Alison Root tests out the Ping G Le2 Driver to assess the performance and find out if it's an improvement from the previous model

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Ping G Le2 Driver


  • Excellent feel for a solid performance with impressive forgiveness and good distance.


  • Minimal gains over the previous generation.


Ping G Le2 Driver


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Ping G Le2 Driver Review

The second-generation women’s Ping G Le driver, the G Le2, is designed to generate more ball speed for greater distance and with ultimate forgiveness. There are also more fitting options in this latest edition so golfers can dial-in for an optimum fit. 

It has an easy to pull off headcover, which is always a good start, and the magenta matte-finished crown, in contrast against the silver clubface and magenta/silver sole, made for a good first impression. 

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Ping’s turbulator technology is evident on the crown in the form of raised ridges. These not only create an aerodynamic look and frame the ball really nicely at address, but they disrupt airflow to allow golfers to swing the club faster with less resistance.

The Ping G Le2 driver sits really nicely behind the ball at address

Despite being lightweight, we felt completely in control when swinging this club and it gave us plenty of confidence to really pack a solid punch at the ball. The impact sound isn’t the loudest and sweetest, but that comes down to personal preference.

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The turbulator technology and low back weighting combine to produce a very efficient club. By this we mean that it is effortless to hit and get the ball airborne. Also, because there is minimal twisting at impact, it delivered on accuracy and importantly helped to cut out that irritating left-to-right ball flight that loses distance for so many golfers. 

As for distance, compared with its predecessor, on average we did manage to squeeze out an extra yard or two with each drive.

We tested this driver with the loft set as standard at 11.5°, but there is the option to adjust the hosel to a loft of +/- 1.5° and you can also adjust the lie of the club to suit your swing. Depending on your swing speed, there is also a multitude of shaft options.


Golfers with a slow to moderate swing speed can’t go far wrong with this forgiving driver in their hands. It’s easy to hit with an impressive penetrating flight and provides consistent results.