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Best Puma Golf Shoes

Puma provide footwear and apparel for stars like Bryson DeChambeau, Gary Woodland, Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson. That means they are regularly on our television screens so it stands to reason that the brand has to make high-quality, great-looking golf gear.

Therefore it is not outrageous to say the brand makes some of the best golf shoes on the market right now. We are happy to admit that too given the testing we have done.

The company’s shoes are stylish and feature great technology to help you play better golf. Whether you’re looking for ultimate performance, a pair of waterproof shoes, a street-style pair or something that looks a bit different, you’ll find a pair to suit your needs with the brand’s wide range of footwear.

To help you decide which is best for you, we list the best Puma golf shoes in the current range, but alternatively if Puma is not for you, we have also created guides on other brands too.

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Whichever brand you prefer, we have got you covered. But let’s get to the Puma range.

Best Puma Golf Shoes

Puma Ignite Caged Crafted Shoes

Top Pick

Puma Ignite Caged Crafted Shoes, puma golf shoes, white golf shoe, spiked golf shoe

+ Stylish and very comfortable
+ Excellent grip from a variety of lies
– Limited color options

Sizes: 7-15
Colors: 3 

Building from the success of the previous iteration – the Ignite Pwradapt Caged – Puma’s Caged Crafted shoe blends comfort, style and performance.

The natural, premium leather saddle delivers a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind look, while the Pwradapt traction pods on the outsole provide excellent 360-degree support and stability from any lie.

Comfort comes from the full-length Ignite foam cushioning that makes the underfoot experience very enjoyable.

It definitely offers a more roomy fit in the forefoot area yet the design of the caged area ensures your feet are secure when you pull the laces tight, presuming you have the correct size of course.

The waterproof warranty is also an added bonus.

Puma Ignite Caged Crafted Shoe Review

Puma Golf RS-G Shoes

Best to stand out

Puma Golf RS-G Shoes, puma golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes

+ Very comfortable
+ Versatile due to trainer-like styling
– Divisive styling won’t be for everyone

Sizes: 7-12
Colors: 7

The RS-G is one of the most talked-about shoes since it launched, as it breaks new ground in golf shoe design, blending street and sport culture with golf performance.

The design of the shoe takes its inspiration from Puma’s extremely popular RS series of shoes, which were first introduced in the 1980s.

We tested them for a couple of rounds and have to say, we really enjoyed the experience. The laces are unusually thick but the shoe feels really soft and snug, to the point where you might want to go up half a size, and you definitely don’t feel as high off the ground as the sole design suggests.

The level of grip was sufficient, even when testing during an unforeseen rain shower (our feet stayed dry too), and there’s a good level of stability on offer. The white/grey colourway goes perfectly with a grey pair of slacks and they just didn’t seem as out of place visually as we were expecting.

The women’s version in particular has proven extremely popular which comes as no surprise to us because we included it in our guide on the best women’s golf shoes. Olivia Cowan in particular has shown how much she likes the shoe regularly wearing it out on Tour.

Puma RS-G Golf Shoe Review

Puma Pro Adapt Alphacat Golf Shoes

For those wanting a firmer feeling shoe

Puma Pro Adapt Alphacat Golf Shoes, puma golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes, golf sneakers

+ Stylish, solid grip
+ Trainer-like aesthetic
– Take quite a bit of breaking in.

Sizes: 7-11
Colors: 3

Another new model for 2021 was the Alphacat. A shoe design that looks very much like a trainer, we recently put the model through its paces.

First things first the Adapt Foam, a combination of EVA cushioning and an impact resistant polymer, creates a firm feeling shoe whilst still being comfortable. This shoe does not fall into the trap of being too soft.

Our testing revealed the shoes highlight to be the support it provides around the ankle. Once your foot is in the shoe it feels locked in place, giving you the ability to confidently swing for the hills on an awkward lie without the feeling that your foot might move.

From an aesthetic point of view we think Puma has got it right here. We tested the grey and white model which really looks smart thanks to the the shock of orange that dominates the heel and the faux mesh pattern across the whole shoe. The Alphacat strikes a poised look in the two other colourways too and the grey and black versions have similar, sharp contrasts.

We’d also highly recommend getting them half a size up, as they come up a little short around the toe area and we were most comfortable in a half size up from normal.

Puma Pro Adapt Alphacat Shoe Review

Puma Ignite Fasten8 Pro Shoes

Perfect to transition from the course to the concrete

Puma Ignite Fasten8 Pro Shoes, puma golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes

+ Simple and versatile
+ Good value
– Other Puma models produce more grip

Sizes: 7-11
Colors: 4

This stylish new offering from Puma features the all-new Fasten8 fit system. Consisting of eight interior webbing support straps that are integrated into the lacing, this system delivers a secure and personalised fit for golfers with a variety of foot shapes and sizes.

Puma’s Ignite Foam midsole provides comfort, while the microfibre upper is both breathable and waterproof. The traction comes from the Pro-Form TPU outsole that features an organically altered traction pattern for maximum stability.

Puma ProAdapt Delta Golf Shoes

Best for variety in color

Puma ProAdapt Delta Golf Shoes, puma golf shoes, golf shoes, spiked golf shoes

+ Good color choice and special editions available
+ Low profile
– Collar could offer more support

Sizes: 7-12
Colors: 4 (plus special editions)

A shoe Rickie Fowler was spotted wearing earlier in 2021, the Delta shoes look great and feature the classic Puma sweeping logo. There are four nice colors available but you can also get special edition models too which we spotted at each Major Championship in 2021.

Performance is not limited to the aesthetics though.

The shoes have been constructed with leather and materials to give the comfort of a running shoe, but with the premium feel of a high-end leather model. The Pro-Fit insole is housed within which is an ultra-soft, supportive insole which fits well to different shapes and sizes of feet.

The outsole provides traction via Dual-Durometer Tornado Cleats, with extra ‘torsional stability’ coming from a full length ProAdapt TPU outsole.

Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged Shoes

Best for stability and grip

Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged Shoes, puma golf shoes, golf shoes, spiked golf shoes

+ Stylish and very comfortable
+ Excellent grip from a variety of lies
– Waterproofing isn’t as strong as other models

Sizes: 7-15
Colors: 4

One of the best spiked golf shoes available right now, the Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged footwear is said to deliver the optimum blend of comfort, style, and locked-in stability no matter how hard a golfer swings.

It has a sporty sneaker style look to it which we really like and you’ll notice the underfoot cushioning from the Ignite foam providing a spring in your step while also letting you feel relatively low to the ground.

Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged Shoe Review

Puma Ignite Proadapt Shoes

Design influenced by Rickie Fowler

Puma Ignite Proadapt Shoes, spiked golf shoes, rickie fowler golf shoes, puma golf shoes

+ Used by Rickie Fowler
+ Stability
– Can look quite wide around the heel

Sizes: 7-11
Colors: Various

A favorite of Rickie Fowler, the stylish Ignite Proadapt is made with fully waterproof Premium Atlantis Leather and features the brand’s Ignite foam which provides more energy return, responsive feel, added cushioning and superior step-in comfort. It offers up great traction thanks to Dual Durometer Tornado Cleats.

Andrew Lawson, Footwear Product Line Manager for Puma, said;  “Rickie was involved from the earliest stages of design, expressing his desire for an upper that provides a ton of support with premium styling. Better players will love these shoes as they offer comfort, maximum stability, ground traction and motion control through your golf swing.”

Puma Ignite NXT Shoes

Highly durable

Puma Ignite NXT Shoes, puma golf shoes, golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes

+ Versatile and easy to clean
+ Excellent support
– Not waterproof

Sizes: 7-11
Colors: 3

When we tested the Ignite NXT golf shoes from Puma there were lots of things we liked. For starters we found it to be supremely comfortable, the grip and stability were both excellent despite being such a lightweight shoe and the price tag offered good value.

These shoes are built from the ground up using Puma’s Pro-Form TPU outsole with an organically-altered traction pattern, featuring over 100 strategically placed directional hexagon lugs for maximum stability and traction.

The contemporary and sporty look really jumps off the shelf and thanks to the Soleshield, they are extremely easy to clean as well.

Finally, we think the looks are a big plus point because they can be used both on and off the golf course.

Overall it is an excellent, versatile, lightweight summer shoe that will suit those seeking comfort and a street/sporty look.

Puma Ignite NXT Shoe Review

Puma Ignite NXT Crafted Golf Shoes

Ideal for hot rounds

Puma Ignite NXT Crafted Golf Shoes, puma golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes

+ Perfect summer shoe
+ Comfort
– Grippier models available

Colors: 4

Combining all the features of the Ignite NXT shoe, the Crafted shoe is said to fuse the beauty of handcrafted shoemaking with modern development techniques.

They’re made with a premium, natural leather for the saddle and interestingly the materials will naturally patina during wear, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind look. There are four different color options to choose from.

Puma Golf Original G Spikeless Shoes

Iconic Puma design

Puma Golf Original G Spikeless Shoes, puma golf shoes, retro golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes

+ Soft feel
+ Cool off the golf course
– Styling seems to be divisive

Sizes: 7-12
Colors: 3

The Original G from Puma blends street-style with golf performance, making these a very versatile shoe.

Now admittedly the style will divide opinion, the split in the Golf Monthly office reveals this, but for those people who want a shoe to use on and off the golf course, this is definitely a model to consider.

This spikeless design features a full grain Atlantis leather upper that provides a soft feel as well as a Pro-Fit insole for comfort too. They are definitely a shoe that can be worn all day – turning up at the golf course, playing a round, then wearing them out – it is all possible.

They are also waterproof and come with a two-year waterproof warranty.

Puma Golf Grip Fusion 2.0 Shoes

Best for value

Puma Golf Grip Fusion 2.0 Shoes, puma golf shoes, golf shoes, value golf shoes

+ Waterproof warranty
+ Value
– More stable models out there

Sizes: 7-14
Colors: 3

Our final pick in this list are the Puma Grip Fusion 2.0 shoes. Offering good value, the spikeless model promises to be comfortable in a more sporty style that is very lightweight.

The combination of Fusion Foam and the rubber gives a soft feeling underfoot and to sweeten the deal you’ll get a 12 month waterproof warranty and they come in white, navy, black and grey.

If you enjoyed this guide on the best Puma golf shoes, check the Golf Monthly website for more buying advice content.