Check out the latest shoes from FootJoy and use our guide to choose the right shoe for you.

Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

A company that has been involved in golf for over 150 years, FootJoy is iconic in the golf world for its shoes. Many of the world’s best players put them into play and professionals

The brand regularly produces some of the best golf shoes on the market whether they be spikeless, spiked, modern or classic designs.

FootJoy is a company that understands the importance of the golf shoe, after all it is the only part of the body that makes contact with the ground during the swing so it makes sense that it invests so much time, effort and money into producing shoes that give grip, stability, comfort and protection from the elements.

Not only that but the company some of the best looking golf shoes out there right now as well.

Importantly there has never been more choice in the FootJoy range, that’s for certain. A whole range of styles are available, so we’ve taken a look at the current line-up to create this guide on the best FootJoy golf shoes.

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Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

FootJoy Premiere Series Flint Golf Shoes

+ Unrivalled styling
+ Packed with performance
– Not a great amount of colour options

FootJoy Premiere Series Flint Golf Shoes, Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

Sizes: 6-14
Colours: 3 (Black, Navy, White)

A model that could be the best looking golf shoe in the game, the Flint is part of FootJoy’s Premiere Series of shoes which has been “influenced by the discerning taste of the modern golfer.”

The distinctly modern classic styling has been achieved by exquisite detailing from the FootJoy designers and yet whilst you may find it hard to find something more stylish, there is also modern performance on offer here.

An Ortholite EcoPlush Fitbed delivers stability and comfort, and despite not being the softest-feeling shoes in the current FootJoy range, they are still very comfortable.

While the sheepskin leather upper is soft-feeling, durable and waterproof, the grip on offer from the VersaTrax+ outsole was pretty good and very green friendly

It is available in three different colours, and it is also one of the best golf shoes for wide feet too because there are four, yes four, width options.. This modern take on a classic has made waves since its release, and it’s easy to see why.

FootJoy Premiere Series Flint Shoe Review

FootJoy Premiere Series Packard Golf Shoes

+ Stunning looks
+ Plenty of width options
– All white model can get dirty quickly

FootJoy Premiere Series Packard Golf Shoes, Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

Sizes: 6-14
Colours: 2 (White, Black) (can also be customised through MyJoys platform)

Next up in the Premiere Series is the Packard. Available in all black, or all white, the shoe is inspired by Frederick Packard, FootJoy’s founder and a shoe pioneer who drove the adoption of many modern manufacturing and design innovations that are still used today.

Another stunning looking shoe, the Packard features premium detailing like the pebble grain leather as well as the calfskin croc print in the saddle area. The natural leather and contrast stitching further elevates the design.

Additionally FootJoy has combined the VersaTrax+ outsole with Pulsar Low Profile Cleats to give outstanding grip and traction when needed.

FootJoy Premiere Series Tarlow Golf Shoes

+ Combination of tradition and modern golf style
+ 2-year waterproof warranty
– Look won’t be for everyone

FootJoy Premiere Series Tarlow Golf Shoes, Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

Sizes: 6-14
Colours: 2 (White, White/Navy) (can also be customised through MyJoys platform)

The Tarlow collection comes in two colours (also customisable) and is inspired by Bill and Dick Tarlow, who bought the FootJoy business in 1957 and focused the brand primarily on golf.

It is FootJoy’s modern interpretation of the timeless cap toe design, made with a natural grain leather in the vamp (the middle part of the upper above the foot) and the quarter (the back part of the upper), complemented by a coordinated croc print in the heel, cap toe and eyestay (lace area).

It is not just about looks though as the cleated sole gives ample grip in lots of conditions, the leather provides waterproofing, and comfort comes from the soft, supple sheepskin linings.

FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoes

+ All-day comfort
+ Extremely versatile shoe
– Textured upper so difficult to clean

FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoes, Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

Sizes: 6-12
Colours: 2 BOA (Black, Grey/Red); 2 laced (Grey/Blue, Blue/White)

We love both the BOA and laced versions of this shoe, we included it in our guide on the best golf shoes for walking because underfoot it feels incredibly soft and during our testing it performed at such a high level over some long days at the golf course.

There is more than enough grip too thanks to the seven strategically placed cleats.

As far as which model to go for, this is all about personal preference. The Wrapid fastening system in the BOA gives an excellent fit but so does the laced option for those who want more of a traditional look.

Finally the looks are very modern and almost trainer-like which we definitely are a fan of. The colours FootJoy have gone for are very good too.

FootJoy HyperFlex Shoe Review

FootJoy Pro/SL Shoes

+ Exceptional all-round performance
+ Continuing to lead the way when it comes to spikeless grip and stability
+ Plenty of walking comfort
– Supple leather does scuff quite easily

Best FootJoy Golf Shoes, FootJoy Pro/SL Shoes

Sizes: 6-14
Colours: 5 (White/Blue, White, Black, Navy, Grey) (can also be customised through MyJoys platform)

It is illuminating how the Pro/SL is chosen by more of the world’s top 100 golfers than any other shoe which is testament to the quality of their performance. They combine a soft and comfortable waterproof upper with a midsole/outsole unit with three layers to provide comfort, stability and spikeless traction.

They’re comfy and they look great, no question, but out on the course this is matched by the all-round performance that gives you a little more control of your movement during the swing.

This latest iteration has had a couple of key design changes which have improved it in our opinion.

On the standard Pro/SL, the extra perimeter stability is immediately obvious. You can feel it when you swing, but also see it thanks to the new shape of the Infinity outsole, which is more noticeable in the heel area.

