Take a look at some of our favourite golf drivers for women.

Best Golf Drivers For Women

The driver is the most satisfying club to pull out of the bag which makes picking one of the best golf drivers for you very important. But when it doesn’t perform well, you hate it with a passion. As technology continues to evolve, the current models give women a far better chance of hitting consistently good tee shots. 

There are plenty on the market to choose from, but don’t allow yourself to get bogged down with the minefield of technical information. First and foremost, decide what you want to achieve off the tee. 

Is it greater accuracy, as you’re fed up hitting your second shot from the rough? Do you want to gain distance, frustrated at continually being outdriven? Or is it added forgiveness when you miss the sweet spot? Perhaps you want a little bit of everything? 

Bearing these questions in mind, we have tried to provide answers below by looking at some of the best drivers for women currently on the market. 

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Best Golf Drivers For Women

Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme Women’s Driver

Loft: 12.5° – loft/lie adjustability

+ Excellent value for money
+ Fantastic looking driver
– Gains over previous model aren’t huge

Cobra has literally put the SpeedZone series of clubs in the driving seat, taking inspiration from design attributes of the fastest cars in the world. The King SpeedZone Xtreme driver is designed for women looking for speed, distance and especially maximum forgiveness.

Unlike the standard Speedzone driver, the larger head of the women-specific Xtreme model features a 17g back weight to achieve a higher MOI, and the improved CNC milled face expands to offer a significantly larger area for generating ball speed. This technology translates into powerful, high launching drives with improved distance and accuracy. A lightweight UST Helium shaft is standard for the Xtreme, but alternative shaft options are available for women with a faster swing speed.

Yonex Ezone GS Women’s Driver

Yonex Ezone GS Driver Review

Loft: 12° or 14° – adjustable lie and face angle

+ Premium looks and wide-ranging adjustability
+ Solid, powerful feel off the face
– Not the easiest to align

Yonex has packed the Ezone GS driver with new technology to encourage higher launch, faster ball speed and less sidespin for greater distance. 

Power Groove Sole technology allows the clubface to flex inwards at the point of impact and combined with the structure of the crown that offers more flex at the top of the clubface, the result is an enlarged sweetspot. The clubhead also has a lower centre of gravity and this reduces clubhead weight by 20% so women can make an effortless swing.

Breaking with tradition, instead of a horizontal polish, the Ezone GS adopts a vertical polish to make it easier to move the ball in an upward direction. As a result, sidespin is minimised, so helps to improve accuracy for a straighter ball flight. 

Wilson Staff D7 Women’s Driver

Loft: 13.5°

+ Very powerful, solid and lightweight feel
+ Great value for money
– Lacks adjustability

RE-AKT Technology, a combination of superlight design and Reactive Face Technology in the D7 driver, offers women with slower swing speeds extra yards and forgiveness off the tee.

This game improver driver with a 13.5o loft has weight pushed to the back of the club towards the heel to help get the ball up quickly.

Overall, weight has been dramatically reduced in the clubhead due to the clever construction of the crown. It features a layer of Dupont Kevlar (a durable fibre) sandwiched in-between two layers of carbon material, and this multi-layer construction not only encourages faster clubhead speeds for longer distances, but Kevlar also dampens vibration for an improved sound and feel. 

TaylorMade SIM Max Women’s Driver

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Loft: 10.5° or 12° – loft/lie adjustability

+ Satisfying sound and feel
+ One of the best looking models out there
– Perhaps only marginal gains over M5 and M6

SIM stands for Shape in Motion and is testament to TaylorMade’s revolutionary asymmetric sole shape. By raising the crown and sole, this futuristic-looking driver is designed to reduce drag to improve airflow throughout the swing and enhance aerodynamics. 

The reshaped sole design combines with a new Inertia Generator, that positions weight at the extreme rear of the club to boost club-head speed and therefore ball speed for greater distance. 

The SIM driver series also feature Twist Face technology with loft in the toe and less in the heel to produce more consistent spin where golfers commonly mis-hit. The Max has a slightly larger than standard Twist Face area, so will appeal to women looking for greater forgiveness as well as distance. We liked it so much that we also included it on our comprehensive guide on the best TaylorMade drivers currently on sale.

Mizuno ST200X Women’s Driver

Loft: 8.5°-12.5° – loft/lie adjustability

+ Classic looks
+ Brilliant performance that competes with the very best on the market
– Faster swinging players may find it hard to control

The ST200X is an ideal driver for women with mid and lower swing speeds. It’s extremely lightweight and compared to two other drivers in this series, it comes with its own unique sleek-looking head shape, additional heel-biased weighting, and designed to work best with Mizuno’s MFUSION shaft to deliver increased clubhead speed and launch angle for a distance-enhancing, high draw flight. 

Women can rest assured that this driver also offers maximum forgiveness and this is thanks to the weight savings from a compacted Wave sole and variable thickness graphite crown are distributed low and deep to combine low spin with stability from off-centre strikes.

