We test out Motocaddy's flagship electric trolley for 2020, the M5 GPS, with integrated GPS and moveable pointer to adjust the pin position

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Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Trolley


  • Distances displayed on a crystal clear touch screen. Ability to move the pin position enhances strategy. Folds down compactly and quickly. Long-lasting battery life.


  • Folding latches are quite stiff, but may loosen up with time. Some hazard acronymns are confusing.


Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Trolley


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Clubhouse Golf

Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Trolley Review

Motocaddy kept us waiting but finally we got the chance to test the brand’s flagship electric trolley for 2020 and it did not disappoint.

This new model has a futuristic, minimalist frame design but also boasts the cutting-edge features to match.


As part of the redesigned M-Series, the M5 GPS folds down very compactly, assisted by the ability to invert the wheels and the front wheel automatically folding underneath. The assembly process requires two latches to be undone, and while they are quite stiff, with practice the trolley can be erected in under five seconds. You can also fold the trolley away with the lithium battery in situ.


At 3.5”, the touchscreen is more than big enough to see everything on show but it is the style of the display, which closely resembles a modern-day smartphone, that enhances the clarity. It’s one of the best around.


It allows Motocaddy to incorporate more nuggets information in a smaller size, like the time and battery life, while allocating more space to the headline-grabbing features – the GPS distances and birds-eye view of the green.

To be able to move the pin position on a green that replicates the actual shape rather than just a generic green is a real game-changer. Even if you don’t know exactly where the pin is, having a more specific distance means you’re more likely to select the appropriate club and avoid hazards.

Moving the pin position is simple – just tap the screen once, even with your gloved hand, but you’re better off clicking away then back to your preferred spot if you want to make micro adjustments rather than dragging your finger along the screen.


You also have access to hazard information, showing you the distance to reach hazards in play for your next shot. There are 20 different acronyms in all and while most are self-explanatory (for example LFB = Left Fairway Bunker), a quick read of the instruction manual is required for some of the more obscure ones you may encounter (MFWC = Middle Fairway Water Carry).

It’s worth it to find out that any that end with the letter C are to carry the hazard in question, which provides that extra layer of detail useful when choosing a club.


From the home screen, measuring shot distances and inputting your score as you go is also a seamless process. If you want to receive notifications of texts or missed calls or updates from Whatsapp or Facebook, you have to pair the trolley with your smartphone’s free Motocaddy app via bluetooth. The process takes just under a minute and you only need to do this the once as it automatically connects afterwards.

Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Trolley Review

You might think that this array of features will drain the battery life. But on the contrary, starting on a full charge our battery still had well over half left after each round, albeit on a relatively flat course.

Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Trolley Review

You don’t need to worry about the trolley becoming obsolete too soon either, as OTA (Over The Air) updates can be done quickly using a WiFi connection to update firmware, fix system bugs or update course information.


The M5 GPS combines Motocaddy’s reliability and practical features – like the Easilock base – with a crystal clear screen that houses the impressive moveable pin position pointer. This innovation is unique to the market and has the potential to remove the need for an external GPS and/or laser rangefinder, making the M5 GPS one of the most complete and comprehensive products of 2020.