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Best Vice Golf Balls

The importance of getting the best golf balls for your game cannot be understated. After all, it is the only piece of equipment you use for every shot so it pays to play with the one that ticks all of your boxes.

German ball manufacturer Vice believes that high-performing balls don’t need to have such a sizeable price tag.

To help you save money, the company sells through its own website and offers up the best prices when you buy five dozen at a time.

Read on to help you make a decision on which Vice ball will suit your game, as there are a number to choose from.

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Best Vice Golf Balls

Vice Golf Pro Plus Ball

Vice Pro Plus Ball Review Best Vice Golf Balls

Vice has established itself among the mainstream ball brands in recent years with its unique approach and the four-piece Pro Plus is an excellent offering for the faster-swinging golfers out there.

The lower spin creates long and penetrating ball flights at the top end of the bag, but the clever construction means we didn’t feel like we lost any feel and control when approaching or around the greens. 

Additionally, the KIL (Keep in Line) is a nice extra for people who like an alignment guide when putting. It also comes in white, lime or red for those with a flair for the colourful. The only negative is that it won’t suit the mid to slower swingers, but there are other balls in the range that fit that bill.

Vice Golf Pro Plus Ball Review

Vice Golf Pro Ball

Featuring an extra-thin cover, the three-piece Vice pro is designed for amateurs and professionals with a clubhead speed in the region of 95 to 110 mph who are looking to maximise their distance off the tee and spin the ball around the greens.

In fact, we liked it so much that it also appears in our guide to the best premium golf balls on the market this year. Specifically, we really liked the feel on all shots, not just those with the wedges. 

In the longer clubs, the strike feels just as good as the pro plus but it does fly a little higher. For those playing in the wind, this could be an issue. And around the greens it’s one of the softest balls we’ve ever tested, which comes in handy.

Vice Golf Pro Soft Ball

Best Vice Golf Balls

Another great offering comes in the form of the Vice pro soft. Again, a three-piece construction, it offers good performance for players who tend to swing the club slower than 95 mph. 

While not as long as others, we found this ball to be no slouch and were impressed by its well-rounded attributes. The KIL alignment aid features on the side and it’s available in in white, lime or red as well as in a Hue finish of Living Coral, Peach Parfait or Blue Light.

Around the putting surfaces, the thin urethane cover worked its magic for us during testing, leaving us pleasantly surprised with this versatile product.

Vice Golf Tour Ball

Best Value Golf Balls

The even more budget-friendly Tour ball is a three-piece construction with a surlyn cover and is aimed at golfers of all abilities. It is designed to offer great distance and greenside control, and be extremely tough and cut-resistant on the outside.

In testing, we found the Vice Tour to give us good feedback on full shots as well as a decent amount of control approaching the greens. Around the greens, the feel was perhaps a little lacking but it’s designed with durability in mind so this was to be expected. 

Overall, it’s an excellent ball to have in the bag for a bounce game as there’s not much of a performance difference tee to green. At just £1.69 per ball, it’s easily one of the best value golf balls on the market.

Vice Golf Drive Ball


The only two-piece ball in the range, the Vice Drive is aimed at the slower-swinging golfers looking for ultimate distance. It does this thanks to a low compression Energy Speed Core, which offers up a relatively soft feel too. 

Also featuring a surlyn cover, we found it to be durable and not easily cut, which is ideal for those who like to get the most out of their golf balls. 

While it doesn’t offer the premium performance of other products in their range, it’s definitely one of the best distance golf balls out there if that is what you’re looking for. Around the greens it performed perhaps a little better than we expected but it’s off the tee where this ball comes into its own.