Best Callaway Golf Balls

Check out all the best Callaway golf balls from the current range and find just the right model for your game

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Check out all the best Callaway golf balls from the current range and find just the right model for your game

Best Callaway Golf Balls

Your club choice changes from shot to shot, but your ball remains constant whether you're looking to hit it as far as possible or putting. So it's important that you find the best golf balls that help you play to your strengths, whatever they may be.

The latest extensive range of Callaway golf balls has something for everyone, whether you're after the best premium golf balls like some of the best balls on the market this year, or the best distance golf balls... or perhaps even balls promising added forgiveness, like the bigger-than-standard Supersoft Magna.

The range extends from the tour-preferred Chrome Soft models down to the ever-popular Warbird that offers maximum value and durability.

There are even balls with visuals to assist you, whether the markings on the Chrome Soft Truvis models that help you focus and follow the ball better, or the prominent lines on the ERC Soft Triple Track and Chrome Soft Triple Track models that help you fine-tune your alignment.

Check out the full range of the best Callaway golf balls below.

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Best Callaway Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball

Reasons to buy
+Premium level performance at an affordable price+New softer cover for better short-game control
Reasons to avoid
-Less durable than models with firmer covers

The latest Chrome Soft model features a Graphene Dual SoftFast core. A larger inner core delivers the ideal high launch/low spin combination for longer drives, while the thinner, firmer outer core promotes greater durability and wedge spin.

An updated urethane cover delivers increased ball speed on full shots while providing an even softer feel around the greens for maximum control. Also available with Triple Track alignment technology.

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Callaway Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball

Reasons to buy
+X model is more workable than the Chrome Soft+Ideal for faster swingers seeking maximum distance
Reasons to avoid
-Added workability makes it less forgiving than the Chrome Soft model

The X model's design differs from the Chrome Soft. Rather than having a dual core, it features two mantle layers between the core and cover.

The softer inner mantle layer combines with a firmer outer mantle to increase ball speed off the face for those with faster swing speeds, and therefore total distance. Although it still promises high levels of greenside spin and control, it doesn't feel quite as soft as the Chrome Soft.

Also available with Triple Track alignment technology.

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Best Premium Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf ball

Reasons to buy
+Four-piece design is engineered for a long, straight ball flight+Thin cover promotes low spin on full shots but higher spin around the greens
Reasons to avoid
-Reduced spin fairly minimal over the Chrome Soft X

Callaway has extended its Chrome Soft range for 2021 with the addition of an LS version of the X model that delivers lower spin.

The Chrome Soft X LS is a four-piece ball in which the SoftFast Core, Dual Mantle System and refined urethane cover combine to increase ball speed and total distance.

Around the green, the thin yet durable urethane cover is engineered for high spin, low launch and added control.

As you might expect from the LS name, it spins less than the standard X model and is therefore designed for golfers with high driver swing speeds of 105mph or higher.

It's available in white and yellow with or without Callaway’s Triple Track alignment markings.

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Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

Callaway 2021 ERC Soft Triple Track golf ball

Reasons to buy
+Triple Track Technology aids alignment+Offers Callaway's ultimate blend of distance and softness+More efficient energy transfer promotes added ball speed and wedge spin
Reasons to avoid
-Won’t suit those who prefer a cleaner-look at address

The latest version of Callaway’s ERC Soft is packed with new technology and features designed to make it Callaway’s longest soft-feeling ball.

It features Callaway's largest ever Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core, with the larger inner core maximising compression energy at impact. This keeps driver spin down and helps generate a high launch for more yards.

A new multi-material cover cleverly allows both faster ball speeds on full shots and an extremely soft feel around the greens.

Triple Track Technology uses Vernier Acuity Precision (as used by planes landing on aircraft carriers) to optimise visual alignment assistance. It works particularly well in conjunction with Odyssey's Triple Track putters.

We think these are such good golf balls that we also included them in our guides on the best golf balls for high handicappers, and the best mid price golf balls.

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Callaway Truvis golf ball

Reasons to buy
+Tour level performance at a lower price+Markings improve focus and visibility
Reasons to avoid
-Not for those who don’t like excessive visuals at address

The Truvis markings are available on both the Callaway Chrome Soft with its softer feel, and the X model, engineered to give faster swingers an optimal blend of distance and workability.

The distinctive Truvis markings, which give them the look of a mini-football, are designed to maximise your view of the golf ball for improved focus and visibility. Currently available as red on white or black on yellow

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Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Callaway Supersoft golf ball

Reasons to buy
+Ideal all-round ball for those with average swing speeds+New hybrid cover boosts distance and durability without sacrificing feel+Ball’s construction and cover are engineered for straighter shots
Reasons to avoid
-Faster-swinging seniors won’t get the most out of the low-compression core

Callaway’s low-compression Supersoft ball has undergone several improvements for 2021.

A Soft Compression Core that enhances energy transfer for more ball speed makes it ideal for those who can’t compress the ball like they used to. It also delivers the perfect high-launch, low-spin combo in the longer clubs.

The new hybrid cover, featuring what Callaway has christened a Paraloid Impact Modifier, promises improved distance and durability without sacrificing anything on the feel front.

Callaway’s famous HEX Aerodynamics cover pattern reduces drag and increases lift to help you launch the ball better.

Available in six colours! White and yellow plus matte orange, green, pink and red.

If you are searching for soft golf balls in particular, also take a look at our best soft feel golf balls guide.

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Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speeds

Callaway Supersoft Max golf balls

Reasons to buy
+An ideal all-round performer for average swing speeds+Some may find its extra size confidence-inspiring and therefore easier to it
Reasons to avoid
-Others may not be able to adjust to the ball’s larger-than-standard size

Magna becomes Max in the latest incarnation of Callaway’s larger-than-standard low-compression golf ball, which you’ll be pleased to know conforms to the Rules of Golf.

The Callaway Supersoft Max features a high-speed, low-compression core for better energy transfer at slower swing speeds and a super-soft feel.

Its Tri-Blend ionomer cover helps further on the speed front, while also promoting a high-launching, low-spinning ball flight for more distance.

The oversize design is said to bring forgiveness too by increasing confidence over the ball and promoting more consistent contact.

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Callaway Superhot Bold golf ball

Reasons to buy
+Engineered for added distance+Available in 15-ball value packs
Reasons to avoid
-Too firm for those who rely on greenside control to make their score

Superhot Bold delivers extra distance courtesy of a high-energy core. Its aerodynamic design reduces drag and increases lift for longer carries, while a thin, soft cover brings in an element of control around the greens.

Yellow or red with a matte finish (standard white Superhot model also available).

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Best Distance Golf Balls

Callaway Warbird golf ball

Reasons to buy
+Eyecatching low price for a top brand+Designed for longer carries
Reasons to avoid
-Feels very firm around the green

Callaway has used the Warbird name for several decades now, and this budget model is essentially an out-and-out distance golf ball. The latest Warbird model generates its distance via the perfect combo of a large, soft, high-energy core plus a low compression.

Callaway’s renowned HEX Aerodynamics cover design further enhances distance by helping to reduce drag, allowing you to carry the ball further. A thin ionomer cover adds an element of feel to the overall package.

We hope that the above best Callaway golf balls guide will help steer you to the right model for your game.

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