Golf Monthly's FootJoy Pro/SL shoe review, a new spikeless model that uses two types of special foam to provide both comfort and stability

Product Overview

Overall rating:

FootJoy Pro/SL shoe


  • Excellent grip, stability and appealing style without losing out on comfort


  • Some golfers will struggle to justify the price for a pair of spikeless shoes


FootJoy Pro/SL shoe


Price as reviewed:

£140.00 (Boa £155)

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The DryJoys Casual was one of FootJoy’s most popular spikeless shoe offerings, combining a subtle but classy aesthetic with excellent comfort out of the box and grip.

The new Pro/SL isn’t merely an update to this shoe – it gets its own name altogether thanks to the rafts of technical developments that have been included to merge the same levels of comfort and grip with extra stability.


As we found out when we took three Golf Monthly readers to FootJoy’s HQ to test the new Performance Fitting System, golfers either benefit from a structured or mobile shoe or something in between and the new Pro/SL is geared more toward support and structure than anything else.

Its styling is instantly recognizable – you’ve probably seen it on the feet of numerous tour players over the last few months in various styles – and we really like the modern look and feel it provides.

FootJoy Pro SL shoes

We were lucky enough to test the shoe out over 18 holes on the Faldo course at Amendoeira Golf Resort in the Algarve and the first thing that strikes you is the out-of-the-box comfort and how the shoe seems to be moulded to the shape of your foot – providing you are wearing the correct size, of course.

After playing a few holes, it soon transpires that the grip you experience from different lies and slopes is excellent and yet these shoes were especially green friendly too.

FootJoy Pro SL shoe options

The Pro/SL provides a unique feel underfoot. If you closed your eyes and made a few swings, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were wearing something with the stability of DryJoys Tour and yet when you walk, the comfort underfoot and around the ankles is much better than what this model would provide.

“The combination of stability, grip and comfort from a spikeless shoe is fantastic”

Those who have an over-active lower half during the swing who would benefit from being locked a little more in place would especially benefit from the new Pro/SL.

There are very few if any reasons to criticize the FootJoy Pro/SL other than perhaps the mid-to-premium price point, but even around that £150 mark you could argue there’s still some decent value for money given they offer golfers a little bit of everything in a shoe that looks fantastic.


Those who try a pair of the new Pro/SL shoes in the shop will unlikely want to opt for anything else. They’re comfy and they look great, no question, but out on the course this is matched by the all-round performance including a hint of stability that gives you a little more control of your movement during the swing.