers?

That depends on what you're most comfortable in and how cold or warm it is on the course. If you're playing in a warmer climate, you're probably better off playing in a pair of shorts for added breathability. Trousers can be worn in the summer too, but are definitely more preferrable for autumnal and winter months. 

Why do professional golfers never wear shorts?

Professional golfers are allowed to wear shorts during practice rounds or when they're warming up on the golf range before a tournament, but the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour want players to retain a professional image and prevent them from wearing shorts during tournament rounds. 

Are cargo shorts acceptable to wear when playing golf?

Cargo shorts are generally not accepted as okay to be worn when playing golf. Neither are denim shorts, gym shorts or swimming shorts. 

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