Best Casual Golf Shoes

Looking for a golf shoe you can wear on and off the course? Check out some of the best casual golf shoes in this buyer's guide.

Best Casual Golf Shoes
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Best Casual Golf Shoes

Fashion trends in golf are changing rapidly and there are now styles to suit traditional golfers and new golfers looking to enjoy the game. 

Brands and manufacturers are providing more options than ever to suit the more casual golfer and some of the more casual golf shoes on the market are eye-catching, comfortable and still excellent to use on course. 

The best casual golf shoes support on and off the course wearing and they are comfortable and stylish is almost any environment. From a practical and style perspective, all these shoes look at home on and off the golf course.

With this is mind, most of the best casual golf shoes are spikeless so as they can support being worn off the course. Most of the best spikeless shoes still have excellent grip capabilities, but you can also check out out best spiked golf shoes guide if you're looking for the ultimate grip on course. 

When going for a casual golf shoe, consider where you might want to wear it off course. Is it just a shoe for a more casual summer look on course? Do you want to also wear them in the gym? Do you want something you can walk straight off the course and onto the patio in? All of the shoes in this list will support that casual look and feel while giving you plenty of performance on course. 

Best Casual Golf Shoes

adidas adicross retro golf shoes

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Classic Adidas Trainer Look

Sizes: 7-12
Colours: 3 (Black, White/Blue, White/Yellow)
Reasons to buy
+Extremely comfortable+Versatile on or off course
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn't offer the best grip in winter

The adidas Adicross Retro shoe is just what it says on the tin, a retro take on a modern day golf shoe that many will think looks fantastic.

We are certainly in that camp, with the shoe looking like a timeless classic that performs as a golf shoe as well as a street trainer too - that's why we included it in our 2021 Editor's Choice list.

It's a leather shoe with water-repellent qualities, meaning it should keep your feet dry in most conditions and is easy to clean after your rounds.

The spikeless outsole features the brand's Traxion outsole tread, which offered us absolutely fine grip on dry days.

FootJoy Flex XP golf shoes in green

(Image credit: FootJoy)

FootJoy Flex XP Golf Shoes

Great Choice Of Colours

Sizes: 6-14
Colours: 5 (Green, Blue, Black, Grey, Camo Grey)
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight+Premium looking and feeling+Waterpoof mesh upper
Reasons to avoid
-Limited grip in wet conditions

Arguably FootJoy's most casual looking shoe, the Flex XP has a mesh upper to create a slipper-like feel to match the causal look. 

We love how casual these look on and off the course and the five different colours should mean there's a style to suit everyone. The outsole provides ample grip in the dry and even damp conditions, it's just really wet condition where these will fall flat on the grip front. 

Best Golf Shoes

(Image credit: adidas)

Best For Modern Styling

Sizes: 6.5-11
Waterproof: 100%
BOA Option : Yes
Colors: 4 Men's (White, Black, Grey, Green) 2 Women's (White, Black)
Reasons to buy
+Super comfy and provides excellent grip+Lots of performance for the price
Reasons to avoid
-Quite garish in certain colourways

One of the best Adidas golf shoes in the current range, the Codechaos shoe has been designed for those looking to differentiate themselves on the golf course - who said casual had to be subtle?

The upper is made of a multi layer mesh, making it lightweight, flexible and breathable. It also has a thin film on top that provides waterproof protection, durability and it repels water and debris so it doesn’t stain and is easy to clean.

Additionally, full length Boost cushioning features across the entire midsole, creating energy rebound and putting a spring in your step.

This is the best casual golf shoe for those who want something a bit bolder and more athletic looking and feeling on the feet.

G/FORE MG4+ golf shoes

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Sizes: 7-15
Waterproof: 100%
BOA Option: No
Colors: 4 Men's (Black, Snow, Nimbus, Twilight) 5 Women's (Snow, Racer, Stone, Nimbus, Scarlet)
Reasons to buy
+Use all day+Modern, stylish design with good colour/size choice
Reasons to avoid
-Can feel slightly heavy after a day on the course

Whilst G/FORE are synonymous with outlandish designs and colour ways, the MG4+ has a more understated, and yet modern look and appeal making for a stylish, casual look on course. 

