Our guide to the best golf balls for beginners recognises that most will be looking for decent all-round performance that doesn't cost the earth

Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Those starting out in the game will very often be looking for a golf ball that, yes, offers decent performance, but more importantly, comes at a price that won’t break the bank.

But it’s worth pointing out that beginners, like other golfers, are blessed with very different swings, swing speeds and launch characteristics that mean a ball that is perfect for one may not be the best for another.

It would be wrong to assume that all beginners will be looking for extra distance – a powerful, well-built rugby player starting out in the game may need little help on that front, for example!

Some beginners may want to use the very best premium golf balls on the market from the outset, but they will be outnumbered by those who choose to invest a little more cautiously in their early golfing years.

So, while acknowledging that not all beginners’ needs are the same, the most common ball requirements will be: something to help you optimise your hitting distances; adequate feel for those shots around the green; and a price that won’t dent your bank balance too much.

Acknowledging that, here is our guide to the best golf balls for beginners. We do also recommend checking out some of other golf ball guides too, such as the best distance golf balls, best golf balls for slow swing speeds or the best value golf balls.

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Titleist TruFeel golf ball

+ The least expensive option from golf’s premier ball brand
+ Performs particularly well on full iron shots
– Not the spiniest ball around the greens

The latest TruFeel incarnation promises improved driver distance compared to its predecessor.

Titleist has achieved this by reformulating the core to include more of the speed-generating materials within. As a result, driver ball speeds are up, while also keeping spin low to maximise distance.

The cover’s aerodynamic properties have also been improved to further assist with long-game distance. Beginners eager to play golf’s premier ball brand now have an improved Titleist all-rounder at their disposal at an affordable price.

Available in white, optic yellow and matte red.

Titleist TruFeel Ball Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $22.99

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £22.99

Callaway Warbird golf ball

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

+ Highly compressible core unlocks greater distance potential at any swing speed
+ HEX aerodynamics in the cover reduce drag for added hang time and distance
– May launch too high for those who struggle to keep their flight down

Callaway has used the Warbird name for several decades now, and it has become synonymous with distance and speed in its ball range.

The latest model uses a two-piece construction with an extra-large, high-energy core to promote distance with a high launch at different swing speeds.

The ionomer cover adds feel and control around the greens, with its HEX Aerodynamics design reducing drag to generate more speed, greater hang time and added distance.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $19.99

UK Buy Now at Golf Support from £14.99

Srixon AD333 golf ball

Best Golf Balls for Beginners+ AD333 has been offering economical all-round performance for 17 years now
+ A particularly good performer in crosswinds
– Cover perhaps scuffs up a little quicker than some

Srixon’s AD333 was first launched in 2003 and is now into its ninth generation. Such longevity is testament to its rightly gained popularity.

Given how long it has been around, it is unquestionably one of the best Srixon golf balls and is a great option for those relatively new to the game who can’t justify premium prices but want as much all-round performance as a lower budget allows.

The latest AD333 features a new FastLayer Core that maximises speed and keeps spin low by being softer in the centre and then progressively firmer towards its edges.

Closer to the green, Srixon’s Spin Skin technology and Slide Ring Material (SeRM) increase friction at impact to maximise spin. With the combination of performance and value, we also think the AD333 is one of the best golf balls for high handicappers too.

Srixon AD333 Ball Review

US Buy Now at Amazon from $20.86

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £19.99

Wilson Tour Velocity Tour Distance & Tour Feel golf balls

Best Golf Balls for Beginners+ A great value option for those starting out
+ Dimple pattern’s enhanced aerodynamics increase power from the tee
– Not all will like the ball’s hard-feel cover

These low-compression Wilson balls promise extreme distance via a hard ionomer cover material that optimises trajectory for maximum distance and roll.

An enhanced aerodynamic dimple pattern adds further to their power potential from the tee.

