Best Women's Golf Hats 2023

We look at some of the best golf hats for women currently on the market.

Best Women's Golf Hats
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Best Women's Golf Hats

Whatever the weather, its clear women golfers have a fantastic selection of headwear to choose from. Hats are a staple in golf. You rarely see a professional player not wearing a baseball or a beany hat out on the course. So why not complete your look too? 

Gone are the days of a plain and simple cap or visor to protect your eyes and head from the sun, or an itchy woolly hat in a limited choice of colors to help keep the cold at bay. And let’s not forget a golfer’s must-have rain hat, which in fairness is not the easiest accessory to design and deliver in the style stakes without compromising performance.

Come rain or shine, some of the best golf hats on the market are not just functional, but a serious fashion statement. We have beanies, bobble hats and headbands, most of which are fleece-lined and some feature a touch of sparkle to brighten up the fairways. Caps often come with a handy magnetic ball marker too, and the latest trend of bucket hats are breaking their way into the golf market.

So bearing in mind the huge choice you have available, we have taken a look at some of the best women's golf hats in the game, and have sorted them for you in this handy list. Additionally, if you want to narrow your focus a bit more have a read of our best golf capsbest golf beanies and best golf snoods guides.

Best Women's Golf Caps

Bucket Hats

Beanies and bobble hats

How we test women's golf hats

Here at Golf Monthly, our testing for golf apparel is built upon a comprehensive process combined with the knowledge and expertise of the entire Golf Monthly test team, headed up by women's content editor Alison Root, with contributions from Katie Dawkins and Carly Frost. As far as the specific procedure goes, prior to testing, the team will usually attend product launches and meet with the manufacturer's R&D experts to understand the new technology.

When it comes to testing golf hats, we head out to the course to try the hat over a number of rounds on the UK's best courses. We look to try to use each item in as many different conditions as possible to give us the best feel of how these hats perform in sun, rain and snow.  We think it is vitally important to do both and continue to test the hats so they have been comprehensively put to the test in many different conditions. It should also be mentioned that manufacturers cannot pay for a good review and we make our conclusions from the testing and our experiences. 

What to consider when buying a new golf hat

There are a lot of different styles of hats on the market at the moment and the choice can be a little overwhelming. But don't fret! We're here to help guide you in your purchase and we have set out below a few top tips and considerations you need to think about when buying your next golf cap. 


Style is perhaps the most important consideration to make when you're looking to purchase a new golf hat. Whether you're going for a snapback baseball cap or you need a new beanie for the winter, pick a hat, or several hats, that are practical for you and fit your style as a golfer. 

Protection from the sun

The sun can sometimes be a golfer's worst enemy. Particularly if you're playing in hot conditions, the sun can pose a hazard to your health in multiple ways. From protecting your eyes from its glare to protecting your skin from getting burnt, it is very important to find and wear a hat that will give you adequate protection from the sun's glare. You should also pick a hat that has a good visor, like a bucket hat that has a good rim, while also looking out for hats with anti-glare underbills. 

Protection from the rain and cold

Conversely, if you're playing in much colder climates, you'll want to look for something a little more robust, that will keep you warm on the course. Bucket hats made of water-resistant materials are your best bet to shelter yourself against the rain. But when it gets cold, definitely look for hats made of thick wooly materials that will keep your head warm in the coldest of climates. 


Comfort is paramount on the golf course. An uncomfortable golfer won't have their mind on their game and instead will be thinking about their itchy cap. Instead, make sure you get the right size hat for you; try that cap on first and assess how comfortable the hat is for you. Comfort is king. 


Particularly when looking for a baseball cap or a snapback, adjustability is an important feature you should really ensure your golf cap has. Whether that's a strap at the back of the cap or an elastic band around the base of the hat, ensuring this is included in your cap can go a long way in ensuring that you can adjust the cap on the course so that you can stay comfy while playing. 

For more advice on some of the best golf clothing on the market, take a look at our guides on the best golf rain jackets, best women's golf shirts and best golf pants


Is it okay to wear a bucket hat while playing golf?

Yes! While golf may be a traditionalist sport that has certain dress customs, modern fashion and styling has made its way into the game. That has brought with it the bucket hat, which is now regularly seen being worn on the professional tours. 

Do hats help in golf?

Hats can help performance in golf by shielding a players eyes from the sun and keeping them protected from sunburn. That can help you stay focused on your round and the shot that you're about to play.

Why do all professional golfers wear hats?

It is largely because of sponsorship deals they have with particular brands that are featured on their hats. Pro golfers will largely never be seen not wearing a cap to ensure their brands get the most exposure possible. 

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