Best Personalised Golf Balls

We take a look at some of the best personalised golf balls whether you want to go fully customised or just add a splash of distinctive colour to your game

Best personalised golf balls - Srixon Q-Start Tour Divide
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Best Personalised Golf Balls

Some people want to go about their business relatively anonymously on the golf course; others want to make a bit more of a splash, whether it’s loud clothing, fancy clubs or one of those electric trolleys that follows you around like a super-obedient dog.

It's also become more and more possible over the last few years to play a golf ball that stands out a little from the crowd. An ever wider palette of colours has become available and more golfers have embraced the idea that golf balls that are a bit different can actually be a good thing.

It’s no longer the case that ‘real’ golfers play only white golf balls, with even some of the very best golf balls on the market – like Titleist’s Pro V1 and Srixon’s Z-Star – now available in yellow.

If you want to dip your toe into 'personalisation' via colour alone, you’ll find plenty more yellow balls of varying shades in our guide to the best yellow golf balls.

Several of those balls, along with those in our other ball guides, also have other colour options available, whether the best value balls, the best distance balls or the best golf balls for slow swing speeds.

That said, in most golfing circles, you’ll probably still find that ten times as many people stick to classic white models… which means any time you opt for a touch of colour you’re effectively adding a bit of personality to your ammo.

Of course, you can personalise your golf ball to the ‘nth degree yourself if you’re a dab-hand with a Sharpie or want to go down the DIY route with some of the transfers or stamps available on the market. We cover a number of such options in this story about how to personalise your golf balls.

Here, however, we’re focusing on golf balls you can buy off the shelf that boast varying degrees of readymade personalisation via distinctive markings or unusual colour options, along with info about the golf ball customisation programmes on offer from Titleist, TaylorMade and Vice Golf…

Golf balls with distinctive markings

Certain golf balls with distinctive markings are now available from Callaway, TaylorMade and others helping you stand out from the crowd when it comes to golf ball choice...

Best personalised golf balls - Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis

(Image credit: Callaway)

Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis golf ball

Truvis markings offer practical benefits and enhanced visibility

RRP: £39.99/$47.99
Construction: Four-piece
Colours: 2 standard options (red on white, black on yellow) plus limited editions such as green shamrocks
Reasons to buy
+Truvis markings make them easier to follow in flight and find when searching+The latest softer cover offers excellent short-game control
Reasons to avoid
-That softness does make it a little less durable than some balls

The latest Chrome Soft from Callaway features a Graphene Dual SoftFast core.

The larger inner core generates the high launch/low spin combination needed for longer drives, while the thinner, firmer outer core helps with durability and wedge spin.

Its updated urethane cover delivers increased ball speed on full shots while providing an even softer feel around the greens for maximum control.

This is a particularly strong performer in crosswinds. In addition, well-struck approach shots check up nicely, allowing you to be really positive when playing in to greens.

The eye-catching Truvis markings that make them look like mini-footballs are designed to heighten your focus over the ball and provide added visibility both in flight and when searching for them.

They can also help you see how much the ball is spinning on shorter shots around the green.

Best personalised golf balls - TaylorMade TP5x Pix

(Image credit: TaylorMade)

TaylorMade TP5x Pix golf ball

Markings really tell you how well you're rolling it on the greens

RRP: £49.99/$47.99
Construction: Five-piece
Colours: 1 (white)
Reasons to buy
+The Pix graphics were co-designed by tour pro Rickie Fowler+They provide immediate feedback as to how well you’re rolling the ball on the greens
Reasons to avoid
-Some golfers may find the graphics more of a distraction than a help

The new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern on the latest TaylorMade TP5x brings improved aerodynamics. New ‘dual-radius’ dimples help to optimise airflow around the ball to reduce drag and promote greater distance

The ClearPath alignment markings on this Pix model come into their own on the greens. The way they have been laid out and positioned will give you immediate feedback as to the quality of your putting stroke both in play and in practice.

If you line up using the TaylorMade logo, the dark orange markings should form two straight lines on perfectly struck putts.

The two contrasting colours in the graphics are said to make them more visible in different light conditions – also perhaps useful when trying to follow your ball in flight or find it after a stray shot.

