Best Beginner Golf Clubs For Ladies

See our guide on the best beginner golf clubs for ladies who are new to the game

Best Beginner Golf Clubs For Ladies
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Best Beginner Golf Clubs For Ladies

If you are just starting out in the game, understanding golf equipment and the technological jargon means that it is hard to fathom the best golf clubs to buy.

This guide will help to give you a clearer idea of the equipment on offer and what you need to spend. As a beginner, it is really important to purchase clubs that provide every opportunity to improve and allow you to enjoy the experience

Golf is a difficult game, so you will find that clubs for beginners, or ladies with a slow to moderate swing speed, are usually designed with a lightweight graphite shaft, large heads, low and deep weighting for a high MOI and a face with a large sweet spot.

Clubs are made this way to help make it as easy as possible for ladies to launch the ball with plenty of forgiveness, so even a poor strike gives the ball a chance of making it into the air.

A beginner set provides all the clubs you need to get going including a driver, fairway woods, a hybrid, irons and a putter. These sets are excellent value, especially if you don’t want to invest too heavily at the beginning of your golfing journey, whilst deciding if it really is the game for you.

If your budget allows and you're already hooked on the game, you might want to consider purchasing individual clubs, or a set of woods or irons for greater performance benefits, or even be custom-fit to set you off on the right road from the start. 

There are so many beginner sets and clubs to choose from, but this guide, as well our others offering advice on the best drivers, fairway woods, irons and putters will help ladies to kickstart their game before taking it to the next level. 

Ben Sayers Ladies’ M8 Package Set

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Ben Sayers Ladies M8 Package Set

Affordable set including all the clubs beginners need to get started

RRP: £329.99
Included: 12-club set
Reasons to buy
+Every club a beginner needs in one bag+Clubs encourage easy launch
Reasons to avoid
-Lack premium feel

The Ben Sayers Ladies’ M8 package set comes in either a 12, 8 or 6-club option, including all the clubs a beginner needs to play from tee to green.

The 12-club set includes a 12° driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood, all with an aerodynamic crown that promote a lower centre of gravity and higher launch, making it easy to get the ball airborne with noticeable forgiveness.

Beginners will also appreciate the easy-to-hit hybrid with its offset hosel that helps to eliminate slice for straighter shots. The 7 cavity-backed irons (5-SW), which have a wide sole and topline, so when you stand over the ball this encourages confident ball striking. All clubs are fitted with a lightweight graphite shaft helping ladies to swing faster for a higher launching ball flight.

Completing the set is a classic mallet-style putter, which has a responsive feel on putts and has useful alignment aids. The 12-club set comes with a high-quality cart bag in either black/turquoise or black/purple.

Ezone Elite 3.0 Ladies Driver

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Yonex Ezone Elite 3.0 Driver

Light swingweight and effortless to launch

RRP: £219
Lofts: 12° or 14°
Reasons to buy
+Comfortable to swing+Quality driver at this price point
Reasons to avoid
-Pink aesthetics won't appeal to everyone

The Yonex Ezone Elite 3.0 series of golf clubs is targeted at mid-to-high handicap golfers, but ladies beginning their golfing journey can also reap the benefits from this range of clubs.

The driver is packed with technology including Octoforce that removes weight from the crown and upper face, lowering the centre of gravity, for a visible high, forgiving launch and carry off the tee.

Yonex’s In-Core Groove technology improves the flex of the face, crown and sole of the club, which means ladies can create faster ball speeds across the face with lower spin rates for enhanced accuracy.

It is also worth mentioning the black and deep pink colour combination of the clubhead, which gives it an ultra-feminine look.

Overall, the combined technologies and the specific light swingweight in the ladies version makes this an effortless driver to swing and easy to launch the ball down the fairway.

Ping G Le2 Hybrid

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Ping G Le2 Combo Iron Set

Premium clubs specifically designed for ladies

RRP: £126 per club
Reasons to buy
+Excellent feel and control+Impressive forgiveness
Reasons to avoid
-Hybrid head covers are not the easiest to put on or pull off

Ping is at the forefront of designing clubs specifically for ladies, and the lighter overall club weights in the G Le2 irons and hybrids allow you to swing faster with more feel and control.

