Best Golf Wedges For Beginners

We take a look at the best models on the market

Best Golf Wedges For Beginners

New to the game? Your wedges are your scoring clubs and you need to know which ones will suit you

Best Golf Wedges For Beginners

If you're new to the game, there are a few wedges buying tips to consider before you part with your hard-earned money. Given the proliferation of technology, and the variety of models offered by different brands, you might not need to spend an arm and a leg to get the best golf wedges for your game.

Regardless of golf proficiency, there are things to consider though. When investing in a wedge set, you want to ensure you have even gaps between the lofts of your wedges, so you can cover off as many distances as possible.

We also recommend trying to make sure the shafts in your wedges are similar in type to your irons, so they feel the same on full shots.

In terms of specific clubhead design, the best golf wedges for beginners often tend to offer a bit more bounce - the angle created between the leading edge and the lowest point of the sole - to help achieve cleaner strikes.

Then you need to consider how many wedges to put in the bag too. If all of that sounds complicated then our piece on what to consider when buying a wedge should explain tings a little better.

Here, we review some of the best golf wedges for beginners, to give you a better idea of the models you should be looking to try. Alternatively we also recommend checking out some of our other beginner golf gear guides too - such as the best golf balls for beginners, best golf drivers for beginners, or even the best golf irons for beginners.

Whatever level you are in the game, we are here to help.

Best Golf Wedges For Beginners

MacGregor MACTEC X Wedge

(Image credit: MacGregor)

MacGregor MACTEC X Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Lovely soft feel+Three smart finishes
Reasons to avoid
-Fewer options compared to many other models

There's a lot to like MacGregor's MACTEC X wedge, with certain features likely to appeal better players, and not just beginners.

Firstly, the classic head shape looks fantastic, as do the finishes - black, gun metal and chrome.

Then there's the impressive feel, which results from the large grooves and soft compound MacGregor grip.

Given these wedges costs less than £60 each, they represent a fantastic option for any beginner looking to create their first wedge set.

Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge 

(Image credit: Callaway)

Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Refined bounce angle enhances playability+Confidence-inspiring at address
Reasons to avoid
-Wide sole won't appeal to everyone

If you're a beginner, there's a fair chance that one of the more frequent shots that you struggle with is a fat strike, which is where you catch the turf before the ball.

This Callaway Sure Out 2 model is one of the best golf wedges for beginners because it features a larger face area than most wedges, and a wider sole, which promotes a solid ball contact to propel the ball up in the air.

Meanwhile, the grip comes with 3 "step down" markings to promote effective and ultimate distance control and shot selection.

Best Golf Wedges For Beginners

(Image credit: Cleveland)

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Extra forgiveness helps get full shots closer to the hole+Aggressive milling boosts spin
Reasons to avoid
-Limited finish options

In terms of the key technology, a hollow chamber towards the heel and a heavy weight strategically placed in the toe help maximise MOI to improve forgiveness.

The clubhead felt really stable at impact during testing, and controlled both direction and distance consistency admirably on slightly mis-struck full shots.

Meanwhile, we found the wide sole design especially helpful from the sand, allowing the club to glide rather than dig downwards with minimal interference. It is this technology that makes the CBX 2 one of the best lob wedges we have tested.

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Full face grooves provide added forgiveness+Darker finish stops any glare
Reasons to avoid
-Price point may turn off total beginners

Another great option from Cleveland's CBX range, this time in the shape of a wedge with full face grooves.

The logic of full face grooves is sound and has proven useful for amateur golfers. Indeed, from low handicap amateurs to full beginners, we don't always hit wedge shots out of the middle of the face and these additional grooves help maintain spin from strikes out of the toe or heel.

The psychological effect of looking down on a wedge will full grooves is significant too, and we found we felt more confident over a chip knowing we didn't have to hit it out of the screws to hit a successful shot.

While the higher price point might put off a true beginner just beginning to get a feel for the game, if you are beginner looking to invest fully into a set of wedges this is a great, confidence inspiring option.

Best golf wedges for beginners

(Image credit: Callaway)

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Forgiveness on full shots+Pleasing sound and feel
Reasons to avoid
-Wide soles limit versatility

One of the most forgiving wedges out there, this will definitely help beginners who tend to get a little nervy around the greens.

The extra size behind the ball will give the user that little bit of extra confidence, and help them to achieve good contact consistently when chipping and pitching.

That strike may become a little harder off firm ground and tie lies, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

We were impressed with the forgiveness on full shots as well as the feel off the face, and spin control was also excellent.

Rife Lob STR Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Oversized head inspires confidence+Full face grooves make this great out of a bunker
Reasons to avoid
-Only comes in one loft option

Another great wedge if you tend to fat or chunk a chip by taking too much ground before the ball - a shot beginners often struggle with.

The oversized head inspires confidence at address and can help beginners form a solid chipping technique as they start the game.

The large sole and full face groove pattern also make this a very helpful club out of bunkers - another part of the course beginners struggle from - and will allow you to gain much more confidence in bunkers that with a conventional wedge.

All at a competitive price, the Rife Lob STR wedge is a great option for beginners looking to add a high lofted lob wedge to the bag.

Best Golf Wedges For Beginners
(Image credit:

Decathlon Inesis Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Forgiving on mis-hit strikes+Helpful grip markings
Reasons to avoid
-Looks rather plain

No stone has been left unturned with this game improvement wedge, with every effort being made to ensure high handicappers are given the help they need with their pitching and greenside chipping.

The generous sweetspot should be especially useful when chipping, giving beginners more margin for error with the strike.

In addition, the markings on the grip make hand placement easier, which can be extremely useful when you're learning how to play the game for the first time.

One final reason it is one of the best golf wedges for beginners is the price. At just £29.99 a wedge, you're able to get your set of three for under £100; then, as your game improves, you can upgrade safe in the knowledge you've not spent a huge sum.

(Image credit: Benross)

Benross REV Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Impressive versatility+Good performance at an eve better price (RRP £69)
Reasons to avoid
-Some may prefer a more premium look

Whilst most beginners will benefit from forgiveness above any other area of performance, the Benross REV wedge offers that little bit more - but for an affordable price.

It's cast from high quality 304 stainless steel, and offers plenty of feel and short game feedback.

Meanwhile, a Precision CNC Milled face will enhance your control around the greens, whilst a progressive CG position produces a controlled ball flight and maximises spin for increased stopping power.

Compared to a lot of other wedges aimed at beginners, this wedge offers more versatility, which makes it an appealing option for the more talented newbie.


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