Volvik Marvel Golf Ball

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

Volvik Vivid Marvel golf ball

Novelty markings and colours on a decent three-piece golf ball

RRP: £19.99/$15.99 (for four balls)
Construction: Three-piece
Colours: 6 (Black Panther – purple; Hulk – green; Thor – yellow; Spiderman – blue; Iron Man – red; Captain America - white)
Reasons to buy
+Perfect for helping to retain the interest of young golfers new to the game+Novelty markings but not a novelty ball so you reap all the performance benefits of Volvik’s popular Vivid model
Reasons to avoid
-You're paying more per ball than for a premium tour-calibre model

For those after something other than the traditional white, the Volvik Vivid Marvel golf ball stands out from the crowd, especially in the purple ‘Black Panther’ version.

While the six Marvel characters represented by the six colour options (see above) bring an element of novelty value, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Volvik’s Vivid is a very decent-performing three-piece ball in its own right.

Conversely, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the Marvel connection adds a very significant premium to the price - £19.99 for four balls rather than an RRP of £34.50 a dozen for the standard Volvik Vivid, which now appears to be available in a staggering 11 different colours in the UK (including mint and black!).

But as something that might just get someone young really into the game… or, indeed, make a suitable gift for a more mature Marvel fan, then why not?

The ball itself delivers solid long-game performance with a strong ball flight and impressive overall distance, as well as reasonable performance around the greens.

Why not add a little colour?

Pretty much anything now goes when it comes to golf ball colours whether you want a classic gloss finish, the increasingly popular matte finish or even something semi-transparent or sparkling. Why not personalise the ball you play with a slightly niche colour...?

Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide Ball

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

Striking split colours that fulfil a practical role too

RRP: £34.99
Construction: Three-piece
Colours: 3 (yellow/orange, yellow/red, yellow/blue)
Reasons to buy
+Ideal for those seeking tour-calibre performance with a softer feel+Two-tone colour split helps alignment and provides feedback on how you’re rolling your putts
Reasons to avoid
-Its very soft feel won’t be quite right for some

The beauty of the Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide with its two-tone matte finish is that it promises tour-calibre performance with a very soft feel at a much friendlier price!

That soft feel stems from a low 72-compression transitional FastLayer Core (softer in the middle and firmer towards the edges). This combo delivers both distance and feel.

It also features Srixon's Slide-Ring Material (SeRM) coating, which promotes added performance on wedge and iron shots by boosting friction and therefore spin.

But the main talking point is that bright, eye-catching two-tone colour split. Not only will this help you stand out from the crowd, but it will also help you line up putts and show how well you’re rolling it.

And when you align the divide the other way, it can even give you an indication of the spin you're imparting on the ball in your short-game practice. 

Best personalised golf balls - Vice Pro Soft Hue

(Image credit: Vice Golf)

Vice Pro Soft golf ball

Colours options to suit vibrant or more subtle preferences

RRP: £32.28 to £39.48 a dozen + shipping (depending on quantity ordered)
Construction: Three-piece
Colours: 6 (white, neon lime, neon red, living coral, peach parfait, blue light)
Reasons to buy
+Something for all whether you want vibrant or the more subtle 'hue' colours+Really soft feel thanks to its urethane cover
Reasons to avoid
-Faster swingers won’t reap the maximum performance benefits of its design

One of the extensive Vice golf ball range, the Pro Soft uses a three-piece construction to deliver good all-round performance for golfers with swing speeds of up to 95mph.

It may not be the longest ball out there, but we still got it out there a good distance and really liked the distinctive alignment mark on the side.

For those who like a lovely soft feel off the putter or around the greens, the Pro Soft really delivers

Most distinctive of all though are the colour options, whether you want the vibrancy of Neon Lime or Neon Red or the more subtle shades of Living Coral, Peach Parfait or Blue Light from the Pro Soft Hue collection.

