Best Golf Shoe Spikes 2024

Do your golf spikes need replacing? The best golf shoe spikes and cleats will add traction and stability to your game

Best Golf Shoe Spikes
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Your golf shoes are the only point of contact between you and the ground so it's crucial that your spikes are in good condition. Therefore not only is it important to give the shoes you wear on the course some TLC every now and again, but also you need to make sure that the spikes on your golf shoes are all in full working order. 

Spikes often get damaged and need replacing from so a fresh set will certainly give you more traction and may help you hit the ball better and further. There are a number of different spike systems used to connect and replace cleats so it is imperative that you check which one your shoes use. Most cleated shoes use the Fast Twist 3.0 system, which requires a two-pronged tool to remove and replace them with. 

They are easy to use and to learn a bit more we recommend taking a look at our guide on the best spiked golf shoes out there right now. In this guide, we'll be walking you through some of the best golf cleats on the market, but if you're not a fan of spiked golf shoes and are looking for something a little more lightweight, check out our best golf sneakers and best spikeless golf shoes guides. 

Best Golf Shoe Spikes

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The List

How we test golf spikes

In terms of testing shoe spikes, our testing process is similar to all the other golf gear reviews we produce in that manufacturers cannot pay for a good review and we always tell it how we see it. While our writer Dan Parker heads up all reviews on golf shoes, we should say that everyone in the Golf Monthly team are golfers and have experience playing at a variety of different levels. We feel this gives us honesty and integrity in the reviews that we produce. We seek to try and be as comprehensive as possible in testing and reviewing each product which means we have used it over a number of rounds, in different conditions, as this often gives us great insight into things like durability, fit, quality and so on.

Specifically, when it comes to testing golf shoe spikes, we look to test each cleat in a variety of conditions to assess several factors that include, durability, weatherproofing and how easy they are to put on and take off. One of the most important factors when picking a new golf cleat is perhaps its durability. A pack of cleats does not come cheap so it is wise to ensure you're buying the spikes that will last the longest amount of time. 

How to choose new spikes

Not many golfers realize the importance of the spikes on the bottom of their golf shoes and neither do they understand how crucial it is to keep changing them once they start to wear down. If you want to ensure you're getting the best traction between your feet and the turf to help you play the best shot possible, then you need to ensure you're playing with a good set of spikes on the soles of your golf shoes. For that reason, we've put together a list of key considerations you must think about when purchasing a set of golf spikes. 

1. Length

Depending on your preferences, you can get golf shoe spikes in varying degrees of length that give you more or less traction to the turf. The length of cleat usually depends on what you feel comfortable walking and playing in, but factors like the weather and ground conditions should also play a part in your choice. For example, if you're regularly playing in wet conditions, longer cleats will give you better grip. Dryer conditions? Shorter cleats will give you more stability. 

2. Flex 

You also want your cleats to flex a little. Cleats that are rock solid don't give you good foot support and they will also be very uncomfortable to walk in. Having that extra flex in your stride can make 18 holes on the course much more enjoyable and be better for your ankles. 

3. Durability

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is how durable each set of spikes are. The more durable, the longer the spikes will last and that is a very important factor to consider, especially when a bag of new cleats can set you back between $15 and $20. 

4. Ease of use

Applying your spikes to your golf shoes shouldn't be a chore. While you will want them to lock in place to your shoe so they don't fall out on the course, it's also important to remember that you will want to be able to take them out quickly when you're done with them. Look out for cleats that also come with an application tool that will help you loosen and tighten the spikes on the soles of your golf shoes. 

5. Fit

Fit is another seriously important thing to remember when picking your set of cleats. Remember to make sure to get the right cleats for your golf shoes, you can sometimes even try them on before you buy them so definitely do that first. The majority of golf shoes will conform to a Fast Twist 3.0 system, but make sure your shoe does too by taking a look at the spikes already in the shoe and the receptacle that holds them.

Spiked golf shoes are fantastic for golf in colder months of the year but if you regularly play in hotter months on dryer courses, a pair of spikeless golf shoes may be a better option for you! For more advice on some of the best golf shoes on the market, check out our guide on the best golf shoes.


Can you change the spikes on your golf shoes?

Yes, you can and you should do so every couple of years or as soon as your golf spikes start to wear out, to ensure that you have good traction against the turf and can play better golf shots.

Is it better to wear spiked or spikeless golf shoes?

That depends on your preferences as a golfer and the conditions you're playing in. Some golfers prefer to use spiked shoes as they provide greater grip on the turf, while other golfers prefer to use spikeless shoes as they are lighter, more breathable and are better for summer climates. 

Do professional golfers wear spikes?

Yes, some professional golfers choose to wear spiked golf shoes while others prefer to wear spikeless golf shoes. Each is fine as they both offer performance enhancing qualities depending on your preference of grip. 


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