MGI Zip Navigator Remote Electric Trolley

We put the MGI ZIP Navigator Remote Electric trolley to the test in an extensive on-course review.

MGI Zip Navigator
Golf Monthly Verdict

The MGI ZIP Navigator is a well-rounded remote electric trolley. It is well built, responsive and stable but more than anything it is good fun to use out on the course.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very stable across all terrains. Remote is responsive and it folds to an impressively small size.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    On the heavier side, so can be awkward getting it in and out of a car.

In this MGI ZIP Navigator remote electric trolley review, Dan Parker tests it out to see what it's like to use on and off the course.

MGI Zip Navigator Remote Electric Trolley Review

Australian-based electric trolley manufacturer MGI is renowned around the world for its range of electric trolleys and the Zip Navigator is the flagship model in its line up.

As remote electric trolleys go, the Zip Navigator is a pretty complete package and provides a highly enjoyable, stress-free user experience that provides golfers with the ideal companion on the course.

Whether you have used a remote trolley before or not, the first thing it needs to be is incredibly stable. The Zip Navigator excels in this category and we quickly grew confident that, whatever part of the golf course we sent it scurrying across, we’d arrive next to our ball with our trolley and bag waiting.

The excellent stability is in part thanks to the rear 4th wheel which keeps the trolley from tipping backwards if it goes up a steep incline. It also features downhill speed control - a feature that stops it going too quickly down steep hills - which adds to the confident stability of the trolley.

The hands-free remote is ergonomic and the trolley responds rapidly when you ask it to go faster, turn or stop altogether.

The remote is best stored in your pocket while you play, and the ‘lock’ button stops any buttons being unwillingly pressed while the remote is in your pocket - a vital feature we only fully utilised once the trolley had begun trundling toward the next tee box while we were still on the putting green.

The T-Bar handle has a humble but useful display on it, showing speed, battery charge and how many yards have been covered. It’s not flashy, but it does the job.

The trolley can also be controlled from the T-Bar if you don’t want to use the remote, but we found this a bit awkward so  recommend using the excellent remote system most - if not all - of the time.

The trolley uses a high powered ‘click & go’ 24v lithium battery and it certainly packs a punch. At top speed the trolley can really shift, but it is also as comfortable following you at a steady walking pace.

As for storing and folding the trolley, it weighs just under 16kg which we found slightly cumbersome, especially when taking it in and out of the car. However, this is expected for a trolley like this with dual motors and its competitors weigh in very similarly.

MGI have cleverly designed the Zip Navigator to fold 25% smaller than other models and, with the rear wheels inverted, it comfortably fits into the boot of a car and has a small footprint to store in a garage. It also folds down with one smooth motion, meaning very little fuss when assembling it in the car park.

Aesthetically, we loved how clean and understated it is and the colour scheme allows a bag of any colour to smartly match it.

Overall, the MGI Zip Navigator presents an impressive overall package for the golfer looking for a remote electric trolley to accompany them on course.

It does the essentials of a remote trolley to an exemplary standard while adding a few nice features like including an umbrella holder and GPS holder as standard, as well as being generally very fun to use.

Dan Parker
Dan Parker

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