In this Vice Golf Tour ball review, Kit Alexander puts it through its paces out on the course to evaluate the feel and performance on offer

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Vice Golf Tour Ball


  • Noticeably high and strong flight, impressive distance with decent feel in the short game. Very good value for money.


  • Lacks a little spin control on more finesse shots.


Vice Golf Tour Ball Review


Price as reviewed:

£23.88 (per dozen)

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Vice Golf Tour Ball Review

Vice has been gaining a good amount of traction in the mid-priced balls market over the last few years, thanks in part to its direct to consumer model that allows it to charge lower prices and bring them down even further if you buy in bulk.

The Tour model has a slightly misleading name as it is designed to be the all-rounder in the line-up versus the more tour performance, premium Pro Plus ball and comes in at a very reasonable price.


The three-piece construction features a Soft Energy Speed Core and it certainly flies well and gives you good distance.

It performed well in the long game – and there wasn’t much obvious difference in its performance from that of the more expensive models in the Vice Golf range. It flew a little higher, but most golfers probably wouldn’t even notice. The 392-dimple design gave it impressive stability through the wind with those higher flights, as well.


In the short game, it feels surprisingly soft for a non-tour ball. It doesn’t seem to generate quite as much spin on the finesse shots as some more premium balls, but this isn’t likely to affect your ability to get up-and-down in all but the most extreme of situations.

It produces a pleasing sound and feel with the putter too – a nice balance between a soft, controlled impact and feedback from the strike.


The performance lives up to the billing as an ‘all-rounder’. It does well in every area and it feels like the majority of golfers would get plenty out of it without making any real sacrifices. If anything, you’d be favouring a bit of extra distance in the long game while sacrificing a small amount of control around the greens if you choose this ball.


The black line that makes up the sidestamp is a nice touch if you like to use a line to aid your alignment on the course. The durability of the surlyn cover is pretty impressive so you’re more likely to lose the ball before you need to replace it.


The Vice Golf Tour ball is a very solid offering that boasts impressive distance and stability in the long game, without giving up too much feel and control in the short game. The price represents very good value for money for any golfer, but especially those who favour a little more yardage in the long game over short game feel or control.