Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Find the perfect present for your Dad with this guide

Best Golf Gifts For Dads
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Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Buying your dad a golf gift can be full of jeopardy.

To avoid that disappointing look when he opens his present – an expression that says ‘One for the charity shop’ – read our guide on the best golf gifts for dads.

Alternatively we also recommend taking a look at our best golf gifts for men and best golf gifts for women guides too.

Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Golf Clubs

Market-leading wedge

Reasons to buy
+One of the best wedges out there+Superb feel, versatility, spin and spec options
Reasons to avoid
-Premium price but you get what you pay for

Your Dad will know the part of the game that arguably saves the most shots is the short-game. Around the green, chipping, bunker shots, pitch shots. Getting the ball closer with this array of shot can knock shots off a score with ease.

So then it makes sense to upgrade the wedges every now and again and one of the best golf wedges on the market is the SM8 from Titleist.

It is superb in just about every way, why else do you think so many Tour professionals put the design into play?

Cobra Vintage Sport-60, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Reasons to buy
+Embedded Arccos sensor tracks performance+Utilises SIK’s Descending Loft Technology on the face
Reasons to avoid
-Some may want a more premium look

If your Dad is in the market for a new putter then why not go for this brand new Sport model from Cobra?

Blending the classic shape of a blade putter with modern and innovative performance, the Cobra Vintage Sport-60 putter ensures players retain a traditional experience while still benefitting from the best modern day technology.

- Read our full Cobra King Vintage Sport-60 Putter review


Best Golf Laser Rangefinders, Shot Scope Pro L1 Laser Rangefinder, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Reasons to buy
+Easy to switch modes+Lightweight design ideal for bag carriers
Reasons to avoid
-Distances take longer to appear than most

If you know your Dad wants a laser rangefinder, the market is very crowded at the moment but one model we tested and recommend is this Shot Scope L1.

Simple to use, it offers more than enough features as well modern styling. Considering the price of some other lasers out there, it offers good value too.

For more of the best golf laser rangefinders, be sure to have a read of our comprehensive guide as well.

Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker Review, Best Bushnell Golf Rangefinders, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Reasons to buy
+High-quality audio+Convenient GPS deistance
Reasons to avoid
-More suited to buggy use on the course

Bushnell of course is famed for its lasers but a new accessory we recently tested was the Wingman Speaker.

Not only will your Dad be able to play his music (good or bad), but with the device he can also combine the audio from his phone with audible GPS distances from the Bushnell Golf App.

The rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours and it also has a built in USB port too for charging other devices. A fantastic gift at any time of year.


Best Golf Waterproofs, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Puma Ultradry Jacket

Reasons to buy
+Competes with the best in terms of protection+Ventilated back is a nice touch
Reasons to avoid
-Double zip can be a touch fiddly

A top choice from Puma, the Ultradry jacket will protect Dad from the elements because it has excellent waterproof and windproof protection as you would expect.

The design will suit the most traditional of fashion tastes but there is also a touch of modernity with the coloured zip and grey sections. We also think it is a jacket that can be used anywhere.

Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Puma Cloudspun Stlth 1/4 Zip Pullover

Reasons to buy
+Good versatility on and off the course+Soft touch
Reasons to avoid
-Limited protection from severe weather

A top that can be used on and off the golf course – it also featured in our best golf jumpers guide – Puma has delivered extra soft feel and good performance here thanks to the Cloudspun fabric which has moisture wicking capabilities along with four-way stretch.

We think your Dad will love it.

Best Golf Shorts, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

adidas Go-To Five Pocket Shorts

Reasons to buy
+Look great in different colours+Repels dirt and water well
Reasons to avoid
-Stretchier models out there

A good pair of golf shorts are a must have for Dad's and golfers everywhere. Look no further than these Go-To's then from adidas. Built with high-performance materials made from recycled materials, we think they look great and are available in several different colours.

We also found one of the best features to be the durable water-repellent coating which protects the shorts from oil, grease, dirt and water on the golf course.

Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Nike Flex Golf Pants

Reasons to buy
+Stretchy feel+Can be used anywhere
Reasons to avoid
-Nike sizing can be confusing

Or maybe Dad needs a new pair of golf pants instead. The Nike Flex design above has been worn by some of the world's best players and it isn't hard to see why.

Featuring a timeless and classic look, they provide a good amount of stretch thanks to the Flex fabric and the slightly tacky texture on the inner waistband keeps the shirt tucked in nicely.


under-armour-Spieth-5-sl-shoe, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Reasons to buy
+Snug fit that boosts comfort and support+Impressive levels of grip
Reasons to avoid
-Only one colour option available

Moving onto golf shoes, there are lots of excellent designs out there right now that would be an excellent gift for Dad and a case in point is the Spieth 5 from Under Armour.

The American golfer is not one to use bad or inefficient equipment and these shoes therefore provide comfort and stability needed.

In our testing the grip also surprised us because there doesn’t appear to be any trade off by going spikeless and the unique insole certainly enhances the connection you have with the shoe and the ground to boost power potential.

Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Reasons to buy
+Stylish and supremely comfortable+Grippy and waterproof
Reasons to avoid
-Softer feeling models underfoot

Perhaps your Dad is a fan of Ecco and wants the new style? Well you cannot go wrong with the H4's because they are one of the best spikeless golf shoes available right now.

Why? Well the shoes look great having a perfect mix of neutrality, simplicity, and yet also having nice modern touches like the embossed leather. It strikes the perfect balance of visually appealing without being garish.