Best personalised golf balls - Volvik Crystal

(Image credit: Volvik)

Volvik Crystal golf ball

Wide range of colours and an eye-catchingly different finish

RRP: £29.50/$32.99
Construction: Three-piece
Colours: 7 in USA, 5 in UK (yellow, orange, pink, red, green - USA only yellow, blue)
Reasons to buy
+Great range of highly visible colours+Arrow on side is an ideal alignment aid
Reasons to avoid
-Finish might not be to all golfers’ tastes

The Volvik Crystal scores highly on both the performance and visibility fronts, with its impressive array of colours choices and semi-transparent finish guaranteeing that you’ll find one that really does the job in the winter.

The cover is also highly durable.

Beyond the sparkling colour choice, this three-piece ball delivers in the distance stakes thanks to its soft power core that generates a stable and consistent ball flight.

A ball that not only performs but will also help you stand out a little.

Full personalisation or customisation

If you really want to go the whole hog, why not take advantage of the full personalisation options offered by a number of brands, whether you want selected text, images, icons or perhaps football club logos on your ammo...

Best personalised golf balls - Titleist custom programme

(Image credit: Titleist)

Titleist golf ball customisation

Titleist offers three ways to personalise your golf balls across its range, which will add up to £11 a dozen to the purchase price (so less than £1 a ball) depending on what you have done.

You can choose a custom number (£3 per dozen – up to the number 99 in some models, more limited in others), up to three lines of 17-character text (£4 per dozen) and a selected logo, emoji or symbol (or up to three further lines of 17-character text) on the other side for a further £4 per dozen.

Best personalised golf balls - TaylorMade custom programme

(Image credit: TaylorMade)

TaylorMade golf ball customisation

TaylorMade’s personalisation programme is available on its TP5, TP5x and Kalea models.

It costs an extra £3 a dozen to add either three lines of 12-character text or one of a selection of novelty icons and symbols, including flags, animals and retro TaylorMade logos.

Alternatively, 10 different football clubs logos are available for the same price on the same range of ball models, including Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United.

Best personalised golf balls - Vice Golf custom programme

(Image credit: Vice Golf)

Vice golf ball customisation

Vice Golf offers a comprehensive personalisation service that gives you the chance to print text, logos or even photos on your golf balls for 49p extra per ball for a dozen, with the price dropping significantly for larger quantities (e.g., 39p extra per ball for five dozen, or just 17p extra per ball for 48 dozen for corporate purchases, perhaps).

How we test golf balls

Here at Golf Monthly, our highly experienced team of testers play a lot of golf in different conditions throughout the year. Most have been working in the golf industry for more years than they care to remember, so have a wealth of experience to offer.

Some can really get it out there off the tee; others excel with their deft touch and judgement around the greens; other still are capable of demoralising the opposition by holing it from all over the place or rarely missing from four feet.

Our collective goal is to test every golf ball model on the market as soon as it become available to us, putting in the hours in all weathers out on the golf course, the practice ground, the short-game area, the practice bunker and the putting green.

We want to get an idea of how each ball performs in all areas of the game so we can tell you what its strengths and weaknesses are, allowing you to make an informed choice about your next golf ball purchase.

Whenever possible, we will also seek to acquire launch monitor data for a more detailed analysis of each ball model's performance.

Factors to consider when buying golf balls

Soft or firm? - The best premium golf balls come in alternative versions that spin slightly less for players who prefer a firmer feel or more control off the tee. Try both from various distances to find your preference.

Cover material - Urethane-covered balls offer the best spin control and feel but do cost more. Experiment to see if you notice enough of a difference to justify the extra cost, or whether the best mid-price golf balls might be an option.

Long game or short game? - Which aspect of the game is most important to you? Are you looking for maximum distance or something that allows allows your short game to shine around the greens?

If you value the former then check out our guide to the best distance golf balls; if you put a real premium on feel, perhaps our best soft feel golf balls guide might be a good next step.

Colour/visuals - Are you very much a classic white ball only player, or someone open to playing something a little different (like the balls in this feature) as the golf ball world evolves? There's more choice than ever in this regard.

Price - No buying guide would be complete without at least mentioning price. Thankfully most brands make models at different price points and you can rest assured there is decent performance on offer across the price spectrum.

A dozen balls will probably top out at about £40-£45 a dozen, but there are some very good golf balls at £20-£25 a dozen too, so don't be put off too much by a significant drop in price.