A mid-compression core introduces an element of greenside playability, especially in the Tour Feel model. But as the ‘velocity’ name implies, distance is the real focus here courtesy of a hard cover material.

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £16.99

Srixon UltiSoft golf ball

Best Golf Balls for Beginners+ Good feel off the face on and around the greens
+ Performs well even for beginners blessed with faster swings
– Likely to roll out a little more than urethane-covered balls around the green

The second Srixon ball in our selection is more expensive than most here but may appeal to beginners happy to spend a little more without venturing into the realms of premium-priced balls.

The Srixon UltiSoft is the brand’s lowest-compression and softest golf ball ever courtesy of an innovative new core that produces softer feel while still maximising energy transfer at impact for more long-game distance.

The 324 Speed Dimple pattern reduces drag in flight for a penetrating trajectory.

Designed primarily with low to mid swing speed golfers in mind, but performs well at faster swings speeds too

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £24.99

Volvik Power Soft golf ball

Best Golf Balls for Beginners+ Designed for a mid-high launch with the driver
+ Vibrant colour options can improve visibility
– Cover may feel too firm to some on and around the greens

The Volvik Power Soft is an inexpensive ball available in a wide palette of colour options.

Its oversized Power Core promises high ball speeds off the face for strong performance with the driver thanks to low spin and a mid-high launch.

A super soft ionomer cover adds in a suitable degree of greenside control too.

If soft feel is important to you, then definitely take a look at our list of the best soft feel golf balls as well.

US Buy Now at Rock Bottom Golf for $22.99

Inesis Soft 500 Golf Balls


+ Nice soft feel on all shots
+ Surprisingly durable for the price
– Limited spin control on offer

For mid to high handicappers looking to save a few pounds, the Inesis Soft 500 ball delivers an extra-soft touch with good all-round performance.

Available in four colours of white, yellow, orange and pink, golfers can also add some personality to their rounds while teeing up a reliable, high-launching ball ideal for the slower swinger and new comer to the game looking for something more affordable.

Honma A1 golf ball

+ Low-priced option from one of golf’s premium brands
+ Super soft core is designed to reduce sidespin and counter a slice
– May feel too soft to some off the clubface

Honma may be at the super-premium end of the club market, but the new A1 ball is anything but premium-priced and could represent an excellent option for beginners.

It’s lighter and around 20% softer than Honma’s D1 ball thanks to a newly developed super-soft core. The brand says this reduces sidespin and can help counter the dreaded slice with which many beginners (and others!) are afflicted.

Available in white, yellow or orange plus a multicolour pack option including pink.

Pinnacle Rush golf ball

+ Designed to go further with both driver and irons
+ Suitable for golfers of all abilities
– Slightly softer than previous generations which may not appeal to all

Pinnacle balls have long been a popular and inexpensive choice for golfers new to the game and the latest Rush is no exception.

Its high-energy core drives performance by generating faster ball speeds with every club. The icosahedral dimple design, with 332 dimples in a soft, durable ionomer cover, promises a consistent, powerful ball flight with more than a hint of feel.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $19.99

UK Buy Now at Golf Support from £17.50

Best Golf Balls For Beginners From 2020

TaylorMade RBZ Soft golf ball

Best Golf Balls for Beginners+ Good all-round performer at a very attractive price
+ REACTcore offers enhanced performance and distance with both driver and irons
– May launch too high for beginners who naturally hit it high already

TaylorMade’s 60-compression RBZ Soft offers good all-round performance to those new to the game without breaking the bank.

The ball’s fast REACTcore stores and releases energy efficiently throughout the bag for excellent distance. The LDP 342 high-lift, low drag dimple design promotes a high launch and keeps the ball up in the air longer for optimum distance.

At the scoring end of the hole, the Iothane cover offers ample soft feel to help you play those shorter shots with confidence.

Available in traditional white or high-visibility yellow.

US Buy Now at Amazon for $17.30

UK Buy Now at Golf Support from £17.50

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