Lightweight and completely waterproof, the shoe does not compromise in terms of comfort either thanks to ForeFoam cushioning and a triple density footbed which is "the ultimate massage for your soles."

When we put the shoes through their paces, they were comfortable from start to finish, and performed about as well as is possible on a debut outing and beyond.

A common thing with spikeless shoes can be less stability and grip than spiked models but there was never a situation in which this came to fruition in these shoes. This is thanks to the non-slip outsole and the stability comes from the heel cup at the back of the shoe that really locks the foot in place without sacrificing any comfort.

Available in a solid range of colours for men and women, this is an excellent golf shoe for someone looking for a casual option.

Duca Del Cosma Monterosso golf shoe in white

(Image credit: Duca Del Cosma)

Sizes: 40-47 (EU Sizes)
Colours: 3 (White, Black, Navy)
Reasons to buy
+Soft Nappa leather +Premium styling 
Reasons to avoid
-Not much support around the ankle

Duca Del Cosma shoes offer golfers a stylish and comfortable option to wear on course, and the Monterosso combines everything great about the brand.

The style of these shoes clearly indicate that they are designed to be worn both on and off the course. A breathable, ergonomic Arneflex insole offers nice underfoot cushioning, while the leather upper is lightweight and adds to the overall soft feel of the shoe.

There is also good grip on offer thanks to Duca’s original outsole that ensures stability during the swing.

It's an impressive outsole and we were especially pleased with how well they handled slightly damp turf as well as dry conditions.

Mizuno G-Style Shoes in navy blue

Sizes: 6.5-12
Waterproof: 100%
BOA Option: No
Colors: 2 Men's (Navy, White)
Reasons to buy
+Extremely light+Top-notch comfort
Reasons to avoid
-Not much diversity in colour

Take a more relaxed approach to the game with Mizuno’s G-Style golf shoes. At just 320g per shoe, they take the strain off your feet and joints and make walking 18 holes and beyond a breeze. 

Additionally, the Kuraray upper is waterproof and soft while the fit is enhanced by the Derby profile, adding to the comfort on offer.

A minor complaint is we would like more colours because we think a black or a grey version would make these usable off the golf course with a variety of different outfits too.

We also included the G-Style in our guide on the best golf sneakers so if you want more models like this, be sure to check that piece out too.

Best Golf Shoes For Walking

Sizes: 7-11
Waterproof: 100%
BOA Option: No
Colors: 1 Men's (Navy/Kobalt)
Reasons to buy
+Foam and waterproofing create comfort+Something a little different
Reasons to avoid
-Only one colour to choose from

Fashion and style underpin Duca del Cosma’s brand ethos, but there’s plenty of technology packed into the Flyer shoe that makes it a practical as well as more casual golf shoe

Chief among this is the waterproof but breathable internal bootie membrane, meaning external water is kept at bay while internal moisture created can escape.

Not only this, but the memory foam Arneflex insole, which is also covered in cow leather, offers incredible comfort underfoot. If you’re looking for something a little bit different this year, we would recommend that you take a closer look at the Flyer.

Best Golf Sneakers

Puma Golf RS-G Shoes

Sizes: Men's (7-13); Women's (4-8)
Colours: 5 Men's (Pureed Pumpkin, Dark Shadow, Peacoat, White/Red Blast, Paradise Navy Blazer/Blue Glow); 2 Women's (Quite Shade, Peachskin)
Reasons to buy
+Men's and women's versions available in multiple colourways+Very comfortable
Reasons to avoid
-Quite a bulky looking shoe

Influenced by styles from the street and inspired the the popular RS-X3 running shoe, Puma has really brought its out-the-box thinking to the fore with the RS-G golf shoe. 

Just looking at it you get a sense of the comfort on offer, and it doesn’t disappoint. The Fusion Foam midsole provides a terrific blend of underfoot cushioning and support to really enhance the wearing experience.

As well as the style and comfort on offer, it’s a completely waterproof shoe meaning it’s well suited to most conditions golfers dare play in. Carbon rubber lugs underneath also provide a good level of traction although not to the same level as you get from some of the best spiked golf shoes on the market. 