The magenta/silver colour scheme from the grip through to the shaft and down to the head is subtly feminine and the grip is also a comfortable texture.

By utilising Ping’s COR-Eye Technology, the deep top-rail undercut of these irons supports face flexing, and this rewards ladies with noticeably high-flying shots throughout the set, which is available 6-9, PW, UW, SW.

There is the option to build this set to include 4, 5, 6 and 7 hybrids at the same price per club when purchasing a complete set. This option is one that beginners might want to seriously consider as hybrids are designed to be easier to hit than irons, thus providing that all-important confidence boost and ultimate forgiveness when players are just starting out.

Wilson Buckingham Ladies Putter

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Awards confidence on the greens

RRP: £119
Reasons to buy
+Useful alignment aid+Clever weighting for consistent tempo
Reasons to avoid
-Some ladies might be put off by the mallet shape

From the Wilson Staff INFINITE putter line-up, the Buckingham, named, like the other models, after a neighbourhood or landmark in the company’s home city of Chicago, is packed with technology to help golfers find consistency on the greens.

It has a large mallet-style head in a dark, anti-glare matte finish, although the women’s version is softer looking as it incorporates a glacier blue and white colourway. For beginners, when standing over a putt, the head shape instils confidence, and whilst the parallel and perpendicular sight lines are not the most attractive, they are an asset to help simplify alignment.

The counterbalance weighting means that the balance point is moved closer to your hands This technology combined with the heavy head with a high MOI and an oversize grip design, allows you to feel completely in control through the strike. This putter also helps to create a smooth tempo and the sound is pleasant off the double-milled face.

TaylorMade Kalea Rescue

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TaylorMade Kalea Rescue

Excels in versatility from a variety of lies

RRP: £179
Lofts: 5 (26°), 6 (30°)
Reasons to buy
+Super easy to use+Attractive aesthetics 
Reasons to avoid
-Bright sunlight causes glare off the top of the club

The third generation Kalea range of woods and irons is designed specifically for female golfers to deliver meaningful performance for beginners and players with slower swing speeds.

Aesthetically, like the driver and fairway woods in this series, the rescue looks modern and fresh with a white pearl head that has a touch of chrome at the back and a pastel colour scheme on the sole.

The Ultralite graphite shaft contributes to the club’s lighter overall weight and this makes it easier to generate clubhead speed.

Featuring TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket technology, this allows for flexibility low on the face which means that ladies can launch the ball high with added forgiveness from off the tee, the fairway or out of the rough.  

The Kalea 3 rescue is exceptionally easy to swing and the wide sole sweeps impressively through a variety of lies, so beginners will really appreciate how user-friendliness and versatility of this club. 

Read our full review of the Kalea 3 fairway wood.

MacGregor DCT 3000 Ladies Set

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MacGregor DCT 3000 Ladies Set

Excellent value set to kickstart a golfing journey

RRP: £419.99
Included: 10 clubs plus bag
Reasons to buy
+Excellent value+Easy launch throughout the set
Reasons to avoid
-Grips could be better-No putter cover

The MacGregor DCT 3000 set is designed for ladies who just starting out in the game, providing them with all the clubs they need to kickstart their golfing journey.

The set comes with an attractive and highly durable black/aqua cart bag, along with a driver, 3 and 4 hybrid, irons 6-SW and a mallet-style putter.

Off the tee, the large headed driver with a 13° loft cannot help but instil confidence and with a high-MOI design, beginners will feel stable at impact and appreciate the sizeable sweet spot for greater forgiveness on off-centre hits.

Similarly, the high-MOI design of the hybrids and the oversized head of the irons make it easier for beginners to launch the ball. On the green, the putter has a simple alignment aid to help sink more putts.