Women with a higher swing speed will suit either the ST200 or the ST200G driver, which has a flatter crown and slightly flatter lie angle. 

Callaway Big Bertha Reva Women’s Driver


Loft: 10.5 or 12.5 – loft/lie adjustability

+ Large, ultra-forgiving face
+ Cutting edge aesthetics
– Unorthodox shape may put some off

The main aim of the Reva is to help women hit their tee shots further and find the fairway more often. To deliver longer drives and greater accuracy, Callaway has engineered a large clubhead with internal draw bias weighting.

By also incorporating Callaway’s Jailbreak technology, which helps to make the clubface more efficient, two internal bars stiffen the body of the Reva to allow the face to flex more, while the lightweight crown permits weight to be redistributed for higher MOI. 

Thanks to the advanced design of the clubface, there’s a more expansive area to promote faster balls speeds, so women will still drive the ball a long way, even if they miss the centre of the face at impact. Given all of that, this was a no-brainer inclusion on the best golf drivers for women list.

Ping G Le2 Women’s Driver

Loft: 11.5° – loft/lie adjustability

+ Lightweight for faster swing speeds
+ Excellent adjustability
– The striking looks may not be to everyones taste

This is the second generation of the women’s G Le range and with custom-fitting being a core principle of the Ping brand, there are more fitting options in the latest edition to allow a woman to dial-in for an optimum fit. The driver features an adjustable, 8 position hosel to alter the loft, and there 3 different settings for the lie of the club.

The light titanium clubhead with an aerodynamic shape is designed to promote faster clubhead speed, whilst the Internal heel-biased weighting helps with right-to-left spin for straighter ball flights. 

The G Le 2 has a thin, forged face to increase flexing for ball velocity and improved launch conditions, whilst forgiveness is at the heart of this driver so players can achieve repeated results with every swing.

Titleist TS1 Women’s Driver

Loft: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12.5° – loft/lie adjustability

+ Provides maximum assistance
+ Looks great and easy to align
– Quite long from front to back

Women with moderate swing speeds at approximately 85mph and below, and averaging about 220 yards or less off the tee will reap the benefits of the TS1 driver that offers the technologies to encourage maximum speed and distance. 

To achieve effortless distance, weighting of the TS1, which is one of the best Titleist drivers in the current range, has been strategically trimmed. In fact with an overall weight of 275 grams, it’s 45 grams lighter than the TS2 model to help generate faster clubhead speeds, and the aerodynamic design reduces drag so allows golfers to swing even faster. 

There are two ultra-lightweight stock shafts to choose from and the hosel features 16 independent loft and lie settings.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Women’s Driver

Best Golf Drivers For Women

Loft: 10.5° or 12°

+ Boost your distance
+ Grey finish looks great
– Sound off the face is quite loud

For Cleveland Golf, Launcher has always stood for one thing: launching the ball high in the air and straight down the fairway. Now enter the Launcher HB Turbo for longer tee shots.

The Turbocharged Cup Face is designed to provide higher COR (the energy transferred between the club and the ball) over a larger impact area, and this combined with clever weighting in the sole and hosel, and a lower centre of gravity in the crown for optimal launch conditions, are what make it far easier for women to generate faster ball speeds and therefore more distance. 

Forgiveness is provided through the specially designed shaft, which has a centre of gravity relocated higher toward the grip, enabling additional head mass for increased MOI.

Honma XP-1 Women’s Driver

Best Golf Drivers For Women

Loft: 12.5°

+ Tech to help on mis-hits
+ Draw-bias setting
– Price

The luxuriously crafted XP-1 driver is designed to help women with slower swing speeds. Internal weighting and a draw-bias centre of gravity placement make it easy to swing and promote straight shots for confidence-boosting results.

The sole of the club includes a double slot, which allows the entire face to flex at impact to help reduce spin, create a high launch and retain speed and accuracy on mishits. Honma’s 5 Fang technology is named as such as ribs resembling fangs are placed in 5 locations on the face and the upper perimeter to achieve greater repulsion over a wider area for increased speed. 

It comes with a standard 12.5° loft without adjustability and the spine is set at six o’clock to stabilise shaft movement for impact consistency.

Lynx Crystal Driver

Best Golf Drivers For Women

Loft: 9°-12° adjustable

+ Large, confidence-inspiring head
+ Excellent value for money
– Does not look as premium as others on this list

This is the second edition of the Lynx Crystal driver, which has a new black and bronze colourway and is designed to give beginners through to higher handicappers with a slower swing speed the ability to drive with ease.

The large, forged titanium head instils confidence on the tee, and the influence of Lynx’s Effective Energy Transfer system, which disperses energy effectively across the hitting area, means that there is a large sweet spot for greater forgiveness on mishits, whilst at the same time it helps women to maintain a consistent, high launching ball flight.

The loft is adjustable, there is a draw bias setting, and Lynx does offer custom-fit. Without compromising performance, the Lynx Crystal is excellent value for money.

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