Vice Golf Pro Balls Review - Technical Editor Joel Tadman tests out the three different Pro models of golf ball made by German brand Vice.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Vice Golf Pro Balls


  • Impressive all round durability and performance, especially comparable to well-known, market leading premium models around the greens in terms of spin control.


  • The Pro and Pro Soft models lacked a little distance off the tee and on iron shots.


Vice Golf Pro Balls

Price as reviewed:

£21.48 (per dozen - price dependent on volume purchased)

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Vice Golf Pro Balls Review

Key Technology

  • The three-piece Pro Soft has a low-compression core for an extra-soft, responsive feel, while the Pro has a 318 large dimple design for a stable flight.
  • The Pro Plus is a four-piece ball with dual casing for extra distance and a lower ball flight for golfers with higher swing speeds.
  • All three models feature a cast urethane cover with S2TG technology for maximium short-game spin.
  • A tiered pricing structure online means that Vice Golf Pro balls become cheaper the more you buy.

GM Verdict
German brand Vice keeps the cost to golfers down by selling its balls direct and not shelling out on lucrative tour pro endorsements.

The Pro range is arguably the one with the most wide-reaching appeal, comprising three models designed to offer a slightly different feel and long-game performance as well as ample spin control around the greens.


All three models produce a low, controlled flight with a soft feel and noticeable bite on the second bounce from well-struck chip and pitch shots.


Our testing showed these balls are more than competitive, especially around the greens. Off the tee, it was the Pro Plus that was closest to our current premium tour ball of choice in terms of ball speed, spin and carry distance, offering a lower launch and flight that suited our higher clubhead speed.

The Pro fell just a few yards short of this with driver but performed impressively with irons and wedges, while the Pro Soft delivered the softer feel some golfers look for, but at the cost of a few yards on long-game shots.

The ‘keep in line’ sidestamp will appeal to those who use a line when putting, while the cover stayed bright white after a full round, testament to the premium matte finish and UV-resistant coating.


With good durability, all-round performance and three colour options in each, this trio of Vice Golf Pro balls offers a more than reasonable alternative at a modest price, especially if you buy in bulk – which is always advised as it improves consistency compared to switching models every round.