Benross Ladies Pearl Fairway Wood

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Benross Pearl Ladies Fairway Wood

Shallow profile for each launch

RRP: £109
Lofts: 18° and 21°
Reasons to buy
+Pleasant aesthetics +Performs well for an affordable club
Reasons to avoid
-Grip is a let down 

The Benross Pearl range is designed specifically with lady golfers in mind to help improve their game, and Benross says that its Pearl Ladies fairway wood is the longest the company has ever produced.

It is super lightweight and for the money, a nice-looking club. As the name suggests, the crown is a lovely pearl colour, which has a subtle alignment aid, and is complemented by the sole’s two-tone finish.

Featuring a CT Response Channel – a slot that springs at impact – is the technology that helps to create increased ball speed across the entire face for greater distance. 

The shallow profile of the face lowers the centre of gravity position to make it easier to launch the ball high into the air, while the deep sole boasts performance with limited turf interaction from off the tee and fairway.

Callaway Reva 8-Piece Set

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Callaway REVA Ladies Set

An 8-club set that provides first class performance

RRP: £999
Included: Eight clubs and cart bag
Reasons to buy
+Beautiful looking clubs+First-class performance
Reasons to avoid
-If budget is an issue, this set is not for ladies who are yet to be completely sold on the game. 

Reva is Callaway’s latest brand of clubs dedicated to women under the iconic Big Bertha line. 

The Reva 8-piece set comes with a cart bag and includes a driver, 5-wood, 5 hybrid, 7 and 9 irons, sand wedge and putter.

Callaway have steered away from styling in a traditional feminine colour, and instead have opted for an appealing electric blue and black colour scheme.

­This set of clubs is designed to inspire confidence with easy launch and forgiveness in mind. The offset clubheads of the woods and the large, oversized deep cavity back irons sit nicely behind the ball and inspire confidence to hit high flying shots.

This set is a premium price, but you pay for premium performance. If ladies are serious about taking their game to the next level, then this set is a worthy investment as the clubs will put you in good stead for a long period.

If you are considering purchasing individual clubs, read our full reviews of the REVA driver and REVA irons.


Inesis 7-Club Golf Set

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Inesis 100 Package Set

Superb value for golfers new to the game

RRP: £169.99
Included: Seven clubs only
Reasons to buy
+Easy to launch+Excellent value if you are new to golf
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most comfortable to grip

The gender-neutral right-handed 7-club set from Inesis is aimed at beginners and fitting is based on your size and swing speed. The distance between your wrist and the ground when you stand up straight determines the size you need.

There are two sizes to choose from - size 1 is suitable for players with a ground to wrist distance less than 78.5cm, and size 2 when the same measurement is greater than 78.5cm.

Getting the ball in the air and forgiveness are the main priorities of this set that includes a driver, hybrid, two combination irons (6/7 and 8/9), pitching wedge, sand wedge, all with graphite shafts, and a mallet-style putter. As recommended by golf instructors, these are the 7 clubs that cover all distances from tee to green.

The large clubheads and wide clubfaces improve forgiveness on off-centre strikes and also help to inspire confidence when beginners are looking down on the ball. 

Ping G Le2 Anser Putter

(Image credit: Ping)

Ping G Le2 Anser Putter

Provides superior precision and feel on the greens

RRP: £200
Reasons to buy
+Easy to adjust shaft+Comfortable grip
Reasons to avoid
-Price consideration

Most beginner sets come with a mallet-style putter, as this head shape is generally recommended for beginners to promote added feel and stability through the putting stroke.

The PING G Le2 women’s range of clubs features three putter models including a mallet style, but some ladies starting out in the game might feel more comfortable putting with a traditional Anser style putter, one of PING’s most popular models ever with a bold and high MOI design.

It has an easy-to-use adjustable shaft that allows self-fitting for length between 31" and 35". The threaded screw mechanism permits accurate incremental adjustments without grip twist and misalignment.

A two-piece elastomer face insert is engineered with PING’s TR (True Roll) Technology that provides a soft layer for precision and feel, and a firmer layer helps to improve consistency on every distance to eliminate those unwanted extra putts. This is a premium putter, but it might just stay with you for life.


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