Best Golf Caps 2023

In this golf equipment piece we take a look at some of the best golf caps

best golf caps
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Best Golf Caps

As golfers we all know how important a golf cap can be. Indeed getting one of the best golf hats for you, your game, and the time of year can be vital, and one of the most popular and versatile hat designs is the cap. Indeed there is a reason all the professionals wear them rather than bucket hats, trilby's or anything else. Besides offering protection from the sun, a cap offers you the chance to make a fashion statement and complement your look on the course. Most also offer technologies like moisture wicking fabric to keep you sweat free and comfortable.

Additionally, although many golfers prefer a classic golf cap, modern tour pros are mixing it up and making us question whether we should be more bold. Rickie Fowler and Brooks Koepka are two individuals who regularly choose the 'stand out from the crowd' design so why can't you? Bearing all of this mind, here are some of the best golf caps out there. Additionally be sure to check out some of our other golf guides as well - such as the best golf beanies, best golf tops or best golf waterproofs.

Best Golf Caps

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How we test golf equipment

We test golf caps in the same manner as every other piece of golf equipment, thoroughly. This involves using caps out on the golf course, over a number of rounds and in different conditions, whether that be in terms of weather, temperature and so on.

We think it is by using golf gear regularly that we can gain an understanding of the product and see how it performs in every day life. Every member of the Golf Monthly team plays golf regularly and can put caps to the test on a regular basis as well, and one final point to mention is no manufacturer can buy a good review because our team of testers tells it how it is. 

How to choose a golf cap

There are several factors to consider when choosing a golf cap, let's take a look at those here. 


Golf caps often come in a variety of different designs especially when it comes to the bill design. A lot of brands these days go with the classic curved bill but they also make flat-bill designs as well so it is worth having a think about which you would prefer. 


At the end of the day a golf cap has to be comfortable because if it isn't, then you will probably get distracted or take it off during the round. Therefore we would recommend trying on models or picking models that have been specifically designed to be comfortable with technologies to help in this regard. 


A good golf cap should also protect you from the sun thanks to the fabric, brim design, and also many have UV protection built into them. As a result, have a read of the specifications of caps before buying so you can see what level of protection is on offer. 


What color do you want your cap to be? Do you want to make a fashion statement or go for a special edition model? Golf caps these days come in a huge range of colors, designs and collections so it is worth having a browse and working out what you want from your cap in terms of looks. 


Our final factor is budget. Before buying a golf cap it is worth thinking about how much you are willing to spend on a model. Thankfully, as our list above shows, here are models at every price point from premium brands and ones that offer more value. 


Do you have to wear a cap when you play golf?

No, not necessarily. Golfers are not required to wear hats when they play but hats have become a style norm and a useful item to wear to keep the sun out of your eyes and your head warm or cool. 

Is it better to wear a bucket hat or cap when playing golf?

Bucket hats can help players protect themselves from the rain and the elements, providing a shield to your neck shoulders and back from the rain. They can also protect you from the sun and it's harmful rays, akin to a cap. Many golfers prefer to wear a cap though, as these are slightly smaller and more ergonomic and do not get in the way of your swing as much

Why do golfers wear caps?

Golfers wear caps for several reasons. Chief among which is caps protect golfers eyes from the sun and also allow them to follow the golf ball as it moves through the air better. Caps also protect the head from the sun and they often act as a kind of fashion statement too. Finally professional golfers wear caps for all of those reasons, as well as giving brands they are signed with an opportunity to publicize their logo and brand. 

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