In this Vice Pro Plus ball review, we take the latest iteration from the online-only golf ball brand to the course to what performance is on offer

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Vice Pro Plus Ball


  • Long and stable ball flight in the long game, soft feel around the greens and impressive durability.


  • Low long game spin profile limits appeal. Dull white finish.


Vice Pro Plus Ball


Price as reviewed:

£38.28 (per dozen. Becomes cheaper the more you buy)

Clubhouse Golf

Vice Pro Plus Ball Review

Vice Golf has made a bit of a splash in the ball market over the last few years with their direct-to-consumer business model offering tour-quality balls at lower prices. The Pro Plus may share its name with a caffeine tablet but don’t let that deter you as it promises high levels of all round performance and on the most part delivers.


We tested them from a sample taster pack, hence the smaller packaging. The Vice Pro Plus golf ball is made for the better player who generates a driver clubhead speed in excess of 1110mph, which immediately eliminates the majority of club players. The extra fourth layer versus the Vice Pro and Vice Pro Soft, which are three-piece balls, ensures the ball provides lower spin in the long game, particularly with the driver.

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Our marginally above average swing speed seemed to match with the Pro Plus ok, producing a penetrating flight that worked especially well into the wind, although there are arguably more suitable models in Vice’s comprehensive range that would perform better overall. It’s fair to suggest that moderate and slower swingers will struggle to create the ball speeds and spin required to keep it in the air for optimum distance.


The feel on all shots was impressive, solid and stable and it offered good control and stopping power on approach shots.

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The thin urethane cover gives you really good feel and control in the short game. It feels reasonably firm off the face, but it definitely lands soft and stops quickly with enough spin when you need it to.


The cover is also surprisingly durable, so you shouldn’t have any problems with balls getting scuffed up on your first few holes, although it isn’t as bright white in finish as its mainstream rivals in the premium balls category.

The Keep in Line sidestamp is a nice addition if you like to use a line on your ball to aid your alignment on the course. It’s available in white, lime and red and it’s also worth knowing that the way Vice sells its balls online is that the more you order, the cheaper the price per ball becomes.


Vice has rightly established itself amongst the more mainstream ball brands in recent years with its unique approach and the Pro Plus is an excellent offering for faster swinging golfers. The lower spin in the long game creates long and penetrating ball flights, but the clever construction means you don’t feel like you’re sacrificing on feel, control and consistency into, around and on the greens.