The grip is excellent thanks to the extra contact points with the ground, even in wet conditions you can go after your drives with no fear of slipping or excess movement.

One of the best spikeless golf shoes money can buy.

FootJoy Pro/SL Shoes Review

FootJoy Tour X Shoes

+ Tour X ticks every box but importantly combines excellent stability and grip
+ Superb soft comfort
+ Big improvements on the Tour S
– Limited colour choices

FootJoy Tour X Shoe Review, Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

Sizes: 6-14
Colours: 2 (White, Black)

FootJoy says it garnered feedback from the world’s best players, then taken the best features from previous Tour S models and blended them with the standout features from its D.N.A. Helix and Fury models to create the cleated Tour X.

Stability comes from the TPU PowerPlate outsole, which houses nine Launch Pods that are positioned wider, with the cleats at the very edges and the PowerStrap is a nice touch because it allows you to pull your laces tighter for a more snug and comfortable fit.

When we put the shoe through its paces, we found it has the lateral stability golfers need to create a solid base and a strong connection with the ground in abundance. It allowed us, and importantly gave us, the confidence to swing with power without worrying abouy slipping regardless of stance.

Whilst we also do like the aesthetic design, the colour choice is limited but this is a minor complaint.

FootJoy Tour X Shoes Review

FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon Shoes

+ Exceptional all-round performance
+ Continuing to lead the way when it comes to spikeless grip and stability
+ Technologically advanced design
– Makes the standard model a bit redundant
– Leather does scuff a little too easily

Best FootJoy Golf Shoes, FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon Shoes

Sizes: 6-14
Colours: 2 (White, Black)

One step further than the standard Pro/SL is the Carbon model. It is noticeably more rigid than the standard design and it has a carbon fibre inlay integrated into the midsole running along the entire length of the shoe. This is said to improve stability and torsional rigidity.

Another difference is the extra padding around the ankle which feels excellent and the two-tone laces also provide a point of difference.

Overall the FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon represents a step up from the Pro/SL – Stylish and with excellent new technologies to enhance stability, traction and support. This is one of the most comfortable golf shoes out there.

FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon Shoes Review

FootJoy Flex XP Golf Shoes

+ Stylish and very comfortable
+ Provides waterproof protection
+ Value for money
– Textured upper difficult to clean

FootJoy Flex XP Shoes, Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

Sizes: 5-14
Colours: 5 (Blue, Green, Black, Grey, Camo Grey)

The Flex XP shoe delivers a tremendous blend of lightweight comfort and traction, combined with a fully waterproof upper.

The Versa-Trax outsole of the Flex XP shoe has helped make this the leader in FootJoy’s spikeless category as it provides solid traction on the golf course. The EVA midsole and mesh ribbing also provide greater support too.

Available in five colours, including a really modern camo design, the shoe has a casual, contemporary look and we have found ourselves wearing the Flex XP as much away from the course as on it. It really is supremely comfortable and there are no issues in wearing it all day, whether playing golf or not.

FootJoy Stratos Shoes

+ Soft and comfortable
+ Versatility
– Quite bulky

FootJoy Stratos Shoes, Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

Sizes: 5.5-12
Colours: 4 (Cognac, White, Grey, Navy)

Definitely one of the most versatile shoes on the list, the FooyJoy Stratos was designed to offer both sophisticated styling and comfort on and off the golf course. We think this has been achieved.

The StatoFoam midsole enhances the comfort provided by the PU FitBed that sits above to deliver an extremely soft feel underfoot that rebounds with each step. There’s also plenty of grip available thanks to an outsole that is packed with multi-directional nubs, while the soft leather upper rounds out the shoe in style.

Like several other models above, the Stratos shoe also has the tread pattern on the VersaTrax+ outsole which provides grip.

From a style perspective they look great in the four different colours and the soft, premium NappaLuxe Premiere leather upper from Pittards of England gives an ultra-luxurious, supple feel.

FootJoy Contour Shoes

+ Excellent comfort
+ Simple, understated design that many will like
+ Good value and several options to fit different shapes and sizes of feet
– Bit bland

FJ Contour Casual, Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

Sizes: 5-14
Colours: 4 (Navy, Black, Grey, White)

The best FootJoy golf shoes don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. These Contour’s are a case in point as you can regularly get a pair for less than £100.

Comfort is the most important thing in these shoes as well. This takes the form of an ERGO-Sole and a lightweight PU Fit-bed which combine to give maximum comfort and cushioning. We also liked the Nappaluxe ultra-soft leather which looks fantastic and gives solid waterproof protection. Three different colours are available.

FootJoy Contour Casual Shoes

+ All the benefits of the Contour, in a spikeless iteration
+ Versatility for use anywhere
– Simple design could underwhelm some

FJ Contour Casual, Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

Sizes: 5-14
Colours: 4 (White, Brown, Charcoal, Navy)

The FootJoy Contour Casual shoes have many of the same benefits and pieces of technology as the FootJoy Contour shoes above but instead these are a spikeless model.

Once again comfort is the key factor at play here and these make a perfect summer shoe given the lightness and breathability on offer.

FootJoy SuperLites XP Shoes

+ Sock feel and fit
+ Extremely lightweight and comfortable
– Aesthetics will divide opinion

Best FootJoy Golf Shoes, FootJoy SuperLites XP Shoes

Sizes: 6-14
Colours: 4 (Navy, Black, White, Grey)

The synthetic uppers and waterproof membrane within the SuperLites XP shoes balance lightweight flexibility with durability to create a shoe that delivers all-round summer performance while also protecting against unwanted showers. Additionally whilst being so lightweight, they still give excellent grip thanks to the soft rubber traction elements.

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