How Do I Get A Golf Club Custom Fitting?

Golf club custom fitting has become increasingly popular, but how do you get custom fit?

How Do I Get A Golf Club Custom Fitting

Golf club custom fitting has become increasingly popular and is now seen as essential by most golfers when splashing out on new gear. But how do you get custom fit, and how much does it cost?

How Do I Get A Golf Club Custom Fitting?

Golf club custom fitting has become increasingly popular since the turn of the century, offering golfers the chance to personalise their specifications so their clubs work in unison with key factors like their height, swing speed, and technique.

Golf club custom fitting used to be a luxury just for the professionals, but with it now so widely available for us amateurs, it's time to answer a few key questions.

How Do I Get A Golf Club Custom Fitting?

Where do I get a golf club custom fitting?

There are five common places you can go for a custom fitting.

Firstly, your club professional should be very experienced at golf club custom fitting. Depending on the facilities at your club, this may involve just static measurements and hitting balls into a practice net to get an idea of how the club feel. It could also involve hitting balls on a driving range with a launch monitor comparing data between different models and shafts.

You'll get a very similar experience to the latter option if you go for a fitting with a professional at the second option, the golf retailer. Golf superstores like American Golf and Direct Golf will have lots of models for you to trial, and most have a driving range so you can see the results in your ball flight.

A third option is to visit an independent fitter, these are less common, but often have the benefit of a more personal service, as unlike club and retail professionals, they don't have a side business to run alongside custom fitting golf clubs.

The fourth and arguably best option, if you know which brand you favour, are the national custom fit centres, such as Titleist at St Ives in Cambridgeshire, Ping at Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, Mizuno at Bearwood Lakes and so on. These venues have every model for their brand, as well as all the shaft and grip options you could imagine, plus the latest in launch monitor technology.

golf club custom fitting

Launch monitor data helps highlight the massive gains on offer

The final place you can have a custom fitting is on a demo day, where the manufacturers send representatives to clubs up and down the country to spend a few hours showcasing the current ranges, offering you the chance to hit models you might have not seen before.

How much does golf club custom fitting cost?

This varies a lot so it's well worth checking before booking an appointment. Most professionals and retailers fit you for free if you buy anything.

Some of the national custom fit centres also adopt this approach, charging you on the day, and then taking the price off your purchase if you place an order. Others however, just charge a set fee for a session, regardless of whether you place an order or not.

Are custom fittings just for better players?

Absolutely not! If anything beginners and mid-handicappers tend to see much bigger improvements because they traditionally have worse bad shots that the fitters can reign in, and are less educated about what shaft they should be playing.

Furthermore, getting the right length clubs is just as important whether you are a beginner or Rory McIlroy, as it means you are less likely to manipulate your swing for the worse to counteract the wrong length you are using, and will consequently swing more consistently.

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