Add in the grip and comfort, and your Dad will be very grateful indeed.

Golf Bags

Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Callaway Carry Double Strap Bag

Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-Larger models can do more

If your Dad carries his golf bag then chances are he wants it to be as light as possible, while still having the benefits of a stand. Enter this Callaway model.

Simplicity is key here because it has a three-way divider, three pockets and a highly convenient double strap which is not very common on a pencil bag such as this.

Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Ogio Layover Travel Bag

Reasons to buy
+Premium feel+Well thought-out design
Reasons to avoid
-Some may prefer four-wheel models

Dad starting to lineup his next golf trip? Don't let him go with weak luggage so instead opt for this Ogio Travel Bag.

It’s the perfect size to be able to take it on as carry-on luggage, and two more features we love are the strong skate wheels, and multiple grab handles.

Additionally there are two low profile external pockets and the internal compression straps to make packing that much easier.

TaylorMade Performance Travel Cover, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

TaylorMade Performance Travel Cover

Reasons to buy
+Strength+Ease of access
Reasons to avoid
-More colours to stand out would be great

The best golf travel bags can be simple – take this plain black TaylorMade travel cover for example. It features lots of room, padding, quality wheels, multiple handles and buckle straps.

It comes with a durable, skid resistant PVC base material for added durability and has a full wrap around zipper for easy access to your clubs and belongings.

Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Reasons to buy
+Market leading performance+Tour proven
Reasons to avoid
-Hard to track down bargain prices for golf’s No.1 premium ball model

Everyone needs more golf balls and Titleist’s premium offering tops the lot. Your Dad will know immediately how good these golf balls are because a huge percentage of Tour players put the Pro V1 into play.

When you consider the combination of distance off the tee, and feel around the greens, this is not surprising.

Best Value Golf Balls

Reasons to buy
+Excellent all-round ball+Distance without losing feel
Reasons to avoid
-Faster swingers would prefer a different model

The Supersoft ball go a makeover in 2021 and we welcome it.

One of the new changes is the cover which now will help your Dad improve his distance without hindering touch in the short-game. This cover also adds to durability so provided your Dad doesn't hit many in ponds of out of bounds, then these will last a long time too.

Available in six colours!

Training Aids

Best Golf Net, SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit

Reasons to buy
+Folds away nicely+Simple design
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most heavy duty net

Dad undoubtedly will want to work on his golf game at home, in the garden or whever possible. He probably has had his eye on getting a golf net for a while now but just hasn't pulled the trigger. Do it for him with this SKLZ model which can be folded away quickly, easily, and doesn’t take up a lot of room.

The Practice net utilises tent technology for quick assembly and the kit also comes with a dual surface mat so Dad can simulate different lies, and flight impact golf balls so the kids can have a go too without breaking anything.

Best Golf Accessories, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Brand Fusion Tour Alignment Sticks

Reasons to buy
+Useful training aid+Multitude of uses
Reasons to avoid
-Takes up a bit more room in the golf bag

A few years ago you might have been viewed with some suspicion if you had these in your bag and you weren’t playing for your living. Thankfully that way of of thinking is changing now.

Everyone is starting to realise just how useful these sticks can be and your Dad will too because they’re durable, visible, come in a pair to help with various drills and you even get a drill sheet and instructions on what might help your game.

Definitely one of the best golf training aids you can buy and given the cheap price, it offers good value.

Best Golf Training Aids, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

PuttOUT Putting Mat

Reasons to buy
+Premium construction+Can improve stroke and technique
Reasons to avoid
-Some guidance on good drills needed

Dad's putting needs work. You have heard him come home and sound frustrated because no putts were going in all day.

Well a putting training aid that works on his stroke is the answer here and the PuttOUT Putting Mat is one of the best. Complete with printed alignment guides, target points and distance markings, the mat replicates a medium-to-fast green.


Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Oakley Mercenary Sunglasses

Reasons to buy
+Well respected brand+High-quality design
Reasons to avoid
-Can look quite large

Oakley are a brand synonymous with high-quality shades and the brand moved into golf over the past few years too.

One of our favourites, and a model that will suit anyone let alone your Dad, is the Mercenary.

It’s a lightweight, minimalist design with a larger lens for wider field of view. They get even better when paired with the Prizm or Prizm Dark Golf lenses too because they help players see changes in grass texture by improving the contrast between various shades of green.

Best Golf Gloves, Best Golf Gifts For Dads

Reasons to buy
+Incredible feel+Excellent grip
Reasons to avoid
-Soft leather may hinder durability a touch

Dont let Dad go to the gol course with the same dirty, ratty golf glove he has been using for ages. Get him an upgrade with this StaSof glove from FootJoy. As soon as he puts it on he will wonder why he hadn't purchased one sooner.

Constructed from TactionLT Advanced Performance leather, it feels fantastic against the skin and it delivers that hint of natural tackiness we expect from high-end leather, helping Dad maintain a strong grip on the club.

The breathing holes also keep hands cool, and the PowerNet mesh across the knuckles stretches nicely.

Breathing holes on the front and back of the fingers help keep your hand cool, while the PowerNet mesh across the knuckles adds to the glove’s flexibility.

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Sam Tremlett
Sam Tremlett

A golfer for most of his life, Sam started playing the game to prove he was the best player out of his father and two brothers.
He quickly became a golf equipment expert and has always been the one family and friends come to for buying advice, and spends a lot of his time putting golf gear, apparel and shoes to the test.  
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Sam is currently playing:
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Putter: Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #6