Best FootJoy Golf Shirts 2023

Looking for a new golf polo shirt? Check out our guide on some of the best FootJoy Golf Shirts!

Best FootJoy Golf Shirts
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Best FootJoy Golf Shirts

FootJoy is one of the best in the business when it comes to producing high quality and stylish golf gear. Worn by many of the leading Tour pros, including none other than Tiger Woods, FootJoy produce some of the best golf shoes on the market. But it also produces a fantastic range of apparel, including shirts, tops outerwear and so on, all of which are designed to help you look smart and play better golf.  

As with many of the best golf polo shirts (opens in new tab), FootJoy's offerings are stacked with a ton of technology, that you wouldn't have seen in a golf polo shirt a little over ten years ago. In fact, manufacturers are constantly innovating to produce high-quality materials that can help golfers stay warm and dry on the course, protect you from UV rays, but also deliver a unique and smart style, ultimately boosting your confidence as you play. 

So, if you're in the market for a new golf shirt, why not check out some of our favorite offerings from FootJoy below! And if you're looking to improve your golfing wardrobe, we also have a ton of other great apparel suggestions on our website, including the best golf tops (opens in new tab) that will fit nicely over your new FootJoy golf shirt, or the best golf pants (opens in new tab) that you'll be able to pair nicely with your new golf polo. 

Best FootJoy Golf Shirts

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Best Men's FootJoy Shirts

Best Women's FootJoy Shirts

How we test golf apparel

When testing the best FootJoy golf shirts, as well as all golf apparel, our methodology revolves around using each product properly in different weather conditions on the course. This means we test men's and women's golf shirts, we endeavor to see if the product lives up to the comfort, breathability, style and cooling properties promised. We use each shirt in different conditions to see how they react and perform in relation to different weather conditions. 

We would also wear the polos off the golf course as well because versatility to use a garment anywhere is a great way to get value for money. The final point we want to mention here is that no manufacturer can pay for a good review because our thorough testing team tells it how it is. 

How to choose a polo shirt

There's a lot to think about when picking the right polo shirt for your needs as a golfer. With that in mind, we've come up with several key points you need to think about when picking out a new golf polo shirt.

Length and fit

During the golf swing if you find your shirt coming untucked often, or your belly starts to show then you should think about a polo with a longer length or more stretch. That way it will remain tucked in throughout your round and beyond. 

It's also wise to think about the fit you want from your shirt. Do you want a more loose fitting polo or something with more of an athletic fit? Slim fit or classic fit? Most brands offer lots of different sizes so be wary of picking something that doesn't fit correctly. 


It doesn't sound that important, but a polo with sleeves that are too long or too short can be annoying. Excess material on your golf clothing is an absolute no-no and can seriously get in the way of your swing. Your sleeves should come to the middle of the upper arm, and the seam should align with the middle of the shoulders. Female golfers can also get sleeveless polo shirts, that offer more ventilation than standard polo shirts. 


Have a think about what fabric you would like the polo to be made from. For example, there are loads of materials used these days such as polyester, spandex, lycra, nylon and cotton. Often polos are made with a combination of these. But FootJoy design the majority of their polo shirts with moisture wicking properties and thermal properties in mind. Moisture wicking properties are great for golfers who play in warmer conditions as they draw sweat and water from your body to help regulate your bodies temperature. 


Striped? Floral? An all-over print? Gone are the days of drab boring polo designs and in modern golf most brands really push the boat out. The sheer array of polo shirts we picked out above shows this clearly. Whatever fashion sense you have, FootJoy certainly have you covered with their fantastic range of plain and printed shirts. 


Of course you always need to think about your budget and golf polo shirts don't always come cheap. Whatever number you decide upon, there will be a model for you, ranging from the top premium models, down to the ones offering excellent value.


Are polo shirts OK for golf?

Yes they are! While golf shirts are made of materials and fabrics that are crammed full of technology, sometimes a polo shirt can suffice on the course, so long as it corresponds to the appropriate dress code of the golf club you're playing at.

Why do people wear polo shirts to golf?

Poloshirts are part of the heritage of the sport. Golfers have for many years donned smart attire as part of the traditional values of the game. It is seen as a sign of respect between you and your playing partners and to the club you're playing at. Most clubs nowadays are pretty relaxed on what you can and cannot wear, but polo shirts with a collar are often a must have in order to be allowed to play.

Is FootJoy a good brand?

Yes FootJoy is a fantastic golf brand, and is worn by many professional golfers on the PGA and DP World Tours. FootJoy have over 100 years experience making golf shoes and have interestingly been at every PGA Tour event since 1945. Professionals like Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas currently wear FootJoy shoes, which says pretty much all you need to know about the brand. 

Why not pair your golf polo up with a pair of the best golf trousers or one of the best golf sweaters (opens in new tab) or best golf hoodies (opens in new tab).

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