Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley Review

Remote and GPS functionality: is the Motocaddy M7 GPS the complete electric trolley experience?

Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

A comprehensive and enjoyable remote-controlled golf trolley. The remote control functionality works as well as ever and the Performance Plan makes for a class-leading GPS experience. Bar from a few fiddly design elements on the battery and anti-tip wheel, this is one of the most fulfilling trolley experiences on the market right now.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Class-leading embedded GPS

  • +

    Responsive and easy-to-use remote control

  • +

    Compact folding with inverting wheels

  • +

    12-month free trial of Motocaddy Performance Plan

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Anti-tip wheel has to be manually removed when folding down

  • -

    The wired battery feels outdated versus competitors

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Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley Review

The popularity of remote golf trolleys has been a clear trend for 2023, with many of the industry leaders bringing out new remote models this year. This includes Motocaddy, which has now added GPS functionality to its popular M7 Remote model to birth the Motocaddy M7 GPS - pretty much the complete package when it comes to electric golf trolleys. I had used and really enjoyed the M7 Remote previously, so I was excited to see what had changed now Motocaddy has added its GPS system to the handle.

In theory, the M7 GPS is the M7 Remote I tested last year with Motocaddy's well-established GPS system now embedded into the handle. This is indeed the case with the chassis and GPS matching that I have tested in the M7 Remote and other Motocaddy GPS models in the past. Indeed, the GPS is the same system used on the Motocaddy M3 GPS, M5 GPS and new S5 GPS so the familiarity and high quality were immediately present when I revved up the M7 GPS on the golf course. For me, the Motocaddy GPS system is the market leader that is embedded into trolley handles. As standard on the 3.5" touchscreen, the device provides front, middle and back distances to the green, dynamic green view with drag & drop pin placement, yardages to hazards, shot distance tracking and scorecard. It's a very comprehensive list of features that, as standard, really enhance your ability to play. The screen is high quality and really responsive and feels akin to the leading smartphones we use every day. The high quality build and technology sees the M7 GPS feature in our 2023 Editor's Choice.

With the M7 GPS, you can also enjoy a free trial of Motocaddy's Performance Plan, which adds even more features to the GPS including a full hole view, performance tracking statistics, a more detailed green view, automatic course updates via cellular connectivity and automatic firmware updates too. After the free trial ends, you can resubscribe for £49.99 ($69.99) per year to enjoy the added features. To be perfectly honest, you'll only really want to Performance Plan to add full hole view and the more detailed green view, but it's a seriously valuable investment in my opinion. Yes, it's frustrating to be charged for an extra subscription after you've already forked out for a new trolley, but trust the fact that it really enhances the overall use of the GPS and does make it stand out from its competitors. Of course, the Performance Plan is totally optional, so if you don't want to pay the yearly subscription for the plan, after your 12-month free trial, you can continue to use the comprehensive features the trolley arrives with as standard. 

The remote functionality is seamless. The remote is compact and ergonomic while the responsiveness of the trolley is impressive too. It comes as standard with Down Hill Control (DHC) which means the trolley will maintain a steady speed when traversing a downhill gradient, and this gives you all the confidence to send it chasing for your ball down any terrain. For sure, the Stewart Apex has the market-leading technology when it comes to DHC, but the Motocaddy technology underneath the hood of the M7 GPS means you always feel in total control. 

Dan Parker testing the Motocaddy M7 GPS at Brocket Hall golf course

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Being part of the brand's 'M' Series means the M7 GPS is a compact folding model that is incredibly user-friendly. It's the same system I used on the M5 GPS and it's a real space-saver when it comes to storage. The front wheels fold under the chassis, the rear wheels can be inverted to save extra space and it even comes with a very convenient stand that allows the trolley to be stood up for easier storage at home or in your car. My only qualm is that the anti-tip rear wheel has to be removed manually and placed in a separate section of storage on the side of the main chassis. It's not a major problem, but I can foresee myself at some point misplacing it, forgetting it or leaving it in my car boot after I've assembled it. Put that down to my clumsiness, but I think something like that should be integrated into the chassis. 

Indeed, the anti-tip rear wheel is integrated into the PowaKaddy RX1 GPS, Stewart Apex and MGI Zip Navigator. The integration feels more premium and is just one less thing to think about, which is all important when assembling trolleys in and out of the car. Life without the anti-tip wheels makes the remote functionality of the trolley impossible to use properly, so don't forget to double-check you've put it on when assembling! 

The 14.9kg chassis is no heavier than its competitors and when you account for the fact all remote trolleys require dual motors, more powerful batteries and sturdier chassis, no one can expect any remote golf trolley to be very lightweight. Another slight gripe I had - and you could say this is me being picky - is the fact the battery comes with a wired connection. Now that we've seen slimline, wireless batteries from the likes of PowaKaddy and Stewart, it feels like the technology has moved on from wires on trolley batteries. Motocaddy has wireless battery technology in its 2022 S1 trolley and S5 GPS models, so I was surprised to see it not used here. I'm certainly hoping to see this integrated into a future update of the M7 GPS. 

All being said, the M7 GPS is one of the most complete electric trolley experiences you are likely to enjoy. My few grievances don't take away from an altogether fulfilling experience from a trolley that features class-leading GPS, a thoughtfully designed folding system and a reliable remote system. As you might have gathered, the stand-out feature is without a doubt the GPS, so if this feature is top of your shopping list, I'd look no further than the M7 GPS. 

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