But in terms of a casual golf shoe, this from Puma ticks all the boxes and should really appeal to those with this kind of style.

Skechers Go Golf Elite Tour SL, Best Golf Shoes

(Image credit: Tom Miles)

Sizes : 6.5-12
Waterproof: 100%
BOA Option: No
Colors: 3 Men's (Black, Grey & White)
Reasons to buy
+Outstanding grip and waterproofing+The best-looking model from Skechers’ ‘Elite’ series
Reasons to avoid
-Perhaps lacking breathability

Skechers are well known for out of the box comfort, casual styling and excellent on course performance.

This shoe is fully waterproof and features a durable grip outsole that provides 236 points of contact with the ground, so is not to be overlooked in this list.

Skechers’ Go Golf Elite Tour SL shoe also comes with a low-profile sole, meaning golfers will feel close to the ground, but that doesn’t come at the cost of comfort, which is provided by the lightweight Ultra Go cushioning and Goga Max insole.

The flexibility of the outsole also makes these very easy to wear and they offer trainer-like comfort but with enough structure to provide you with a stable base to hit from.

Admittedly there may be a slight trade-off with breathability here but the positives definitely outweighed the negatives here.

Best Nike Golf Shoes, Nike Air Max 90 G Shoes, white golf shoes

Nike Air Max 90 G Shoes

Sizes: 3.5-15
Waterproof: 100%
BOA option: No
Colors: 6 Men's and Women's (Grey, White, Black, Red, Pink, Green)
Reasons to buy
+Tour validated performance+Each colour is unique
Reasons to avoid
-Design may put some off

A design you will undoubtedly have seen out on Tour, the Air Max 90 G shoes are one of the best Nike golf shoes on the market.

A combination of fused overlays, additional eyestays and strategically placed mesh capture the look of the original Nike Air Max 90. The mesh has a thin, flexible overlay that helps keep out water and makes it easy to clean your shoes.

An integrated traction pattern gives you exceptional grip in a variety of conditions.

Obviously the main stumbling block to some may be the styling, however perhaps younger players will enjoy the fact that these are extremely versatile for on and off the golf course.

How We Test Golf Shoes

We test out golf shoes very regularly throughout the year. The procedure revolves around wearing the golf shoes over several rounds and in different conditions to test things like grip, stability, comfort and how comfortable the shoes are out of the box.

We always test shoes for waterproofing too which either means playing in the rain, or pouring some water on the shoes to be sure they're watertight. 

Our ethos is to be as honest and insightful as possible in our reviews and guides so you are more informed.

To learn about the products in great detail, we usually attend product launches and meet with the manufacturer’s R&D experts to understand the new technology.

What To Consider When Buying Golf Shoes

There are a number of factors to consider when picking out your next pair of golf shoes especially if you have wider feet than others. Let's take a look at them.

Comfort - Once you know the right size to go for, comfort is the next factor to be aware of. If a shoe isn't comfortable, you aren't going to wear it so we recommend trying on different models before you buy.

When you are trying shoes on, listen for a 'whoosh' sound which should indicate air leaving the shoe which usually suggests a good fit. Walk around in the shoes too so you can feel any pinching and whether your feet are moving around inside them. A correctly fitted shoe should so neither of these things.

This is important because if your feet slide around inside, or you get rubbing and blisters, you won't wear them again and they could damage your feet and performance.

Spiked or spikeless? - Next up is to decide between spiked and spikeless. There is a mix of styles above but you should know that they have pros and cons.

Spiked golf shoes offer better grip and stability but don't sit as low to the ground as spikeless models.

Spikeless golf shoes offer off-course versatility but might not offer as much traction. Have a think about which factor is most important to you here.

As you have seen in this guide, most of the best casual golf shoes are spikeless, so check out our best spiked golf shoes guide for a comprehensive look at some spiked options.

Waterproofing - Waterproofing is always important in a good golf shoe. Us golfers are outside all day sometimes and that means the occasional bit of rain is inevitable, and your shoes need to be able to deal with this. Therefore always check if a model is waterproof. 

Some shoes are 'water-resistant' where they will survive in a short shower but will struggle to keep the water out in significant rain.

Budget - Finally be aware of your budget because you can find a casual golf shoe at any price point.

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