I Use This Golf Watch Every Round And It Has An Outstanding Price On Cyber Monday

The Garmin Approach S62 is one of the best GPS Golf Watches around and it's 20% off this Cyber Monday

I Use This Golf Watch Every Round And It Has An Outstanding Price On Cyber Monday
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Not all golf watches are created equal, and while you can certainly find some great value golf watches that will do the basics to get you around, if you are looking for something that goes that extra mile then this is the deal for you. The Garmin Approach S62 golf watch does so much more than just give you distances to the green or to hazards. It's like having your own personal caddie on your wrist. In fact, there's even a feature on it called 'virtual caddie'.

I love this watch and use it every time I play golf. On the rare occasions when I've stupidly forgotten it, I experienced that horrible sinking feeling you usually only get when you've left home without your phone or wallet. Yes, I am now fully dependent on this watch when it comes to golf.

Garmin Approach S62 GPS Golf Watch | 20% off at Amazon
Was $499.99 Now $399.99

Garmin Approach S62 GPS Golf Watch | 20% off at Amazon
Was $499.99 Now $399.99

The Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch is undoubtedly one for the gadget lover who wants the very latest features and the ability to track shots all in one place and use it off the course too. It’s not cheap, but is unquestionably one of the most comprehensive, cutting-edge GPS watches around.

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The S62 is without doubt one of the best golf watches money can buy, and although it has recently been upgraded with the superb Garmin Approach S70, the S62 still compares favorably with anything out there and because it is no longer the flagship of Garmin Golf Watches, the price has come down. This means you can save a whopping one hundred bucks on this watch on Cyber Monday

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So why am I so dependant on this watch? It isn't because of the distances it gives me to the green, although clearly that is important. I carry a rangefinder in my bag so I can always use that for yardages to the pin, but the rangefinder will not give me the wealth of other features I get from the S62.

First and foremost, the feature I rely on most is the distance tracker. This is something you can find on other golf GPS apps and watches but often you need to manually set it each time you hit a shot. With the S62 it does it automatically, so when I hit a drive and it lands in the rough, as I head off to find it the watch is automatically tracking the distance from the tee. 

I know my driver usually carries around 215 yards so that's my starting point for the search. By knowing where to look it narrows the search area down considerably, making it quicker and easier to find your ball. It's also handy for measuring distance when you really pipe a good one down the fairway. My camera roll has several photographs of the watch displaying "285" or similar numbers when I've hit one downhill with a strong tailwind!

You can see on the below image how easily accessible this number is, whereas on some other watches you need to click buttons or scroll to find it.

Garmin Approach S62

(Image credit: Future)

Another really useful feature of this watch that I have used from time to time is 'pinpointer'. So those blind approach shots when you're hitting over trees or you can't see the green for whatever reason, there's a built in compass in the S62 that will point to exactly where you need to aim. 

The virtual caddie feature is cool too. After you have played five rounds with the watch and synced the watch with your smartphone, the data will be added to your Garmin Connect account (which is free) and the S62 will then advise you on club selection, based on how far you usually hit each club. It can even take into account slope and wind direction when factoring which club you should take.

There are tons of other useful features too, but I'd be here all day listing them and the benefits they bring. Ultimately, it's a great watch and I'd now be lost without it. 

The S62 is not just a golf watch though and it has a raft of other health and lifestyle features. So you can track your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, as well as download various apps for other activities such as running, cycling, swimming and more.

You can also use it to receive notifications such as texts, email, whatsapp and social media etc but I tend to pause those while playing as it can be distracting when the watch vibrates in the middle of your backswing, or when you're about to attempt a three footer for par!

All in all this is a premium golf watch at a knock down price and it's well worth taking advantage of this deal if you are looking to up your GPS game.

David Usher

Dave is a distinctly average golfer with (fading) aspirations to be so much more than that. An avid collector of vintage Ping putters and the world's biggest Payne Stewart fan, in 2021 Dave turned his front garden into a giant putting green to work on the weakest area of his game, but sadly to date he has seen little improvement. In addition to his work reviewing golf gear and writing features for Golf Monthly and T3, Dave is the founder of the Bang Average Golf website

Dave’s lowest round is a one over par 73 around Kirkby Valley Golf Club in 2018, which included a bogey on the 18th to ruin the one and only chance he’ll ever have of shooting an even par or better score.  That errant tee shot on 18 does not still haunt him to this day though, in fact he hardly ever thinks about it.  No, honestly, he doesn’t. Not at all. Never.

Dave splits most of his golf between Hurlston Hall Golf Club in Ormskirk, Lancs, and Berrington Hall Golf Club in St Helens and has a handicap that fluctuates between 9 and 12, largely depending on how poor his putting is. 

Dave’s current What’s In The Bag?

Driver: Wilson Staff Dynapower Titanium, 9.5° 

3 wood: Wilson Staff Dynapower, 15°

7 wood: Callaway Mavrik Max, 21° 

Hybrid: Srixon ZX 2 hybrid, 16°

Irons: Wilson Staff Dynapower, 6-PW

Wedges: Cleveland CBX ZipCore (graphite), 44°, 48°, 52°, 56°

Putter: TaylorMade Spider EX Ghost White

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